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Decorating: Holiday Wreaths

From the Editors of Traditional Home
  • Whether made of pinecones or magnolia leaves, all natural or sparkling plenty, the wreath—symbol of eternal life—is a timeless symbol of the holidays. Here are loads of ways to decorate with wreaths.

    Here, a decorative wreath of fresh pine boughs, cheerful cardinals, and festive gold ribbons hangs above a cozy window niche. Traditionally, a wreath in the window during the holidays is a sign of kinship and hospitality.

  • Werner Straube

    Holiday decorations are kept simple in this light blue master bedroom—just greens and white flowers. A trio of delicate wreaths seasons the sitting area on the windows above the sofa.

    Design: Nora Marra

  • Michael Garland

    A wreath made from a variety of greens circles around a white papier-mâchéd deer head. For even more interest, the wreathed trophy is suspended in front of a mirror above the dining room mantel.

    Design: Emily Sullivan

  • Michael Garland

    A trio of rosemary wreaths propped up on the windows define the tub for the holidays and inject a touch of gold into the all white space.

    Design: Emily Sullivan

  • Eric Roth

    Green with pink accents prevails in this chartreuse home office, and is reflected on the pink dressed wreaths that decorate each window.

    Design: Gerald Pomeroy

  • John Bessler

    Simply tied with a white bow, the large wreath on the window adds a little holiday oomph without distracting form the beautifully set table.

    Design: Laura Langworthy

  • Brie Williams

    A festive wreath on the front door is both pretty and welcoming. Magnolia leaves, flowers, berries, and pinecones each bring a different element to the wreath, tied together by a big burlap bow.  

  • Increase a wreath’s visual impact by adding unexpected color or textures. Oversized snowflake ornaments and red felt angels peek out from the greenery; fuchsia blooms are a surprising accent against the traditional holiday hues.

  • Kitchens are already such a joyful room during the holidays—cookies baking, turkeys roasting, and pies cooling. Adding small touches of Christmas decorating in this otherwise unchanged space produces wonderful results. Twin wreaths hanging from thick colored ribbon spread holiday cheer inside and out.

  • By decorating the mudroom, holiday cheer greets guests the minute they enter. A bench offers a place to sit—and, of course, lots of space for gifts!  

  • Juniper berries add subtle color and a lovely scent to a minimalist wreath. Hanging a wreath over a mirror is a great way to show it off.

  • Here, a wreath in the kitchen is enhanced with dried berries and tied together with a gold ribbon.

  • With the addition of snowflakes, twin wreaths hung over mirrored window frames say “Winter is here!” in the breakfast nook. A vase filled with Christmas lilies is a cheerful touch.

  • The combination for the perfect rustic wreath? Dried hydrangeas, quail feathers, and pinecones – oh my!

  • Sweet Surprise

    A large window wreath above the kitchen sink is a fun way to jazz up the tastiest room in the house. Candy canes woven into the wreath are a sweet bonus.

  • Nothing welcomes holiday visitors quite like a gorgeous wreath on the front door. Here, pinecones, flowers, and leaves weave in some texture, while gold pears add glam.

  • Here, a blue-and-white pitcher serves as a vase for snow-white tulips in the center of an evergreen wreath. An ivory bow tops the fresh arrangement.

  • Blue and silver are a classic holiday color combination. Experimenting with different textures and hues yields gorgeous results, like the wreath on this shuttered window. Silver-painted pinecones bring texture to the arrangement, while turquoise balls inject playful color.

  • A large window wreath makes a beautiful display in this bright sunroom. Simple red berries add highlights while keeping the overall theme mellow; thick silvery ribbons stream down to match the home’s quiet interior.

  • Tree ornaments spritzed with glitter make a dazzling wreath display.

  • Magnolia leaves add shine to a classic evergreen wreath with a burlap bow for texture.

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