Fireplace Focus

An 18th-century limestone fireplace surround with a soaring overmantel is the focal point of this family room.

Cool Pine

From the floor, to the mantel and cabinetry to the ceiling, bleached pine dominates this room creating a cool, rustic vibe.

Natural Beauty

A thick stone mantel in the cozy great room pays homage to the natural world outside the 2012 Napa Valley Showhouse. 

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Drift Away

Bearing a resemblance to driftwood and adding to the nautical theme in this living room is the worn wood mantel. 

Urban Feel

Keeping with the “cityscape” feel of the living room, is an exposed brick fireplace with a limestone mantel.

Pleasant and Warm

Pleasantly imperfect finishing on the wooden mantel adds to the warm charm of this living room.

Seen and Heard

In this dining room, everything tells a story (the hand-painted mural was a gift from the Chinese government). Just imagine how many gatherings the old stone mantel has witnessed.

Cheerful and Warm

An informal wooden mantel settles into a floor-to-ceiling fieldstone fireplace. Says the homeowner, “I wanted a fireplace that exudes warmth even when it’s not lit.”

Rustic Retreat

“The gentlemen’s retreat is a refined and rustic room with an alluring sense of mystery and intrigue,” say this room’s designers. Adding to that intrigue is the carved wooden mantel.

Infused With Charm

Gold accents infuse the dining room with elegance while a whitewashed mantel and doors add rustic charm.

Past and Present

Exposed floor joists and a brick fireplace surround meet a pleasant green wall and mantel for the happy combination of past and present in this Cape Cod summer house.

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Cheerful Mountain Retreat

Antlers adorning the mantel of a fieldstone fireplace are a reminder that you are in a mountain retreat. The custom-designed fireplace warms up the already cheery sunroom. 

Custom Cool

Knotted white pine in a custom tint has a cool vintage appeal. 

Georgetown Gem

Here, an 18th-century style fireplace mantel with elegant curves is fitting for the 1911 Georgetown home. 

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Soaring Heights

A soaring, offset-stone fireplace surround is tempered by a warm wooden mantel. 

Beautiful Balance

On a cool Chilton stone fireplace, a custom mantel adds weight and scale.

Elemental Inspiration

Keeping nighttime chill at bay is a loggia fireplace made of stone and wood—elements that inspired the beach house palette.

Warm Wood

Providing a contrast to the taupe toile walls in the family room is a wood mantel in a dark stain. 

Scandinavian Style

Although the great room in a new addition utilizes Scandinavian design, it keeps in line with the rest of the Georgian-style house—especially the stone fireplace surround, which mimics those found in the older rooms. 

Cottage Casual

In the Blue Ridge Mountains, cottage style blends comfortably with the wooded mountain setting. A stone fireplace stands out against a wooden background. “The wood walls and wood ceilings give warmth and texture to the rooms and add to the casualness of the home,” says interior designer June Price. 

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Get the Look: Rustic Mantels

A look at some of the coolest, and certainly coziest, mantels

Written and produced by Julianne Hilmes
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Rustic Mantels 15
Rustic Mantels 16
Rustic Mantels 17
Rustic Mantels 18
Rustic Mantels 19
Rustic Mantels 20
Rustic Mantels 21
John Granen and John Merkl

Natural Beauty

A thick stone mantel in the cozy great room pays homage to the natural world outside the 2012 Napa Valley Showhouse. 

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