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Holiday-Ready Bedrooms

From the Editors of Traditional Home
  • Kip Dawkins

    Spreading holiday cheer is just plain fun. So don't confine it to the public rooms of your house—carry seasonal decorating touches into your bedroom, too. These little accents will have you smiling from the moment you wake up in the morning.

    Wreaths & Wrappings

    A wreath hung from the mirror and a few colorfully wrapped packages scattered about put this bedroom in a merry mood. Carrying the blues and greens from the home's year-round palette into holiday touches keeps a cohesive feel.

  • Werner Straube

    Holiday Haven

    Slip a wreath above the headboard, sprinkle in coordinating floral notes, and maybe even corral your rolls of colorful wrapping paper in the bedroom, and you'll have a sweet retreat. See the other side of this sanctuary on the next slide.

  • Werner Straube

    Sparkle and Shine

    Deck the bedroom fireplace mantel with a lavish garland and accessories in sparkling silver. Get a closer look on the next slide.

  • Werner Straube

    Mantel Moment

    Fresh swags mix it up with antique and vintage mercury-glass balls and new mercury-glass Christmas trees.

  • John Bessler

    Into the Woods

    Go super festive by adding a small tree to the corner of your bedroom. Here, the room's ivory and wood tones mesh with the neutral palette of the holiday decor.


  • A Little Horseplay

    For a small but delightful touch in a bedroom, perch a mini tree on a desk, nightstand, or dresser. This one speaks to the family's favorite hobby, horses.

  • Pillow Talk

    Just a couple of little additions can bring appropriate seasonal flair. In this bedroom, the holiday cheer comes from pillows in a pretty red-and-green fabric. A star ornament tied to the twig sconce is the room's fun little cherry on top.

  • Emily Minton Redfield

    Blue Note

    In this serene sanctuary, a cheery Christmas wreath hangs on the blue-gray Swedish secretary. Blue ornaments tucked into the greenery play to the room's muted blue hues.

  • Eric Roth

    Magic Windows

    Wreaths hung outside the windows pull double duty at this home, bringing joy to passers-by on the street and to the homeowners inside. Adding in some wrapped gifts takes the holiday cheer up another notch. 

  • John Merkl

    Mad for Plaid

    Designer Scot Meacham Wood loves a touch of tartan throughout his home, including his bedroom. Wreaths and garland, accented with fruit and pinecones, add to the jolly holiday spirit.

  • Gordon Beall

    Warm Things Up

    If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, dress it up for Christmas with garland and a seasonal touch on the mantel, like this evergreen-and-floral swag.

  • Bruce Buck

    The Blue Room

    A small Christmas tree with shiny blue ornaments lends a bright note to this bedroom. More glimmer comes courtesy of silver accesories tucked into garland on the mantel. Zoom in closer on the mantel in the next slide.

  • Bruce Buck

    By the Chimney 

    Greenery, pinecones, and glass balls are combined with silver finials in varying heights for an enchanting display.

  • In the Pink

    A mini tree can live large when it comes to adding impact to a bedroom. This one goes bold and cheery in scintillating pink. 

  • Werner Straube

    Sweet Symmetry

    Wreaths wrapped with aqua bows crown matching French side tables in this ultra-feminine bedroom. A gathered duvet teams with a cascading cornice and monogrammed bed linens to guarantee a good night’s sleep.  

  • John Bessler

    Cozy Accoutrements

    A furry rug and plush duvet greet guests with warmth during the chilly winter months. Fiery-red accents—note the rose arrangement and leather ottoman—hint at the holiday season. Gifts beckon to be opened on the bed bench. 

  • Michael Partenio

    Understated Elegance

    A simple wreath encircles a sconce, bringing texture to this bedroom’s crisp khaki walls. Beige, coral, blue, and bright scarlet provide a fun spin on the traditional holiday palette. An antique bookcase and duvet made from vintage paisley fabric enhance the well-traveled aura. 

  • Emily Jenkins Followill

    Present Packages

    This serene blue bedroom tempts guests with beautifully wrapped presents—that coordinate, of course. Bulb-adorned branches and a double-hung wreath enhance the sophisticated retreat with metallic tones. 

  • Jean Allsopp

    Pine Display

    Seasonal decorations match the natural colors used in this rustic bedroom. A magnolia leaf wreath attached to the light fixture with burnt orange ribbon is a seamless continuation of the upholstered green beds. Dangling from ribbons at the window,  giant pinecones adds a bit of woodsy charm.

  • Emily Jenkins Followill

    Super Suite

    All is calm in this serene master bedroom where  seasonal décor is kept to a minimum. A trio of white glass trees on the bedside table and an assemblage of wrapped gifts on the velvet bench are subtle clues of the holidays afoot. 

  • Werner Straube

    Winter Wonderland

    One can almost hear the excited whispers of children anxiously awaiting Christmas morning in this magical bunk room. Faux fur pillows and polar bear stuffed animals on each bed encourage snuggling under the covers while dreaming of sugarplums. By the windows, a large polar bear stuffed animal and decorated wreath welcome the season in friendly fashion. 

  • Jean Allsopp

    Festive Four Poster

    A garland strung above this bed and tied with green ribbon makes delightful seasonal use of a four poster bed. Fresh flowers, white as newly fallen snow, impress on the dresser and in vases on bedside tables.

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