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Canine Christmas

Written by Julianne Hilmes

Grab your nearest four-legged friend! You'll want to give him or her a big hug after looking at these sweet pups.

We all know the holidays can be exhausting, and Brody the Australian shepherd is ready to curl up for a mid-winter's nap on his family's living room sofa. 

This homeowner's Great Pyrenees is thinking, "If I sit here long enough and look really cute maybe Mom will let me nap on the bed!"

Jammer the chocolate lab takes his duties guarding the Christmas tree very seriously.

A personalized pink-and-red plaid bandanna looks dyanmite on fluffy little Beckett who is is picture perfect perched atop presents. 

Bailey the Golden Retreiver is ready for Christmas and to open her presents!

Hunter basks in the dining room's natural light and waits for any wandering morsels.

After an extra helping of dog treats, Riley is ready to burn it all off with a long holiday walk through the snow.

Ginger sits patiently on the blue-and-white striped rug, but is ready to spring into all the holiday commotion.

Is there anything better than snuggling up with your furry companion? 

We’re not sure what we love more, Cada the black Lab or those fab plaid chairs. 

“How many of these presents are for me?” wonders Adler the West Highland terrier.

Sweet Liefke, a Stabyhoun, strikes a pose with a snow-covered muzzle.

Looks like somebody is excited for Christmas! 

You'll squeal with delight at the canine goodness awaiting you here.