Trio of Towers

His area of the master bath includes a steam shower, a vanity, and three furniture-style cabinetry towers that keep bathing and reading needs at the ready. The X-motif shelves, which keep towels organized in the his-and-her armoire, hold magazines here. As with the armoire, the cabinetry is crafted from cherry and includes traditional-style crown molding and base molding for a furniture-style look.

Design by Robert Young and Toshie Lim

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Spa Bar Storage

Built of cherry cabinets that look like furniture, the spa bar (in the center of the shared space) includes a black solid-surfacing countertop, a marble vessel sink, and enough storage for him and her to share. Above the bar, a stunning chinoiserie-style mural of art glass and mirrored tiles by artist Erin Adams serves as an intriguing backdrop.

Design by Robert Young and Toshie Lim

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Towel-Warming Drawer

Think of it as sensory storage. A towel-warming drawer is one of the spa bar’s delightfully discreet luxuries. The X-motif of the mullions (backed with black glass) offers an exotic variation to the armoire’s and storage tower’s designs.

Design by Robert Young and Toshie Lim

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Beautiful Bookcase

Maybe this furniture’s original home was meant to be in a living room. But with its crown molding, arched openings, and distressed finish, this 9-foot-tall bookcase takes bathroom storage to an elegant new level. Adjustable shelves make it easy to mix and match towel storage with display space for art objects and fresh flowers.

Built-in Cabinet

Although a vintage-look soaking tub takes center stage, the built-in cabinet with muntin-style doors supplements the period style with convenient storage options. Glass-front cabinet doors and open shelving keep sundries on display, while below, personal items are kept organized behind closed doors and drawers. A turned-leg stool bridges the gap between tub and cabinets by offering a landing spot for washcloth and soap.

Design by Elizabeth Corker

Symmetrical Storage

Although the stunning marble tub surround is hard to ignore, those who treasure abundant storage will catch their breath at the presence of floor-to-ceiling cabinets for storing bath supplies. The white-painted cabinet doors are lined with linen to soften the room’s rectilinear design. At tub’s end is a mahogany-veneer base cabinet with two lined drawers and hidden storage in the form of an adjustable shelf behind its bottom doors. See the next slide for another storage piece from this master bath.

Design by Bob Williams

Display Cabinet

Designed as a cabinet for displaying china or keepsakes, this glass-paneled rosewood-veneer piece includes three adjustable shelves for holding towels and sundries. Polished-nickel hardware and tall tapered legs with stretchers add to the cabinet’s elegant appearance.

Design by Bob Williams

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Shower Niches

When you invest in a luxury shower, you don’t want its sleek lines interrupted by a pile of shampoo and conditioner bottles on the floor. Nor do you want to step outside the shower to grab what you need. Adding shallow niches to this shower’s travertine-tile surround keeps soap and hair products neatly organized and nearly out of sight.

Design by Andrea Cornwell

Reading Material

Woven textures, a natural color palette, and exotic-looking woods suggest the serene qualities of a tropical retreat. But it’s the built-in shelf for reading material that lets you know this water closet is meant to be a sanctuary.

Design by Robert Young

Three-Way Pampering

With quiet elegance, this dressing table provides behind-closed-doors storage for toiletries. A silver tray holds perfume and lotion atop the green-onyx countertop. And a mirrored cabinet up above opens to reveal another mirror for a three-way view that provides the ultimate in grooming ease. A chocolate-brown glaze adds depth to the painted cabinetry’s exquisite detailing.

Design by Mel Elion

Tub-Side Convenience

Intricate corbels and a hand-rubbed painted finish give this custom display cabinet (one of two) a sophisticated elegance. But it’s the tub-side location that makes the cabinet a storage standout; the unit keeps towels and other bath products within easy reach of the bather.

Design by Jeffery Roberts

Hotel-Style Luxury

For the ultimate in caffeinated luxury, you can’t beat a kitchenette attached to the master bath. Along with the espresso maker and related supplies, this six-foot-long line of white-painted cabinets easily handles stacks of towels, toiletries, grooming gear, a mini refrigerator, and a dishwasher. Muntin-style glass front cabinet doors and faux feet at toekick level say fine furniture, not cabinetry. See the next two slides for small but stylish storage solutions from this master bath.

Design by Kellie Cashon

Drawer Dividers

Just like the kitchen, a well-organized bath benefits from organizational aids for the many tools that are needed to do one’s work. Clear acrylic drawer dividers keep combs, brushes, lotions, and even jewelry exactly where he left them, ready for another day of looking his best.

Design by Kellie Cashon

Linen Cabinet Luxuries

When your linen cabinet has marble shelves, you want to step up your game when it comes to grouping grooming supplies. In this set up, clear glass canisters hold bath salts while matching baskets keep lotions, loofahs, pumice stones, and more cool calm, and most important of all—collected. 

Design by Kellie Cashon

Beautiful Bath Vanities
Want to see more bath storage? Browse these inspiring examples of vanities that add style and storage potential to master baths and powder rooms alike.

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Fabulous Bath Storage Ideas

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His-and-Her Armoire

Written and produced by Debra Steilen

Think way beyond the vanity and towel bar for stylish storage ideas that will keep your bath as beautiful as it is clutter-free.

Designed for Traditional Home magazine, this master bath began with the concept of balancing shared and private spaces for both partners. The symmetrical floor plan features his-and-her areas—exactly the same size and shape—that extend off a central shared space. Even in the shared space, a couple’s individual needs are addressed by two identical cherry armoires organized with his and her needs in mind. In this furniture-style armoire, a clothes rod keeps robes ready for action, while the shelf below holds footwear. Open cabinets display towels, while two small drawers keep personal items private. Each door is lined with a full-length mirror for grooming ease. See the next three slides for additional storage solutions from this master bath.

Design by Robert Young and Toshie Lim

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