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Ritz-Carlton Showcase Apartment by Javier Martín Muriel

The mantra of Javier Martín Muriel's design was “modern, livable luxury”

Written by Rebecca Christian
  • Werner Straube

    The kid’s room is really the fun part of the apartment, but the pieces are still sophisticated. They inject that lively personality that you get when you have kids living somewhere. It’s still city living, but it has that friendliness, that openness that children crave, so it’s a little bit of an escape from the hustle and bustle of Chicago life. The colors we chose are definitely geared for a younger child, but you can do them in any one of our finishes, and they can be easily updated for a tween or a teenager. As with everything we do, there has to be a practicality. There has to be utility, especially for kids.

    Builder: Prism Development Co., 625 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 500, Chicago, IL 60611; 312/782-6700,
    Interior designer: Javier Martín Muriel, Baltus Collection, 3925 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL 33127; 305/575-2620,
    Kitchen designer: Mick De Giulio, De Giulio Kitchen Design, 1121 Central Ave., Wilmette, IL  60091; 847/256-8833,
    Flowers: H. Bloom, 312/846-1194,
    Window shades (“Basketweave 90”/Oyster): Lutron, 888/588-7661,
    Paint (“Gardenia” #AF-10): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,

    Sofas (by Sofa Riconera in White #TP0928-00); coffee table (“Mesa Centro Templo”/marble top and brushed steel); chair (“Butaca Rocio”/White); pair of sofa end tables (“Mesa Auxiliar Iris”); table beside chair (“Mesa Auxiliar Aura”); art between windows (Armonia del Papel, oil and paper); portrait by sofas (Blindness Air 2, oil and paper, mixed); sculptures on coffee table (“Sand Dollar”): Baltus Collection, 305/575-2620,
    Floor lamp behind chair (“Talek LED Floor Lamp” #TAL0101-LED): Y Lighting, 866/428-9289,

  • Werner Straube

    Javier was trained as an engineer, and it shows. His projects feature pure lines, with proportions sharing center stage with light and texture.

  • Werner Straube

    We love the classic spindle arms and legs on this otherwise ultramodern chair from the Baltus Collection.

  • Werner Straube

    Open shelving with sculptural accents and a neutral scheme give this area a Zen quality. “Chicago is a working city, a city of traders, brokers, realtors, that sort of thing. So it was important to have a place to be with your family in your home and still get some work done,” says Paul on behalf of Javier.

    Bookcase (Estanteria Pena Praga); desk (Escritorio Lyon); desk chair (“Silla Oz); area rug; urns on floor: Baltus Collection, 305/575-2620,
    Lamp on bookshelf (“Nelson Lantern Lamp”): Jonathan Adler, 800/963-0891,

  • Werner Straube

    The variety of the art—collage, oil on canvas, digital prints —keeps the space crackling from room to room.

    Daybed (“Pouf Acero”); round table (Mesa Auxiliar Esferas”); long cabinet (“Aparador Verona”); lamp; large silver chess pieces (by Forestier): Baltus Collection, 305/575-2620,
    Daybed leather (“Grand Panama”): Dedar, 800/493-2209,

  • Werner Straube

    The handmade look of this rug, along with the oversized stitching, makes it an interesting accent.

  • Werner Straube

    A mesh table has a see-through look. Along with accents in sky colors, it subtly references the panoramic view.

    Round end table between sofas (“Mesa Auxiliar Esferas”): Baltus Collection, 305/575-2620,

  • Werner Straube

    In the master suite, a quiet color scheme also focuses attention on the view. The airy chandelier is by Design Within Reach.

    Headboard; 3-drawer cabinet (“Aparador Turin”); chair (“Mansion Arm Chair”); chair leather (“Croc-Print Leather”); art (Blindness, Woman, Clip 1): Baltus Collection, 305/575-2620,
    Table lamp (“Miss K Table Lamp” #FU625500): Y Lighting, 866/428-9289,
    Chandelier (“Random Light” #6621): Design Within Reach, 800/944-2233,

  • Werner Straube

    The metallic-infused headboard has glints of silver for a touch of glam.

  • Werner Straube

    It’s a challenge to make a children’s room read sophisticated but youthful. Javier met the challenge with bright colors and simple lines. The “Miss Sissi” table lamps are by Phillipe Starck for Y Lighting.

    Orange headboard (“Cabecero Icaro”/ Orange Glossy, by Baltus Kids): Baltus Collection, 305/575-2620,
    Table lamps (“Miss Sissi” #FU625009): Y Lighting, 866/428-9289,
    Elephant art (#106197); hippo picture (#106359); talking animal alarm clock ; stuffed orange toy (“Suddy Ugly Doll”): stuffed blue toy (“Big Toe Ugly Doll”): Land of Nod, 800/933-9904,

  • Werner Straube

    Javier designed this space to transition easily to a teen or adult room. The lemony chairs have a classic shape. Sassy stoneware animals are by Jonathan Adler.

    Bookcase (“Red Atlanta Bookcase/Red Glossy, by Baltus Kids); blue case (“Blue Atlanta Bookcase”/Blue Glossy, by Baltus Kids); chairs (“Butaca Picasso/Yellow): Baltus Collection, 305/575-2620,
    Tower of Babel boxes: Land of Nod, 800/933-9904,
    Giraffe and lion stoneware on blue bookcase: Jonathan Adler, 800/963-0891,

  • Werner Straube

    Sure to bring a smile is this glossy orange headboard by Baltus Kids.

  • Werner Straube

    The most intimate space in the residence, the dining room, has tall ceilings and a smallish window. The pieces are large and rather grand in scale, underscoring the room’s importance. The “Big Bang Chandelier” is by Y Lighting.

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    Chandelier (“Big Bang Chandelier”/White #151007-10): Y Lighting, 866/428-9289,
    Table; chairs; art (collage, digital and mixed on paper “New Old” No. 1-4): Baltus Collection, 305/575-2620,

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