Smart design ideas from the Healthy Home showhouse:

Natural Upholstery
The living room sofa by Cisco Brothers is made of sustainable wood with no added urea-formaldehyde (

Low-Emitting Paints
The walls and trim in the house are finished with Benjamin Moore low-VOC Natura paint (

Vegetable Dyes
The naturally stain-resistant wool rug is colored with vegetable dyes (

Sustainable Woods
Designer Maria Yee created the living room bookcase and coffee table with sustainable woods (

Nontoxic Finishes
The dining room table and chairs from Lorts have low-VOC finishes and no added urea-formaldehyde (

Gentle Fabrics
Dining-chair fabric from O Ecotextiles is softened with a finish of beeswax and aloe vera (

Low-VOC Cabinets
Cabinets from Holiday Kitchens have no urea- formaldehyde and are finished with low-VOC stains and topcoats (

Nonporous Countertops
GreenGuard-certified nonporous quartz counters by Cambria require no sealers or toxic cleaners (

Energy Star Refrigerator
Liebherr is über energy-efficient, and the company leads in eco-responsible production processes (

Induction Cooktop
Induction is the most energy-efficient and safest method of cooking, using no gas that can pollute the air (

Water-Based Floor Finish
Locally sourced and sustainable white oak floors are finished with a low-VOC stain and water-based topcoat (

Organic Wool Area Rug
The family room rug is a blend of undyed wool fibers that create a variation in neutral hues (shabahang

Reclaimed Lumber
Sofa table and fireplace surround were locally made with wood from a walnut tree felled in a storm (

Locally Made Bronze Tiles
Chicago artist Denise Siegel's tiles are bronze, a metal that can be recycled repeatedly (denise

100% Organic Sheets
Indika Organics uses only plant-based dyes on its cotton sheets (

Quartz Tub Surround
A Kohler tub is framed by quartz surfacing from Cambria, a U.S. company practicing eco-kind processes (

Water Sense Fixtures
Faucets, toilets, and other Kohler plumbing fixtures are Water Sense-certified to conserve water usage (

Vintage Furnishings
Low-VOC paints renewed a vintage bed and side tables for a girl's room.

Reusable Artwork
A fairy-tale mural painted on canvas is framed by white molding. It can be removed, rolled up, and used elsewhere.

Dimmable Lights
Light fixtures throughout the house are on dimmers to save energy. Compact fluorescent bulbs were not used because of their mercury content.

Natural Wood Finishes
Jill Salisbury used a vinegar-based solution and natural lacquer finish for her desk and chair frames (

Hemp Wall Covering
Office walls are softened with a natural hemp covering that's hung with a low-VOC adhesive (

The Healthy Home showhouse was spearheaded by Victoria Di Iorio, left, and Jill Salisbury.

Designers Ruth E. Delf (seated) and Kathy Hoffman.

Above: The Healthy Home showhouse

Chicago mom Victoria Di Iorio has tried hundreds of products in her quest to create a healthful home for her family, and in her role as education outreach coordinator for Healthy Child Healthy World ( Here are Web sites where you can find her 10 favorite home products.

Bonded Logic Denim Insulation

Eternal Hybrid (98 percent efficient tankless hot water heater)

Cambria quartz surfaces

American Clay (natural earth plaster for interior wall finishes)

Rosetta Stone (outdoor flagstone, brick pavers and retaining walls)

Miele steam oven and induction cooktop

Liebherr refrigerator

Bona (flooring finishing and care products)

Colonial Bronze cabinet hardware

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Written by Amy Elbert
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