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5 Tips for a Functional Entryway

2018 New Trad Designer Sarah Bartholomew shares her tips for making the most of an entryway

Produced by Julianne Hilmes Bartlett

Nashville-based Sarah Bartholomew (and 2018 New Trad designer!) recently launched an entryway collection with Pottery Barn. It's composed of classic pieces that are as pretty as they are functional. Below, the designer shares her tips for creating an organized and welcoming first impression.

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo

1. Make sure your entryway flows with the rest of your house 

Reflect on the overall style of your home and assess how you can achieve a similar look and feel in the entry.

2. Keep function front of mind

It’s important to have a practical entryway. So first, make sure you have a place for all your things! Think about how you want to use the space: Do you want it to be more formal with a place for your keys and a mirror to check yourself before stepping out the door? Or do you want it to be hardwearing and the catchall for your shoes, coats, kids' sports gear, and dog leash? 

3. Pick a color scheme

Pick one color scheme and style for the entryway; this will ensure that you keep the look cohesive.

4. Create a balanced, thought-out vignette

Whether it’s a console paired with a mirror, or a bench with shelves for storage above, both allow you to use the space but are also good-looking. 

5. Consider scale 

When accessorizing your console or side table, select items that complement each other’s scale. Perhaps a stack of books with a small tray, candle, table lamp, and vase of flowers. This well-rounded mix will offer an attractive look.

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