San Francisco Decorator Showhouse
San Francisco, California

Some designers are aces at combining layer upon layer of multiple colors in a single room. Designer Angela Free is one. She used seven shades in the master bedroom she designed—and that only includes the variations of white.

"I wanted to use a high-gloss finish because it’s dressy and fresh," says Angela. "For interest, we used seven shades of white in a variety of finishes that all read differently. The effect was a glowing ambience."

Even with the subtle complexity of the neutral background, the room exudes a softness created by glowing colors and furniture with graceful lines.

In front of French doors that overlook what Angela calls a "not-so-nice view" sits a settee covered in lavender silk. To handle wear, the seat cushion is covered in mohair of the same hue. Matching antique Louis XVI chairs with pony-hide upholstery face each other over a tufted ottoman with crisscrossing nailhead trim. At the windows, elegance abounds with a curvy lambrequin of warm white linen edged in green hanging over linen sheers.

Photography: Michal Venera
Produced by Carla Breer Howard

Interior design: Angela Free, Angela Free Design, 415/885-4193.

On the opposite wall, embroidered linens hug the upholstered white bed. The bed ensemble also includes a cashmere-and-lamb’s-wool blanket and moss green shams.

Interior designer Angela Free

Sitting area—Settee (custom): Angela Free Design, 415/885-4193. Fabric ("Kindred Spirit’’/Daybreak #KD84, discontinued): Rodolph Inc., 707/935-0316, trade only.
Seat fabric ("Nimbus’’ #50481, discontinued): Bergamo Fabrics, 914/665-0800, trade only.
Side pillows ("Chantel’’/Blush #NC0620-118): Nancy Corzine, 310/652-4859, trade only.
Trim ("Green Brush Fringe’’ #33033-9707): Houlès, 310/652-6171, trade only.
Rectangular pillow ("Silk Paisley’’/Celadon): The Silk Trading Co., 888/745-5302,
Trim ("Chantel’’/Blush #NC0620-118): Nancy Corzine, 310/652-4859, trade only.
Ottoman (custom): Angela Free Design, 415/885-4193.
Fabric (Novasuede in Ivory #T3E3W): Majilite, 978/441-6800,
Marble side table ("Jahangir’’): Odegard, 800/670-8836,, trade only.
Side table ("Madeleine Table’’/Yellow Gold Leaf by Mattaliano): de sousa hughes, 415/626-6883, trade only.
Faience Brasero: Therien, 415/956-8850, trade only.
Upholstered side chairs (Louis XVI walnut chairs, upholstered in horse hair): Urban Chateau, 415/673-8026.
Sheers and Roman shade fabric ("Bliss’’/Parchment #7670-01, by Larsen); lambrequin, trim on sheers and Roman shades ("Bliss’’/Leek #7670-05, by Larsen): Cowtan & Tout, 212/647-6900, trade only.
Floor lamp ("Poillerat Floor Lamp’’ by Mattaliano): de sousa hughes, 415/626-6883, trade only.
Area rug (antique): Claremont Rug Co., 510/654-0816.

Bedroom—Bed (custom faux ostrich leather wing bed); pillows: Angela Free Design, 415/885-4193.
Eurosham ("Delfini Strie’’/Emerald #10705-05): Cowtan & Tout, 212/647-6900,, trade only.
Trim (#981-26621 in Off White #083): Samuel & Sons, 212/704-8000, trade only.
Rectangular pillow ("Elysee’’/Ivory #A6-6010-15 by Christopher Norman): discontinued.
Trim ("Grecque Braid’’ #31075): Houlès, 310/652-6171,, trade only.
Bolster pillow ("Chinese Peony’’/Lilac #F3110-04, by Colefax & Fowler): Cowtan & Tout, 212/647-6900, trade only.
Bottom sheet; blanket; top sheet and pillow shams ("Folia’’/Truffle): Scheuer Linens, 800/762-3950,
Throw: Frette, 212/988-5221,
Duvet front ("Schooner’’ #930013-01): Rogers & Goffigon, 212/888-3242, trade only.
Duvet back ("Samos’’/Ardoise #7220-3): Bergamo Fabrics, 914/665-0800,, trade only.
Bedside table ("Jali Table’’/white marble, by Odegard): de sousa hughes, 415/626-6883, trade only.
Mirrored screen (custom, pine with whitewash finish): Angela Free Design, 415/885-4193.
Bedside table ("Felix’’ round table with vellum finish, by Julian Chichester): Witford, 415/621-6260.
Chandelier: Candace Barnes Antiques, 415/431-1018.
Bedside lamp ("Tina Floor lamp’’): The Lighting Center, 212/888-4689.
Flooring (bleached walnut parquet floor): Larry Klosowski, Rode Bros., 310/670-0891,

San Francisco Decorator Showhouse
San Francisco, California

It’s easy to get trapped into using a rainbow of electric colors or theme characters from blockbuster movies when decorating a child’s room. Designers Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger steered away from the expected track to create a girl’s room with a refined but contemporary quality.

Embracing the entire room on all four walls is a fanciful mural depicting birds and deer painted in lavender, silver, and ivory. The organic forms of the wall decoration imbue the room with life and movement.

Photography: Michal Venera
Produced by Heather Lobdell

Interior design: Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger, Ironies, 222 Fifth St., Berkeley, CA 94710; 510/644-2100,

"I wanted this room to be handsome instead of pretty," says Kate. "For me, the mural expands the four walls. Everything in the room, furniture included, is leaping or taking flight."

Anchoring the room is a four-poster bed faced in bone. Its openwork headboard nods to the quatrefoil pattern in the mural. Furnishings and accessories with silver accents—a bedside table with a white onyx top, a mirror above the writing desk, a desk chair with silver legs, and an armoire with metal doors—all lend layers of extravagance.

To balance the shiny accents, opaque white onyx pieces, including bedside lamps and sculptural urns atop the armoire, heighten the room’s understated luxury.

Interior designer Kate McIntyre

Tall chairs ("Custom Hart Chair’’ with faux crocodile upholstery); cocktail table ("Vigo Cocktail Table’’ #425, drum table with polished cattle bone); floor lamp; bench ("Boreal Bench’’ #364); desk ("Breton Console’’ #412); mirror above desk (custom agate mirror with silver-leaf wood frame); desk chair ("Custom Bard’s Side Chair’’); round bedside table ("Custom Duet Round Side Table’’); bed (custom canopy bed in polished cattle bone); high cabinet ("Custom Heron Cabinet’’); rug (custom hand-sewn cowhide rug); mural (by Kate McIntyre and Brad Huntzinger): Ironies, 510/644-2100.
Table lamp (agate); tiny mirrors ("Custom Aura Mirrors’’): Oly, 775/336-2100,
Drapery (silk): Bergamo Fabrics, 914/665-0800, trade only.
Drapery fabrication: Susan Lind Chastain, 415/701-8898.

Coyote Point Museum Decorators Showcase
Atherton, California

A bedroom is supposed to be peaceful and serene, a place to unwind and rest as day melts into night. But that doesn’t mean that personal retreats can’t have a little pizzazz. Designers Vicki Saxton and Renée Prudhomme adorned this master bedroom with various forms of sparkle, from lush silvery velvet to glittery beaded decorative pillows.

"The gray-green color we selected was calm and somewhat somber," says Vicki. "We added light-reflecting pieces to give it life and depth."

Armchairs in front of the marble fireplace are upholstered in a duet of velvets—a rose pattern for the fronts and cushions, and a putty-colored solid on the backs. A tufted ottoman that serves as a coffee table is covered in two shades of smoky gray silk. A Venetian mirror above the mantel balances a corner seating area that features a chaise and a mirror-faced armoire.

Photography: Michal Venera and Russell Abraham
Produced by Carla Breer Howard

Interior design: Renée Prudhomme, ASID, and Vicki Saxton, ASID, Flegel’s Interior Design and Home Furnishings, 870 Santa Cruz Ave., Menlo Park, CA 94025; 650/326-9661.

Pulling all pieces of the silvered room together is a stately canopy bed painted black. Tapered posts and a curvy arched canopy give the traditional bed a modern update. "The bed, in black with silver ornamentation, was the perfect anchor for the room," says Renée. "The simplicity of the basic color highlights the interesting lines of the frame."

Interior designers Renée Prudhomme and Vicki Saxton

Bed ("Juliet’’ #317K); sconce ("Putti’’ #503): Amy Howard Collection, 901/547-1448,, trade only.
Side table by chaise: International Art Properties, 800/426-6471, trade only.
Demilune (by Rho Mobili); bedside table: Flegel’s Interior Design and Home Furnishings, 650/326-9661.
Storage ottoman: Century Furniture, 800/852-5552,
Ottoman fabric ("Taos’’/Sea Mist #AB03554920): Old World Weavers, 212/355-7186, trade only.
Trim (#TA5229-35): Kravet, 888/457-2838,, trade only.
Chairs ("Tuileries Chair’’ in Rivoli finish, by Jacques Garcia); ottoman: Baker, 800/592-2537,
Chair fabric ("Baroness’’/Cement): William Switzer & Assoc., 212/207-8332, trade only.
Chair fabric ("Taos’’/Sea Mist): Old World Weavers, 212/355-7186, trade only.
Pillow on chair ("Silk Tapas’’/Sterling #0716): J. Robert Scott, 800/651-4354,
Trim (#265-9911): Houlès, 310/652-6171, trade only.
Ottoman and chaise fabric ("Silk Tapas’’/Sterling #0716): J. Robert Scott, 800/651-4354.
Contrasting welt ("Kazvin’’/Celadon Bronze): Beacon Hill, 800/333-3777,, trade only.
Chaise (custom): Flegel’s Interior Design and Home Furnishings, 650/326-9661.
Black-and-white prints: John McEvoy Fine Art, 415/864-2645.
Art: Capstone Art, 408/229-6503.
Venetian mirror: Flegel’s Interior Design and Home Furnishings, 650/326-9661.
Black-and-silver box: Emerson et Cie, 877/393-8243.
Table lamps: Baker, Knapp & Tubbs, 800/592- 2537, trade only.
Sheet set, bed cover, Euro shams and boudoir sham; duvet, king shams and round bolster pillow; carpet ("Fabrica Chenille’’ in Maison): Flegel’s Interior Design and Home Furnishings, 650/326-9661.
Drapery ("Ethereal Raffia’’/Celadon Bronze); drapery hardware: Beacon Hill, 800/333-3777, trade only.
Drapery ("Kazvin’’/Celadon Bronze): Beacon Hill, 800/333-3777, trade only.

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Michal Venera

Once relegated to the second tier on the hierarchy of design, bedrooms are now ready for their close-ups. They have been transformed from mere sleeping quarters to glamorous retreats. Ho-hum schemes are out; style statements are in. No surprise in a state where the red carpet is routinely rolled out, the following California showhouse rooms are stars draped in luxury.


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