Ethereal White Bedroom

Why it makes us swoon: Frothy white mosquito netting and crystalline details create a romantic getaway in the privacy of this tone-on-tone bedroom. Plus, a fluffy white pillow matches the plush rug beside the bed – textures that delight bare skin wherever it lands.

Interior designer: Theresa Alexander

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Soft Pink and Peach Bedroom

Why it makes us swoon: Because this pale-coral guest bedroom -- complete with blush-color bed drapery and silk window treatments -- flaunts such a beautifully feminine color palette. A tufted bench with acrylic legs adds a voluptuous silhouette at the end of the bed.

Interior designer: Jan Showers

Elegant Dining Room

Why it makes us swoon: As if they were wearing ball gowns, three sets of French doors are draped floor to ceiling with elegant charcoal silk taffeta lined with white silk satin. Antique Louis XV chairs wear chair-seat covers of silk faille. An antique chandelier dripping with leaded-glass prisms accessorizes the scene with just the right amount of sparkle.

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Interior designer: Lori Tippins

Romantic Wedding Day Room

Why it makes us swoon: What could be more romantic than a room that celebrates the magical atmosphere of a wedding day? Perhaps the most eye-catching element is the frothy wedding gown by Suzanne Hanley. But the soft blue walls, eggshell-colored silk curtains, and French daybed covered in orange silk velvet add to an ethereal palette that suggests “romance.”

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Interior designer: Josephine Fischer

Breezy Master Bedroom

Why it makes us swoon: Hot skin craves cool breezes, and this bedroom delivers with French doors that open to a private veranda. Whispery blue walls, gauzy curtains, and a ceiling fan suggest a tropical retreat, which is not surprising when you know that designer/homeowner Wendi Young got many of her decorating ideas while visiting Fiji’s Turtle Island, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.

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Architect: Craig Hampton
Interior designer: Wendi Young

Vibrant Pink and Gold Dining Room

Why it makes us swoon: Blissfully pink walls offer a glowing backdrop for a gold bamboo mirror, a gold-leafed crystal chandelier, and other fabulous finds. The table and chairs are antique; the chinoiserie cabinet is a custom piece.

See a closer view on the next slide.

Interior designer: Robin Weiss

Pink Dining Room Details

Why it makes us swoon: Pretty patterns draw us in. Look closely, and you can see the subtle beauty of palm leaves adorning the pink walls. Bamboo trims an intricately decorated chinoiserie credenza and white-painted Chippendale-style chairs upholstered in pink-and-red checks.

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Interior designer: Robin Weiss

Charming, Feminine Living Room

Why it makes us swoon: Because this living room is all about relaxed, romantic decorating. Homeowner/designer Lillian August chose cushy chairs, sofas covered in simple white linen, and comfy ottomans for propping up feet. “I like creating pretty and somewhat feminine atmospheres where people can sit back and enjoy themselves,” Lillian says.

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Interior designer: Lillian August

Worn Wooden Details

Why it makes us swoon: A lovely carved wood back and whitewashed finish give this chair the appearance of a well-loved antique, although it’s a new piece from Lillian August Stores. The worn painted surface eases concerns about scratches and scuffs, putting the emphasis on comfort. “We’re doing so many beautiful antique reproductions that people can afford that ‘collected-over-time’ look without having to buy antiques,” says designer Lillian August.

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Interior designer: Lillian August

Luxurious Dressing Room

Why it makes us swoon: It’s just a trailer, but yards of brown velvet trimmed in pale-blue turn the space (used by actress Marcia Cross) into a very private, very luxurious haven. “It’s like walking into a chocolate kiss,” says designer David Brian Sanders. Dazzling mirrored surfaces and exquisite accessories add a touch of Old Hollywood.

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Interior designer: David Brian Sanders

Soothing Silver Sitting Area

Why it makes us swoon: We’re mesmerized by the soothing surroundings of ivory and gray, and antique furnishings that make us feel like we’re taking a step back in time. Framed by ornate sconces, the impressionistic-style painting introduces the only note of color—a delicate lilac—into the room. This spot is meant for lingering.

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Bronze and Pink Bedroom

Why it makes us swoon: Envisioned for a modern-day Zelda Fitzgerald, this room promises a glamorous night’s sleep. Romance is part of the package, too, when you consider the salmon-color silk taffeta drapery and the focal-point wall; its hand-painted wallpaper boasts an intricate silver-leaf background.

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Interior designer: Nancy Pearson

Pretty Bedroom Details

Why it makes us swoon: We love the pretty pink lamp that combines a vintage hand-blown Murano-glass base with a pearl silk lampshade. Happily, it’s perched upon an equally lovely end table decorated with gold leaf, crystal inserts, and a mirrored top.

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Interior designer: Nancy Pearson

White Bedroom with Sweeping Views

Why it makes us swoon: No matter what is on your mind, you can’t take your eyes away from the bedroom’s breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay. Gauzy fabric shades adorn the wall of windows, ready to filter out the sun when occupants are ready to relax. 

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Interior designer: Geoff De Sousa

Stately Porcelain Bathroom

Why it makes us swoon: Romantic Edwardian style comes to the bath, thanks to a gently curved faucet and sculpted console sink of gleaming porcelain. A pair of gleaming polished-nickel sconces balances the gleaming presence of a gilded mirror.

See before and after views of this gracious Maryland home.

Interior designer: Mary Jo Donohoe

Dreamy and Dazzling Dining Room

Why it makes us swoon: Maybe it’s the dreamy lavender walls paired with luscious silk taffeta window patterns in a silvery celadon hue. Or the dazzling ceiling covered in glazed silver-leaf squares. Either way, the striking iron chandelier with large rock crystal drops adds a bit of glam that suits the room’s setting in a 1905 Georgian mansion.

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Interior designer: Basha White 

Flirty Red-and-White Kitchen

Why it makes us swoon: This classic white kitchen may not be over-the-top romantic, but you have to admit the displayed red-and-white transferware makes it a little flirtatious. Hand-glazed subway tiles and Carrara marble countertops offer elegant enhancements.

Interior designer: Julie Hovnanian
Architect: Don Stine

Pattern-Happy Bedroom

Why it makes us swoon: There’s something about this lively mix of textures, patterns, and sheens that sets the stage for romance. A sumptuous velvet headboard, silk taffeta pillows trimmed with tassel fringe, and a brocade rug all contribute to the overall effect. “It’s outrageous in some ways, but it’s also very warm and enveloping,” says designer Melanie Elston about the apartment decor. “[The homeowners] are very sensory. And they really don’t care what anyone else thinks!”

Interior designer: Melanie Elston

Luxurious Louis XVI Dining Room

Why it makes us swoon: Who knew we could get so excited about paint? But this paneled presentation – a month-long process that started with a blue base topped with beige strie that was then trimmed with silver leaf atop gold -- boasts the quintessential Louis XVI look. An elaborate chandelier sparkles up above, while arch-topped French doors offer a view of the lush landscaping in the terrace and garden. See the next slide for additional dining-room details.

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Interior designer: Marshall Watson

Feminine Bedroom with Canopy Bed

Why it makes us swoon: Toile tells a story, and what it talks about here is an inclination toward romance. That’s because the pink-and-cream figured fabric drapes extravagantly from a Louis XVI-style bed adorned with plump silk pillows.

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Interior designer: Charles Faudree

Statement Pieces in the Entry

Why it makes us swoon: Because the ornate mirror, shapely commode, and Louis XVI-style chair strut their stuff in front of a hand-painted damask-pattern wall. Against that intriguingly neutral backdrop, each piece can be appreciated for its own beauty. But together they create a captivating still-life of color and form.

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Interior designer: Madeline Stuart

Sensual Soaking Tub

Why it makes us swoon: A deep soaking tub suggests sensual delights beneath the majestic presence of an Italian chandelier. Alongside the tub, an antique Kirman rug protects bare feet from a chilly marble-tile floor.

Take a tour of this Key West vacation home.

Interior designer: Todd Richesin

Sparking Golden Powder Room

Why it makes us swoon: Modeled after the sparkly powder room at Bemelmans Bar in Manhattan’s famed Carlyle hotel, this fabulous small space gleams. The walls are covered with high-wattage gold chinoiserie wallpaper. The ceiling and baseboards are covered with gold leaf. And the floor is covered in gold penny tiles. “I’ve always loved that bar,” says designer/homeowner Berkley Vallone. “It’s so sparkly and decadent.”

See the next two slides for additional details.

Golden Powder Room Details

Why it makes us swoon: You just have to feel like royalty when you can reach out and touch the opulence: a gold damask wall covering, a Calacatta marble counter top, and antiqued brass fixtures. 

Sparkling Light Fixtures

Why it makes us swoon: Because this pendant’s leaded-glass prisms and crystalline flowers are silhouetted against a gold-leaf ceiling. Pure luxury.

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Interior Designer: Berkley Vallone

Light-filled Kitchen with Glittering Details

Why it makes us swoon: Hanging an antiqued-silver chandelier with hand-cut crystals in the window-lined breakfast nook definitely romances this kitchen setting. Beneath the Louis XVI-look fixture, a modern bronze-and-terra cotta table adds a touch of edginess to the scene. 

Browse this light and lovely marble kitchen.

Kitchen designer: Mick De Giulio

Sweet Metallic Details

Why it makes us swoon: Because details from this nursery—the woven rattan bed, mosquito-net bed canopy, and copper-and-brass lotus chains—can be borrowed to help create very romantic, grown-up bedrooms. The oh–so-touchable wall covering is woven raw jute.

Tour more rooms in the Red Cross Palm Beach Showhouse.

Interior designer: Mimi Masri

Gorgeous Southern Garden

Why it makes us swoon: With its imposing fountain and vine-covered brick walls, this space oozes a lazily sensuous French Quarter vibe -- despite its Houston location. “Inside the walls, it’s both structured and lush … creating what I call ‘ordered chaos,’” says landscape architect Helen Grivich. “I like a little whimsy in the middle; I think a garden should make you smile.”

See more views of this romantic Southern-style garden.

Architect: Ken Tate

Landscape Architect: Helen Grivich

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Romance your traditional-style home with delicious decorating ideas that range from ornate gilded mirrors to gauzy linens and crystal chandeliers. 

Why it makes us swoon: Frothy, French, and highly feminine: this dressing room suggests an evening filled with lingering looks and tender touches. Designer Charles Faudree created the ornate space for a Tulsa home.

Interior designer: Charles Faudree

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