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Designer Tips for Getting Organized

7 tips from Decorist designer Audrey Dyer to help you get organized 

From designer Audrey Dyer

The new year presents the perfect opportunity to embrace change, set goals, and form new habits. Whether you enjoy making personal resolutions or not (crash diet, anyone?), giving your house a little TLC is always a good idea to start the new year fresh. The holidays bring a lot into our homes—friends, family, gifts, trees, etc. Cleaning and reorganizing are definitely in order after the whirlwind ends, so we’ve got seven simple tips for getting (and staying!) organized this year.

1. Welcome yourself home in style

It’s crucial to stop clutter in its tracks right as it enters your home. Simple organizational items like a basket for shoes, tray for magazines, wastebasket for junk mail, hooks for coats, and a bowl for keys will ensure that you always come home to calm, not chaos. If you don’t have an entryway, a petite console table by the door will work wonders.

2. In with the new means out with the old

Considering the holiday gifts that have arrived in your home, think about how you can use the “one in, one out” rule to make room for these new additions. By parting with old books or clothes, for example, you’ll make way for new treasures to shine. Plus, it’s always nice to keep the holiday spirit going by donating items you no longer need. A handy trick is to keep a fixed number of matching closet hangers, so that if you get something new, something old has to go.

3. More is expiring than just your calendar

Take a peek inside your refrigerator, pantry, and medicine cabinet for items that are past their prime. It’s all too easy during the busy year to let condiments and creams go bad, so now’s the time to recycle expired items and enjoy treating yourself to new ones. Don’t forget to give those shelves a dusting while you’re in there!

4. Dress for success

Start your busy days off on the right foot with an organized closet. By getting rid of clothes that you no longer wear (or enjoy wearing), you’ll be able to get dressed quickly and with confidence every day. Take stock of the pieces in your closet that truly didn’t see the light of day in 2015 and bid them a fond farewell.

5. Create a home office that works for you

There’s no denying that working from bed just doesn’t cut it for your productivity or your health. Carve out an area where you can get things done in peace and with all of the necessary tools at hand, making your work time more efficient. A beautiful secretary or simple set of floating shelves can create the perfect office nook. 

6. Don’t wait around for “spring cleaning”

The new year offers an excellent chance to tackle deep-cleaning tasks that will seem even less appealing when life gets back into full swing. Especially after hosting a house full of guests, now is the time to get your home back in order. 

7. Sweat the small stuff

You know that lightbulb that has been out for months in the kitchen? Or the piece of art you’ve been meaning to frame and hang since your birthday? Or that table lamp cord you keep tripping over? Make each and every day a bit better in 2016 by finally tackling these little tasks and annoyances that built up over the past year. You’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you’ll be when your home doesn’t look or feel like a to-do list!

Photography: Aubrie Pick