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Our Top 25 Most Pinned Spaces

See which rooms and spaces (and even a few recipes) have caught the most attention

Written and produced by Julianne Hilmes
  • Emily Followill

    By far one of our most loved kitchen photos is this image of blue-gray cabinets and a stone tile floor. We think this blue-gray color is just beautiful and unique, and clearly you do too!

    Tour this kitchen’s home here.

    Kitchen design: Design Galleria

  • Greg Scheidemann

    Our most repinned—and most OMG-worthy—item is this spectacular towel-warming drawer from a bathroom designed for the 2008 Kitchen/Bath Industry Show. With a cabinet front design that blends in with the rest of the furniture-style vanity, it’s a delightfully discreet luxury.

    See the bathroom here.  

    Designer: Robert Young
    Co-designer: Toshie Lim

  • Fran Brennan

    Who knew an antique door surround would garner so much attention? But when it looks this good, it’s hard not to swoon. Designer Eleanor Cummings chose to place the surround in between the master bedroom and bathroom in this Houston home. 

    Click here to see the rest of the home

    Interior designer: Eleanor Cummings

  • Werner Straube

    If there’s something we can all appreciate, it’s great storage space! In this lakeside home, every inch of space was utilized. Drawers tucked under the stairs are discreet and oh-so-fabulous.

    See this home

    Interior design: Tom Stringer

  • Susan Gilmore

    Another sneaky storage idea ranks in our top five most popular pins. Integrated into the kitchen island cabinetry, guests would never know you had a dishwasher until they saw you loading it up after a dinner party. Slick! 

    More savvy kitchen island storage.

  • Emily Jenkins Followill

    In this breakfast nook, a built-in corner bench and shelves create a cozy place to hang out while checking views from the front windows. Drawers beneath the banquette provide extra storage space.

    Tour this charming home.

    Interior Design: Wendy Kirkland

  • Here’s to fabulous kitchen inspiration! This popular pin shows a pull-out towel rack. The clever idea, designed to blend in with the rest of the cabinets, keeps towels within reach but out of sight.

    Check out this slideshow for more kitchen updates that pay back.

  • Courtesy of Margie Grace

    If this bonfire couldn't lure your outside, we’re not sure what would. Landscape designer Margie Grace says to create a beautiful, functional outdoor space, you first must determine what elements and functions you want or need. We have determined that we need some marshmallows STAT. 

    Read Margie Grace’s design tips.

  • Gordon Beall

    This elegant outdoor dining and living terrace was designed to feel as though it were an extension of the home’s gracious interiors. The weathered driftwood finish on the wicker pieces gives them a gracefully aged look. The striped upholstery on the chair adds subtle pattern to the space.

    Click for more pretty porches and terraces.

    Design: Andrew Law

  • Colleen Duffley

    When these homeowners remodeled, they weren’t just keeping their own needs in mind, but their dogs’ too! A redesigned living room now has a windowseat that includes an architectural niche for one of their dogs. What a thoughtful, cozy spot for your pooch!

    See this home.

    Design: Randy Korando and Dan Belman

  • John Granen

    In the gardens of a French Colonial Texas home, the pigeonnier is now used as a playhouse with its own small garden, much to the delight of the homeowners’ grandchildren. What fun!

    See this garden.

    Landscape architect: Helen Grivich

  • Tyllie Barbosa

    Vanilla Cake with Strawberries is oh-so-pretty and delicious. The petite cake is just big enough for two to share. 

    Click here for the recipe.

  • John Granen

    A deep tub tucked under a window and framed by open shelves? We know why this one is popular! From the pristine color scheme to the detailed mosaic tile “rug” underfoot, this space has us dreaming of a long, luxurious soak.

    A new home in Seattle exudes comfortable charm.

    Interior design: Susan Marinello

  • Fran Brennan

    Old painted doors have a charming patina to them. To save space in this Houston home, the stylish partition was hung on rollers. Ta-da!

    Check out this home.

    Interior design: Eleanor Cummings

  • Joe Standart

    Wouldn’t we all love to have this drool-worthy closet? When she remodeled her Manhattan loft, Bethenny Frankel turned what was once the den into her closet. Inside, an incredible collection of designer shoes. (Cue drool). You can see the rest of her loft here

    Interior design: Mariette Himes Gomez and Brooke Gomez

  • Colleen Duffley

    The elegant chandelier is a dramatic focal point in this beautiful showhouse bedroom. The bed, upholstered in dreamy taupe cotton velvet, and the mirrored bedside tables, bring glamour to the space.

    Tour the rest of the Alys Beach Designer Showhouse.

    Interior design: Paige S. Schnell

  • Werner Straube

    A 19th-century Syrian wedding chest with mother-of-pearl inlays punctuates this dreamy sunroom. Above, a landscape oil painting has us thinking of a misty morning.

    Find many more elegant gray spaces here.

    Design: Gerri Wiley

  • John Granen

    This garden gate is simply beautiful. An iron tree inset is an understated, gorgeous addition to the wooden door. We like to imagine that it leads to a secret garden! (But you can see the actual garden here.

  • You just love, love, LOVE this white kitchen. With grand molding, a picturesque window, and a kitchen island that has furniture-style detailing we can see why.

    Kitchen updates that pay back.

  • Tria Giovan

    Blue and white—a classic combination even in the kitchen. The blue painted ceiling is right at home in this lake cottage. White cabinets and a marble island contrast beautifully against the walnut flooring and wooden barstools.

    Click here to tour the whole cottage.

    Interior design: Suzanne Kasler

  • John Granen

    We have to admit, we were surprised at first to see this food shot in our top 25. But then we figured, if an award-winning chef gives you the recipe for Prosciutto-Wrapped Truffle Fries, you listen. Yum! Click here for the recipe

  • John Bessler

    We were glad British-born designer Christopher Peacock chose to share his kitchen with us, and we know you are glad too, because it is one of our most popular kitchen pins. Wide-plank wood floors refinished in a chocolate stain complement the white cabinets, while white marble with an organic pattern of gray blotches adds drama to the space. You can see his entire kitchen here.

    Design: Christopher Peacock

  • Luca Trovato

    This sunny backyard was meant for lounging and dining. A big white pergola shelters the delightful terrace; a stepping stone path leads you to the pool. Now if someone would just invite us over for a party! 

    Want to see the whole home? Click here.

    Architect: Richard Landry

  • Architectural designer Louise Brooks is a perennial favorite with our readers, and this photo from her collection of design tips, is a perennial favorite on Pinterest. Says Louise, “Thin ‘English Pub’ brick brings instant, cost-effective Old World charm to any space. We use it on floors and walls, and it looks great in the kitchen, mudroom, wine cellar, or billiards room.”

    Read all of her decorating and design tips here.

  • Werner Straube

    Adorable and thoughtfully designed, it’s no wonder this sweet bedroom is popular. The Swedish-inspired built-in bed has a glide mechanism that allows the mattress to be easily pulled out to be made, and steps that are cleverly disguised as drawers. Genius!

    More bedroom decorating ideas for young children

    Interior design: Tom Stringer