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5 Times Fashion Influenced Interior Design

Sure, fashion celebrities look great for the Met Gala—but their rooms are just as stylish. Take a peek inside the rooms of Giuliana Rancic, Tim Gunn, and more.

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Style is definitely a must for Giuliana Rancic's rooms. A longtime host of E! News' Live from the Red Carpet—you'll see her reporting at the annual Met Gala—Giuliana has utterly enviable fashion sense. We've featured two of the homes that she's shared with husband Bill, one in Los Angeles, and one in Bill's hometown of Chicago. Both were designed by Lonni Paul and feature textiles that are most certainly worthy of the red carpet. In their Chicago home, Bill and Giuliana can bask in their favorite hue, blue throughout their spaces, including the dining spot, where tones intensify to bold cobalt and indigo. A dynamic damask pattern wraps the walls above classic white wainscoting. Dining chairs covered in rich blue velvet team with a patterned floral rug to support the color theme. It's a room so lovely anyone would love to slip into it and stay awhile.

See the rest of the Rancics' Chicago home here.


When it comes to good taste, few can compare to the always dapper, forever gentlemanly Tim Gunn. Before he climbed to celebrity status as America’s most-loved fashion guru, he built the foundation for that life—with Legos. “I’m obsessed with architecture. I always have been,” says this Socrates of style. “When I was 9, I went to Monticello and was enthralled. I scraped together my pennies to buy a book of Thomas Jefferson’s architectural drawings. When I got home, I built some of the rooms with Legos. The Legos are gone, but I still have that architecture book.” It’s housed with hundreds of other volumes in Tim’s home, an apartment on New York’s Upper West Side that, unsurprisingly, is the epitome of good taste and timeless style.

Tour his New York City apartment and terrace garden here.


After three decades of high-profile living and award winning in New York, menswear designer Joseph Abboud remains a Boston boy at heart. Back home to visit family in 2011, he stumbled upon the perfect property for a pied-à-terre. With the chance to replant roots after so many years away, he wasted no time sealing the deal—and bringing the home into his own aesthetic. Known in fashion circles for his all-neutral palettes and mix of sumptuous textures, Joseph’s taste in interiors is the same. Undyed raw cashmere throws and plaid wool pillows crafted in Scotland—fabrics from his menswear collections—warm his rooms, and not a trace of color is to be found. Anywhere. Little wonder he named the home “Sepia.” The prevailing style is neoclassical, Joseph’s favorite. “I love pieces with substance and heritage. If you told me I had to live with midcentury modern, I would rather live in a tent. I like richness and romance,” he says. Organic fabrics in pale natural hues combine with light paneling and wall paint or Venetian plaster to show the style at its best. 

Tour his entire fashion-forward Boston home here.

An eye for glamour and unflagging energy have made Dennis Basso a brand name, with a 10,000-square-foot flagship store on New York’s Madison Avenue and boutiques around the world. In his 30-year-plus career, Dennis has dressed many of the world’s most famous and beautiful women, including Elizabeth Taylor, Glenn Close, Jennifer Lopez, and Sofia Vergara, in gowns and furs. Taking a break from this harried pace means heading to the Hamptons home in Water Mill, New York, that he shares with husband Michael Cominotto. Dennis loves to entertain—and when he does, expect a tablescape that artfully mixes new and vintage dishes, glassware, and linens in his signature blue and white. So it's no wonder that the color scheme spilled over into rooms in his home, where every corner is outfitted in blue-and-white splendor.

Tour the home here.

Stepping into Kevin McLaughlin’s house is like stepping into one of his dress designs: instantly comfortable, immediately inspired. There’s never a dull moment at this place, a Manhattan brownstone dressed with the same flair, color, and style seen in the family’s fashion line. Almost every fabric in the home was inspired by the J.McLaughlin collection, from the wing chair in the study, upholstered in a velvet zebra print borrowed from a dress, to the dining chairs, covered in the saddle leather used in the brand’s handbags. Even the front door wears the bold, playful color that has made J.McLaughlin a fashion mainstay since Kevin and his brother Jay started the business decades ago. The brand now has 100 stores around the country, including the flagship in the Upper East Side neighborhood where Kevin and wife Barbara live with their children. The home reflects the McLaughlins’ eclectic tastes and personal history. Avid collectors, Kevin and Jay have amassed warehouses full of antiques, artwork and thrift store finds. "It's a bit of a sport for us," Kevin says. Those finds mix with lush fabrics throughout the McLaughlins' sophisticated, stylish interiors.

Tour the home here.