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All-Natural Elements Fill a Seattle Townhouse

Textural materials layer interest into an organic home


Written by Grace Rigdon

Heading over to the West Coast, we found an art-enthused couple looking to downsize to a townhome in Seattle. These empty-nesters have found passion in collecting modern art from Northwest artists with dramatic brushstrokes and contrasting hues. Designer LeeAnn Baker found inspiration from her clients' unique artwork collection and love for natural elements. 

Photography by Andrew Giammarco 

“When you step into the entryway, you can sense the mood of the home,” Baker says. Right off the bat, they added new hardwoods and metal railings that open the space and admit more light. They covered the walls in a light grass cloth for consistent texture throughout the home. “The clients and I wanted the natural light to be the focal point of this townhome as they are very passionate about staying active and the outdoors," Baker says. "We thought the contrast of the moodier color palette with the bright natural light would create a fresh space for the family to enjoy.” 

This original thick artwork made from clay seamlessly fit the room and supported the vision. The client also provided the rugs that drove a lot of the color scheme. “We agreed on the palette of the home, allowing the rugs to do all the talking,” Baker says. 

While designing the kitchen, a textural vibe was at the forefront. The clients insisted on using all-natural elements throughout the home, whether it was a natural stone, marble, or leather – synthetic materials weren’t an option. Baker used a textured glass on the cabinets and marble slabs for the countertops, matching the nearby fireplace. 

Parallel to the kitchen is the casual family room. Focused on comfort, Baker included two leather-trimmed chairs in front of a grand bookshelf. As the couple are avid readers and travelers, their book and knick-knack collections are quite large. They wanted this bookshelf to give a well-traveled feeling and the opportunity to share their experiences with their guests. 

Here are Baker's tips for creating a balanced and eye-pleasing bookshelf:

  1. The entire bookshelf doesn’t need to be filled with books — other home decor can be used in the space as well
  2. Books can be stacked or stood upright — play with the design
  3. Add in some of your favorite artwork 
  4. Antique pieces are always great for filling larger spaces 
  5. Play with balance and scaled proportion 
  6. Items should have a purpose and be meaningful to you and your family 

Used as a traditional dining room, this space is filled with vintage and elegant elements. Accented by a brassy grass-cloth wallpaper and a vintage light fixture, this modern room blends contemporary touches with antique roots. “I had to pull in this rug in this space to help portray the love the clients have for midcentury Danish materials,” Baker says. 

The room’s ability to take in tons of natural light inspired the palette of the space.  This breathtaking formal living room was designed to accommodate the couple’s favorite things: reading and listening to music. As the clients worked closely with Baker to make their interior replicate their love for the outdoors, they strived to feature all-natural products and tons of greenery. Baker chose sheer wool curtains to block the bright sun in the morning and added a sofa for comfort atop a rug that the family's already owned. 

“When the couple enters their master suite, they should feel rejuvenated and safe,” Baker says. Using Pacific Northwest hues like cool blues and vibrant oranges, Baker create a space that feels calming and clean. The headboard, bedframe, and bench were all custom made for the room. Baker incorporated a Phillip Jeffries grass cloth on the back wall to add another textural element. The couple loves to enjoy a beautiful Sunday morning in Seattle on their back deck. 

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