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Cottage Style Fall/Winter 2016

From the Editors of Cottage Style

There are so many things to love about the featured homes in this issue of Cottage Style.

From a family-friendly lakefront getaway in Harbor Springs, Michigan (“Colorful Spirit, p. 94) to a rustic mountain cabin in North Carolina (“Eclectic Style,” p. 114) and a multitude of breezy coastal escapes along the Gulf Coast, these enviable spaces epitomize everything we love about this enduring style. 

Photo: Werner Straube

Photo: Werner Straube

They are inviting, comfortable, and full of personality. They showcase meaningful collections and keepsakes, fresh fabrics, and fun accessories. They welcome sandy feet and sticky fingers. They feel like home not only to the people who live there but also to the many friends, family members, and guests who pass through their doors. 

Photo: Anthony-Masterson

Photo: Anthony-Masterson


They don’t follow any hard-and-fast design rules—that would be way too boring—but they do respect the fundamental guidelines of cottage style: Make it personal. Make it meaningful. And never be afraid of a splash of turquoise.

Samantha Hart

Editor, Cottage Style