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Get Organized: Clever Jewelry Storage

Think outside the jewelry box when organizing your prized accessories. 

Written by Sally Finder Weepie

Photo:  Colleen Duffley / Design: Paige Sumblin Schnell and Anna Kay Porch

Fashion designer Stephanie Carter offers a whole lot of inspiration when it comes to expressing your personal style while keeping your jewelry pieces at hand. 

Photo:  Colleen Duffley / Design: Paige Sumblin Schnell and Anna Kay Porch

Stephanie's use of antlers as jewelry hangers keeps things organized and also elevates the pieces to art status. Their beauty can be enjoyed even when Stephanie isn't wearing them.

Photo: Anthony Masterson

Repurpose an ordinary bulletin board into a jewelry holder. A beautiful frame transforms the board into wall art, putting favorite pieces on display without taking up any space on your dressing table.

Photo: Colleen Duffley / Design: Berkley Vallone

The framed-art approach to jewelry storage and organization also works with earrings and brooches. Punch them into a soft fabric-covered pinboard to create a beautiful moment atop your bathroom vanity.

Photo: Dustin Peck / Design: Gray Walker

Pretty plates are also great jewelry catchalls. Use several so each piece of bling has plenty of room and doesn't get tangled with other pieces. Stow the bejeweled plates in a dressing room drawer or leave them out on display.

Photo: John Bessler

Call on a favorite tray or bowls for an elegant jewelry cache atop your dresser that adds a happy hit of color to a bedroom. 

Photo: Michael Garland / Design: Lisa Adams

Softly lined drawer inserts are a great way to keep jewelry organized. Locks on the slim drawers add piece of mind when it comes to special pieces.