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Festive Holiday Wreaths

Written by Sally Finder Weepie and Julianne Hilmes

Ring in the season and welcome guests with a wreath that speaks to your home's signature style.

A square wreath is the perfect complement to the geometric glass-and-iron window on this home's custom front door. The magnolia leaves and gold ribbon echo the home's rustic simplicity.

For this musical household, it's only fitting that holiday decorations pay tribute to the family's talents. Hitting a decorative high note in the music room, miniature pianos nestle into fluffy white wreaths in front of each window.

A petite boxwood wreath graces the bust on this entry hall table in a playful and subtle nod to the season.

Expand your wreath horizons—don't limit these holiday cheer-bringers to windows and doors. A bow hanger makes it easy to drape this wreather from the back of a host chair in the dining room. Bonus points for lavender wreaths: They add subtle color and a delightful fragrance.

Winter whites offer a crisp, clean look. Expand on your neutral palette with a quail brush twig wreath. It layers in sophisticated texture that mingles well with paneled walls and sculptural art pieces.

Have a little fun—it is the holiday season, after all. Designer Matthew Patrick Smyth outfits busts in the living room of his country home with cheery red ribbon. Then he makes the sculptures even more eye-catching by framing them with traditional evergreen wreaths that have been spruced up with magnolia leaves and pinecones.

Sometimes small details bring the most delight. Dressing holiday reindeer with little wreaths of long-needle pine spreads the spirit of the season and draws a smile from family and friends. Pinecones and a silver bell throw in extra festive flair.

Light up your bedroom with Christmas gaity just by adding a wreath. They're easy to hang from wall sconces. Complement a basic spruce wreath with a bright red-and-white ribbon.

Take a tip from designer Scot Meacham Wood and save yourself some time while still getting an amazing look. Scot buys a basic faux wreath for a base rather than creating one from scratch. Then he weaves in fresh magnolia leaves, Douglas and Noble fir branches, oranges, pears, grean apples, crabapples, and pinecones. The natural elements add warmth and color for a striking focal point. 

An oversize magnolia-leaf wreath goes glam with a sparkling coat of gold paint. It's the perfect way to add sophistication and festive shine to a dining space.


Add Christmas cheer to any room quickly and easily with a basic green wreath in the window. Dress it for the ocassion—and to suit your palette—with a length of silky ribbon, tied in a flouncy bow.

A few small wreaths can deliver big impact when they're grouped. Link a trio of wreaths with a pretty swath of ribbon, tied with a bow on top. A sprinkling of pinecones adds even more interest.

Want a little burst of color in your green wreath? Go beyond the bow, and slip in a smattering of dried red leaves and berry-filled branches for a very merry look. 

There's still time to order this classic wreath.