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Gorgeous Napa Valley Showhouse

Traditional Home Magazine’s first Napa Valley Showhouse presents a heady bouquet of design

Written by Candace Ord Manroe with Clara Haneberg
  • John Granen and John Merkl

    2012 Napa Valley Showhouse

    Do fine wine and design make a perfect pairing?  Judging by the first Traditional Home Napa Valley Showhouse at Cardinale Winery in Oakville, California, the answer is an assertive, full-bodied yes. World-renowned for its limited-production Cabernet Sauvignon, Cardinale opened the doors of its sprawling fieldstone Estate Home, last renovated in the 1990s, for designers to update. Owner Barbara Banke imposed few restrictions. In the very heart of the Valley, the house inspired with its panoramic views of lush vineyards and rolling hills.

    “We couldn’t have asked for a more stunning location for our first Napa showhouse,” says editor-in-chief Ann Maine, “particularly when you realize that design inspiration most often comes from our natural surroundings. The talented designers who created the redesign of this house did an amazing job of finding their inspiration in the Valley and capturing the comfort and ease of the Napa lifestyle.” And because no showhouse is without theatrics, it’s fitting that proceeds benefit the Napa Valley Film Festival.

    Photography: John Granen and John Merkl

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Terrace by Matt O’Dorisio

    Los Angeles designer Matt O’Dorisio had a couple of inspiration options for the back terrace. He could work with the palette already set in stone—virtually every earthy color of the surrounding countryside is represented in the house’s fieldstone facade: rust, ochre, sienna, brown, aubergine. Or, he could look to the citrus orchard whose branches brush up to the terrace’s iron railing.

    See more of the terrace on the following slide.

    Interior design: Matt O’Dorisio, Matthew O’Dorisio Interior Design & Decoration, 8563 Holloway Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90069; 310/779-5115,

    Lantern: Berbere World Imports, 310/842-3842,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Terrace Details

    Deciding the stone’s palette was too dark, he opted to “perk things up a bit. The green fabric on the Barlow Tyrie banquette and sectional is a little more citrusy than earthy,” he says. “I really wanted it to pop but still stay organic. All accent fabrics on the pillows were chosen to perpetuate the bright, happy feeling.” Yet he didn’t ignore earth tones entirely, bringing brown woven chairs up to the umbrella table. Moroccan lanterns and Indian accessories add exotica, “throwing a bit of a curve ball to the expected Spanish style.” The exterior lighting is from Bevolo.

    Dining sectional (“Haven Deep Seating Modular Sectional”); woven chairs (“Savannah Dining Armchair” #603171); dining table (“Arundel Dining Table 180” #2AR18); umbrella (“Sail Aluminum 25 Parasol Square” #4SA25S): Barlow Tyrie,
    Green chair cushions (“Canvas Spring” #10-38, by Link); floral pillow (“Sultan Suzanni”/Saffron, by Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric); yellow-and-white geometric pillow (“Zanzibar”/Saffron, by Martyn Lawrence Bullard Fabric); orange-patterned pillow (“Monterey”/Suncup #100-04 by Chris Barrett Textiles); blue pillows on woven chairs (“Canvas Sky” #10-43, by Link): through Thomas Lavin, 310/278-2456,
    Indoor/outdoor rug (“Diamond”/Charcoal and Taupe): Dash & Albert, 800/658-5035,
    Wall lantern (“French Quarter 14-inch” #FQ-14-OB-E)): Bevolo, 504/522-9485,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Foyer by Kathy Geissler Best

    A circa-1900 iron oval table on wheels declares the foyer’s Wine Country theme. “We believe it’s from an old French vineyard,” explains designer Kathy Geissler Best. “Our mix of rustic and refined reflects the surrounding farm community and the Cardinale Vineyard.” Illuminating the table as the foyer’s focal point is Circa Lighting’s “Dressage” chandelier, an iron and leather-strap fixture that evokes equine tack. The San Francisco designer darkened the ceiling above the chandelier with a faux bois finish for a friendly rusticity. Believing that walls, like a good Cab, need to breathe, she updated the original pink plaster with a fresh lime wash that contrasts crisply with the ceiling. Stephen De Staebler’s bronze sculpture, “Figure with Stunted Wing” (at left), is one of her favorite elements. “It has a gnarled shape, like grape leaves.” Fortuny pillows on an antique church bench are a nod to Cardinale’s sophistication, while the foyer’s palette recycles hues from the vineyard.

    Interior design: Kathy Geissler Best, Kathy Best Design, 245 Vallejo St., San Francisco, CA 94111; 415/646-8700,

    Table (antique, “Oval Riveted Table”); bench (antique church bench); riding boots: Ma(i)sonry, 707/944-0889,
    Art above bench (Model in Chair in Studio, by Terry St. John): Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 415/956-3560,
    Torchère (antique): Candace Barnes, 415/431-1018,
    Area rug (Ikat #16264): Tony Kitz Gallery, 415/346-2100,
    Chandelier (“Dressage Round Ceiling Light” #SK5019, by Suzanne Kasler): Circa Lighting, 877/762-2323,
    Tall ceiling-height sculpture (Figure with Stunted Wing, by Stephen De Staebler): Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 415/956-3560,
    Wall paint (lime wash): Sonoma Decorative Arts, 707/536-5299,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Library by Cathleen Gouveia

    No books? No worries. San Francisco designer Cathleen Gouveia conceived the library “not as a conventional reading space, but as a place for greeting guests and enjoying a glass of wine immediately after entering the Cardinale Estate Home.” Still, her design bears ample evidence of erudition. “My inspiration was the materiality of the winemaking process,” she explains. “The design celebrates the dichotomy between wood and stainless steel [used in the winery’s oak casks and steel tanks]. The 19th-century French antiques and artifacts provide an abstract narrative of the wine-making process.”

    See more of the library on the following slide.

    Interior design: Cathleen Gouveia, Cathleen Gouveia Design, P.O. Box 1033, Tiburon, CA 94920; 415/203-8663,
    Wall finish (custom, “Veneziano Bi-Colore Grassello”): Venetian Walls, 415/812-8119,
    Ceiling paint (“Arrowroot” #29-32): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,
    Window shades (custom): Hartmann & Forbes, 888/582-8780,
    Chandelier (custom “Matawi Chandelier,” by Emanuel Morez): Wroolie & Co., 415/863-8815,
    Area rug (Himalayan hand-knotted wool): Stephanie Odegard Collection, 415/252-7917,
    Wooden-armed chair (antique): Almond Hartzog, 415/355-1200,
    Round ottoman (“Couture Ottoman,” by Raymond Waites #5002-05); ottoman fabric (“Bauer”/Cream #397-001); ottoman fringe (“Bullion Fringe”): Lane Venture, 828/328-2271,
    Throw (cashmere): Anthem, 415/440-6500,
    Bench under window (custom, “Sisi” reclaimed bench): Dekayu Home, 415/626-1888,
    Tray on bench (“Rectangle Tray with Handles” #964.9); tray on coffee table (“Rectangle Tray with Handles” #964.3); hourglass on side table (“Pewter Round Hourglass” #1071-0): Match, 201/792-9444,
    Vase on side table (“River Vase” #5821, by Rogaska); champagne flutes on coffee table (by Rogaska); decanter on coffee table (“Groove Decanter” #5582, by Rogaska): Gumps, 415/982-1616,
    Floor lamp (“Pendulum Floor Lamp”): Sonoma Country Antiques, 707/938-8315,
    Coffee table (by Gulassa & Co.): Sloan Miyasato, 800/783-1398,
    Pair of chairs: custom.
    Chair fabric (“Oxford”/Moon #A3174430, by Casamance & Co.): Shears & Window, 415/621-0911,
    Round table between chairs (one-of-a-kind petrified wood): Palecek, 510/236-7730,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Library by Cathleen Gouveia

    A 1930s Warren McArthur side chair at the fireplace sums up her winemaking metaphor with its blend of steel and wood. Plus, its age lends to the collected look she sought. Nailheads on the fringed round ottoman, a pair of custom chairs, and pewter trays from Match hammer home the metallic theme. A crystal chandelier that hangs from the original coffered ceiling suggests nothing so much as a cluster of grapes.

    Mantel: existing.
    Mantel finish (custom French Limestone finish): Venetian Walls, 415/812-8119,
    Art over mantel (Untitled, 2012, by Adam Fowler): Brian Gross Fine Art, 415/788-1050,
    Sconces (“Beam Sconce,” by Marian Jamieson): Sloan Miyasato, 800/783-1398,
    Bronze figure on mantel (by Sharon Loper): Ma(i)sonry, 707/944-0889,
    Fireplace surround: Walker Zanger, 415/487-2130,
    Bookcases (design by Cathleen Gouveia): Tomasi Design, 415/342-8342,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Living Room and Terrace by Annie Bowman with Lorrie Merck and Angle Dunkelberger

    Make no mistake. This is not New York or Miami. “We wanted our living room and terrace to have a distinct Napa Valley vibe,” says San Rafael designer Annie Bowman. To start, she borrowed the warm palette of the vineyards at harvest, when the valley shines. “Our palette is congruent with views of the rolling hills right outside.”

    See more of the living room and terrace on the following slides.

    Interior design: Annie Bowman, with Lorrie Merck and Angle Dunkelberger, Sunrise Home, 831 B St., San Rafael, CA 94901; 415/456-3939,

    Tufted daybed at left (Made-to-Measure Daybed, #4133-15); fabric #3236-24, neutral plain): Hickory Chair, 800/349-4579,
    Sofa (“Porter Divan” #7657-86, by Mariette Himes Gomez); fabric (#3236-24, neutral plain); sofa end table (“Chase Reeded Side Table”/Tawny finish, by Suzanne Kasler): Hickory Chair, 800/349-4579,
    Striped pillow on sofa: discontinued.
    Patchwork pillow (from Turkish rug): Capa Imports, 336/885-9999,
    Table lamp (“Amherst Vintage Bronze Lamp” #49903-451): Arteriors Home, 877/488-8866,
    Chair under deer head (“Eliza Chair” #2205-22, by Thomas O’Brien); leather (“Harness”/Bourbon): Hickory Chair, 800/349-4579,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Living Room and Terrace Details

    Rust-colored velvet on the fireside lounge chairs offers one other perk: “It ensures that even spilled Cabernet is no problem.” Bowman chose seating to nurture tired travelers. “It’s soft, tactile, and very livable. Guests touring the wineries or hiking the gorgeous Napa trails can feel comfortable walking right in.” A quirky rope mirror suggests the Valley’s organic textures. “We purposely did not use any metallic, sheen, or glam.” A Karastan rug warms the room.

    Pair of lounge chairs (“Warner Club Chair” #2307-22, by Thomas O’Brien); lounge-chair fabric (#3277-83, rust velvet): Hickory Chair, 800/349-4579,
    Striped pillows: discontinued.
    Damask pillow fabric (“Stonehurst Damask”/Tarnished #LFY63006F): Ralph Lauren Home, 888/475-7674,
    Coffee table (“Bowman Cocktail Table”): Hickory Chair, 800/349-4579,
    Table between lounge chairs: J. Grigg, 415/456-4536,
    Drapery (“Clifton”/Cinnamon #3644836): Fabricut, 800/999-8200,
    Wall paint (“Petaluma” #11-22) ceiling paint (“Half ’n Half #7-2); trim paint (“Platinum” #7-29): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,
    Area rug (“Modena” #43315/9727): Karastan,
    Floor lamp (“Nathan” #73142-140): Arteriors Home, 877/488-8866,
    Mirror over mantel (Amarillo” #07609): Uttermost, 800/678-5486,
    Bookcases (Marielle Upholstered Bookcase” #2396-72); fabric (#2409-14, neutral linen): Hickory Chair, 800/349-4579,
    Fire screen (by Jan Barboglio): Sunrise Home, 415/456-3939,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Living Room and Terrace Fabric-Covered Bookshelves

    All indoor upholstered pieces, as well as the coffee table and fabric-covered bookshelves, are from Hickory Chair. “We envisioned guests flopping down on the generous daybed with a book while enjoying their morning coffee. It screams relax.”

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Living Room and Terrace Sink-Down Seating

    The harvest palette extends to the terrace with its sink-down seating from Lane Venture covered in Sunbrella fabric.

    Table and chairs (St. Simons Collection); chair cushions (“Canvas Nutmeg” #4322-037, by Sunbrella): Lane Venture, 828/328-2271,
    Striped pillows (“Leonardo”/Clay #45419-0001); patterned pillow (“Botticelli”/Harvest, discontinued): Sunbrella, 336/221-2211,
    Wall lantern (“French Quarter 14-inch” #FQ-14-OB-E): Bevolo, 504/522-9485,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Dining Room by Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat

    A deep aubergine paint from Pratt & Lambert cocoons the dining room designed by Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat of Los Angeles. “We loved the warm hue, especially the way the darker color allows your eyes to focus on the beautiful vineyards out the window,” says Lucas. Within this colorful backdrop, the duo added double shots of yet more color with peacock-green linen drapery fabric and a blue antique Swedish kilim rug. “Our goal was an eclectic, layered room filled with color and texture to complement the rustic beauty of the surroundings,” Lucas says. This dictated a style of casual elegance. “We mixed a traditional table and buffet with vintage rope dining chairs, large modern art, and eclectic textiles,” notes Chilcoat. The woven chairs— circa-1940s French—share center stage with a large iron chandelier crafted by a San Francisco artist. “The chandelier reminds us of the grapevines in winter,” says Lucas. The chairs, he admits, “either you love or hate. We happen to love them.”

    See tabletop details on the following slide.

    Interior design: Joe Lucas and Parrish Chilcoat, Lucas Studio Inc., 752 N. La Cienega Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069; 310/858-6884,, and Harbinger L.A.,

    Wall paint (“Confidential” #29-17): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,
    Carpet (sisal, by Merida): through Harbinger, 310/858-6884,
    Area rug on top of sisal (antique Swedish flat weave): FJ Hakimian, 212/371-6900,
    Dining table (“Perlin Pedestal Table”): Harbinger, 310/858-6884,
    Dining chairs (antique); chandelier; peacock by window: Coup d’Etat, 415/241-9300,
    White server (“Pane Vino Server,” by Bunny Williams Home); art behind server (by Alex K. Mason); wall lanterns (“The Maribel Lantern,” by Coleen & Co.): available through Harbinger, 310/858-6884,
    Roman shades (“Gray 0-34”): Grace Richey Clarke, 765/447-4700,
    Drapery (“Jefferson”/Evergreen #8946): Pindler & Pindler, 805/503-9090,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Dining Room Vignette

    Rosy ceramic dinner plates from Harbinger warm the tabletop in the blue-and-emerald dining room.

    Charger (wood grain #10160); pewter flatware (“Gabriella” #1231.8); bottle coaster with wood insert (#A780.5): Match, 201/792-9444,
    Dinnerware (painted ceramic dinner plates): Harbinger, 310/858-6884,
    Stemware and carafe (Aurea Collection, by Rogaska): Gumps, 415/982-1616,
    Napkins: Heath Ceramics, 415/332-3732,
    Floral centerpiece (custom, silk): NDI, 800/522-2627,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Great Room and Kitchen by Barbara Colvin

    The kitchen and great room melt together into one large, open area. A gilt sunburst mirror warms the conversation area behind the rustic dining table (shown on the following slide). Comfy upholstered chairs flanking the fireplace and at the head of the table are from Lee Industries.

    See more of the kitchen and great room on the following slides.

    Interior design: Barbara Colvin, Barbara Colvin & Co., 1350 Yount Mill Road, Napa, California 94558; 707/944-9800,

    Wall and ceiling paint (“Phantom” #11-31): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,
    Roman shades (Belgian linen gauze): Barbara Colvin & Co., 707/944-9800,
    Area rug (“Zimbabwe”/Pewter #1021): Stanton, 706/624-9385,
    Sofa; sofa fabric (Belgian linen): Barbara Colvin & Co., 707/944-9800,
    Sofa end table (antique stool): Forgotten Shanghai, 415/701-7707,
    Lamp on end table: Barbara Colvin & Co., 707/944-9800,
    Coffee table (antique): Clubcu, 888/992-5822,
    Pair of chairs (“Moyen Lounger Skirted Swivel Chair” #5200-01SW): Lee Industries, 800/892-7150,
    Chair fabric (imported Belgian linen); pillow on chair (custom): Barbara Colvin & Co., 707/944-9800,
    Art on mantel: antique.

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Great Room and Kitchen Green Accents

    Pops of green throughout the great room allude to the vibrant colors of the vineyards outside, as in this pair of glass bottles on the sideboard.

    Table: antique.
    Mirror (discontinued): Alinea,
    Large bottles on table: A. Tyner Antiques, 404/367-4484,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Great Room and Kitchen Banquet Table

    In one of her few requests of designers, owner Barbara Banke asked that the great room’s existing banquet table be reused to accommodate wine tastings for guests—family, friends, and wine collectors invited to sample the Estate Home’s hospitality. “At first its scale and formality seemed overwhelming,” says Napa designer Barbara Colvin. “But we pushed it against a wall in a non-traditional way to turn it into an asset. An eclectic mix of chairs and benches makes it feel even more transitional and inviting.” Set with Rogaska stemware, the table is ready for a tasting.

    Table: owner’s collection.
    Host chair (“Dining Chair” #5205-01): Lee Industries, 800/892-7150,
    Chair fabric (imported Belgian linen); throw on host chair (vintage German grain sack): Barbara Colvin & Co., 707/944-9800,
    Dining chairs (Belgian); chair-seat fabric (imported Belgian linen); dining bench: Barbara Colvin & Co., 707/944-9800,
    Bench fabric (“Pallini”/Kiwi #32083.813): Kravet, 888/457-2838,
    Painting to right of dining table (German Impressionist): Kim Fiscus Antiques, 415/474-2313,
    Flatware (“Sofia” #A10700.0): Match,
    Stemware (Sante Collection, by Rogaska); decanter (Aurea Collection, by Rogaska): Gumps, 415/982-1616,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Great Room and Kitchen Island

    Kitchen cabinetry is painted a dusty blue accented in lime green. The fresh palette flows from the great room throughout the kitchen and dining areas, unifying the long space.

    Cabinetry: original to home.
    Cabinetry finish (“Gun Powder” #33-15): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,
    Hardware (Montana Collection): Classic Brass, 800/869-3173,
    Serving bowl holding vegetables (“Convivio Round Platter,” lg #1541): Match, 201/792-9444, match
    Bar stools (“Limeade Metal Counter Stools”):,
    Countertops (Carrara marble, honed): MS International,
    Sinks: Kohler, 800/456-4537,
    Faucets: Grohe America, 800/201-3407,
    Roman shade (custom Belgian linen): Barbara Colvin & Co., 707/944-9800,
    Wall and ceiling paint (“Phantom” # 11-31): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,
    Tile: Country Floors, 415/241-0500,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Great Room and Kitchen Open Shelving

    A new open pantry stocked with colorful sundries adds a farm-friendly feel to the kitchen.

    Storage cabinet (reclaimed wine cabinet): Barbara Colvin & Co., 707/944-9800,
    Paint on yellow wall (“Olivette” #13-28): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Master Suite and Terrace by Melanie Turner

    For the master suite, Melanie Turner mixed nearly every incongruity imaginable—light and dark, old and new, airy and intimate, humble and precious, contemporary and classical. Soft gray drapery fabric from Duralee hangs from rustic iron rods. A dash of color appears on the antique desk chair’s muslin upholstery and its new velvet cushion.

    See more of the master suite on the following slides.

    Interior design: Melanie Turner, Melanie Turner Interiors, 130 W. Wieuca Road, Suite 209, Atlanta, GA 30342; 404/250-0134,

    Wall paint (“Rubidoux” #32-23); ceiling paint (“Gossamer” #32-26): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,
    Carpet (“Cobble Shore”/Drifting Sands #68502): Karastan,
    Hanging lantern (“Darlana Medium Lantern”): Circa Lighting, 877/762-2323,
    Bed (“Carlyle King Bed” #A6830-12); headboard fabric (#157.3202.1); bedspread fabric: Henredon, 800/444-3682,
    Drapery (#15320-15, Gray): Duralee, 800/275-3872,
    Bedside tables (#4406-48): Henredon, 800/444-3682,
    Table lamps (“Large Chunky Urn Table Lamp”): Circa Lighting, 877/762-2323,
    Flower arrangement on tables (peony in glass cube): NDI, 800/522-2627,
    Three sculptures with turquoise stones (“Splendora Sunburst Tip”): Cavalier by Jay Jeffers, 415/440-7300,
    Lounge chair beside bed (“Bourne Chair” #H1202): Henredon, 800/444-3682,
    Chair slipcover (“Thames”/Linen #180881H-118): Highland Court, 631/273-8800,
    Benches (“A Goat Leg Bench”): Drum & Co., 415/551-1538,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Master Suite and Terrace Soft Palette

    From the upholstered headboard and bedding to the carpet and walls, the palette is pale and soothing. “There was a desire to create beauty and comfort using a style that is both rural and refined, just like the Napa Valley itself.” Flowers are from NDI.

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Master Suite and Terrace Juxtapositions

    “The idea was to create a timeless interior by juxtaposing opposites,” the Atlanta designer says. An antique barley-twist chair, for example, pulls up to a new desk. The desk and most new furnishings, including the bed, bedside chests, and lounge chair, are from Henredon.

    Desk (#4400-45-318): Henredon, 800/444-3682,
    Desk chair: antique.
    Tray with lion carving (“Oval Stone Lion Frieze” #F-AC44): Formations, 310/659-3062,
    Desk lamp (“Estelle Display Lamp #AH3500): Circa Lighting, 877/762-2323,
    Art of figure, left of desk (Untitled, by Brook Temple); large painting (Les Limbes, by Edwige Fouvry): Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 415/956-3560,
    Painting of figure, top right (Mid-Century Portrait of a Man, from Cavalier): designer’s collection.
    Art bottom right (Untitled, by Brook Temple): Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 415/956-3560,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Spa-like Terrace

    The master suite opens up to a small terrace, adding to the space’s restful, spa-like ambience.

    Tub chair (#825-45); fabric (“Rumor”/Vanilla): Lane Venture,
    Boxwood on table: NDI, 800/522-2627,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Master Bath by Michelle Cheatham

    In the bath, designer Michelle Cheatham, of Napa’s nearby St. Helena, kept the soothing scheme with rustic accoutrements and soft linen that skirts the vanity.

    Interior design: Michelle Cheatham, Michelle Cheatham Collection, 520 Meadowood Lane, St. Helena, CA 94574; 415/215-0479,

    Wall paint (“Rubidoux” #32-23); ceiling paint (“Gossamer” #32-26): Pratt & Lambert, 800/289-7728,
    Window shade; vanity skirt: linen.
    Wall lanterns: existing.
    Mirror (pair of antique oyster shell mirrors): Cavalier by Jay Jeffers, 415/440-7300,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Courtyard by Strata Landscape Architecture

    Charged with adding visual interest to the home’s courtyard, Todd R. Cole and Tim O’Shea didn’t sweat the small stuff. In fact, they started big—planting ancient olive trees and mixed grasses to soften the home’s facade. Native boulders, a newly bricked parking area, and a pair of urns flanking the front steps accentuate the neutral palette of the stone exterior while a sculpture by Doug Owen adds a shot of color from the sidelines.

    Landscape architects: Todd R. Cole and Tim O’Shea, Strata Landscape Architecture, 111 Rhode Island St., Suite 16, San Francisco, CA 94103; 415/431-9200,

    Landscaping: Strata Landscape Architecture, 415/431-9200,
    Horse statue (by Doug Owen): Caldwell Snyder Gallery, 707/200-5050,
    Stone walks: Sonoma Rock, 707/933-9908. s): Cavalier by Jay Jeffers, 415/440-7300,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Lower Level Lounge by Elizabeth Cameron and Kathleen Pfaff

    Acrylic “ghost” shelves sporting a collection of vintage liquor bottles set the settle-in-for-a-drink tone of the lounge. “The bottles’ aged patinas and beautiful faded labels give the design a layer of richness,” says Kathleen Pfaff, who—with Elizabeth Cameron, her co-owner of West End Napa boutique—designed the room. As a focal point, the collection calls attention to the mohair sofa below. “The decadence of the mohair is alluring, captivating. Sitting there, looking out at the vineyard, you become lost in the beauty of the surroundings,” notes Cameron. Another pièce de résistance is the grapevine sculpture that anchors the back wall of the conversation area. “It was a perfect choice for the beautiful Cardinale property. The hilltop location with the rolling vineyards basically dictated our design direction,” Pfaff concludes.

    See more of the lounge on the following slide.

    Interior design: Elizabeth Cameron and Kathleen Pfaff, West End Napa, 1460 First St., Napa, CA 94559; 707/254-9500,

    Sofa (designed by West End Napa); sofa fabric (mohair); pillows; furniture; accessories; area rug (Mongolian lambswool); art (designed by West End Napa): West End Napa, 707/254-9500,  

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Lower Level Lounge Bar

    A small wet bar against the far wall adds to the lounge’s relaxed atmosphere. The circular light fixture above lends interest, its glow reflected in the mirror behind.

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Guest Bedroom by Melanie Coddington

    This bedroom’s terra-cotta and sky-blue color scheme is plucked from outdoors. “The fall leaves in the surrounding vineyards and Napa’s hilltop vistas inspired it,” explains San Francisco designer Melanie Coddington.

    See more of the guest bedroom on the following slide.

    Interior design: Melanie Coddington, Coddington Design, 550 15th St., Suite M18, San Francisco, CA 94103; 415/285-2821,

    Bed: custom.
    Bed fabric (“Chilton”): Romo, 800/338-2783,
    Striped blanket (“Lanta” in 02, Moka Collection): Malabar,, through Sloan Miyasato, 800/783-1398,
    Red lining (“Raleigh”/Berry #3785): Pindler & Pindler, 805/531-9090,
    Bird pillow shams (“Dancers”/Coral #63004-6): Lulu DK, 212/223-4234,
    Writing desk beside bed (vintage): Empiric, 323/634-7323,
    Table lamp (“Aqua Glass Ripple Lamp” #29630, by Regina Andrew): Layla Grace, 877/907-1322,
    Art above desk (Untitled II, by Serena Bocchino): Arthaus Gallery, 415/977-0223,
    Wall color (Venetian plaster): custom.
    Carpet (“Cobble Shore”/Drifting Sands #68502): Karastan,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Guest Bedroom Details

    Coddington didn’t confine the nature theme to Napa, however. Her design walks on the wild side with a zebra-pattern fabric on a wing chair. A nearby table takes the shape of a gilded tree stump. Overhead is one of the room’s most whimsical flights of fancy: a white, feathery fixture inspired by (what else?) swan wings. Birds of a different feather flock together on the bed’s avian print pillow shams. “The furnishings took a cue from nature while upping the glam factor,” says Coddington.

    Settee: custom.
    Settee fabric (“Mohair Velvet”/Denim #HZ2004.2): Christopher Hyland, 212/688-6121,
    Blue-and-white pillow on settee (“Star Atlantico”/Ocean #JP 6410, by Jasper): Michael Smith Inc., 310/315-3018,
    Coffee table (“Puzzle Coffee Table”/Gold Leaf with Travertine top): Coddington Design, 415/285-2821,
    Art behind settee (Hide, by Joshua Meyer): Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 415/956-3560,
    Wing chair: custom.
    Wing-chair fabric (“Shadows”/Smoke #ED75013.1, by Threads): Lee Jofa, 800/453-3563,
    Hanging pendants behind chair (“Icarus Light” by Studio Tord Boontje): Artecnica, 323/655-6551,
    Table beside wing chair (“Subin Foil Coffee Stump Table” #9899): Arteriors, 877/488-8866,
    Drapery (“Malone”/Garnet #P9021): Pindler & Pindler, 805/531-9090,

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Cardinale Winery

    The late vintner Jesse Jackson acquired a taste for wine in Sonoma, where he cultivated his first vineyards and wineries. Intrigued by the famed Napa Valley, he purchased its Veeder Peak vineyard on Mount Veeder in the early ’90s. It didn’t take him long to grasp the potential for wines crafted from Napa grapes. In 1994, he expanded again, buying the Pepi Winery in Oakville, which soon became the Cardinale Winery, known around the world for its high-quality, complexly layered Cabernet Sauvignon. Barbara Banke, who shared her late partner’s vision, continues the operation with winemaker Christopher Carpenter still at the helm. He crafts each new limited-production vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon with a blend of grapes from the Valley’s most recognized mountain appellations—Mount Veeder, Spring Mountain, Howell Mountain, and Diamond Mountain. Tastings are by appointment only; for information, visit their website.

  • John Granen and John Merkl

    Special Thanks

    We extend our gratitude to our sponsors of the 2012 Napa Valley Showhouse and Film Festival:
    Barlow Tyrie
    Circa Lighting
    Hickory Chair
    Lane Venture
    Lee Industries
    Natural Decorations Inc.
    Pratt & Lambert Paints
    Sunbrella Fabrics

    We’d also like to express our deep appreciation to our dedicated partners
    and the many volunteers who made our first-ever Napa Valley Showhouse possible. Special thanks to Shilah Salmon, Cardinale; Tony Manning, Mitchell Manning Associates; Rita Burris and Philippa Perry, On-Site Showhouse Managers; and Monica Barrows and Eden Umble, Napa Valley Film Festival.