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Rocky Mountain Holiday

An Aspen home preps for the holidays

Written by Krissa Rossbund
  • Emily Minton Redfield

    Sofa (custom, #2644); chairs (custom #641): A. Rudin Showroom, 310/659-2388,
    Sofa and chair fabric ("Ankara Chenille"/Olive #HW-0872-GLV): Hinson & Co., 212/688-5538.
    Beige pillow fabric ("Heart & Soul"/Barry White, by Great Plains); taupe pillow ("Heart & Soul"/Blondie, by Great Plains): Holly Hunt, 312/661-1900,
    Brown trim on beige pillow ("Castile Tape"/Bronze #40064-03): Cowtan & Tout, 212/647-6900,
    Pillow fabrication: Lily Designs, 818/545-8607.
    Black side table next to sofa (vintage): Brenda Antin, 323/934-8451.
    Drapery ("Bechamel"/Nuage #938001-05); drapery cuff ("Bechamel"/Blonde #938001-01): Rogers & Goffigon, 203/532-8068.
    Cocktail table: owner's collection.
    Bench (custom): Kevin Corn Design, 310/270-4695.
    Leather bench fabric ("Sugar Daddy," by The Ranch Home Outfitters): Mimi London, 310/855-2567,
    Round mirror (antique/Rosewood, by Sergio Rodrigues): Blackman Cruz Los Angeles, 310/657-9228,
    Side table (antique, "Café Table"); table lamp: Lee Stanton Antiques, 310/855-9800,
    Gear hurricanes (glass with dark bronze base): Baker, Knapp & Tubbs LA, 310/652-7252.
    Floor lamps (tent-style in matte nickel): Hinson & Co., 310/659-7075.
    Area rug ("Luxe"/Silver Topaz, Textured Sisal Collection): Merida Meridian Inc., 800/345-2200,
    Track lighting (Theatrical Clamp on Lights #T295, 35-50W Par 20; finish: Black): Juno Lighting, 800/367-5866,
    Paint ("Dove White"): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,

  • Emily Minton Redfield

    Monk's mailbox cabinet (vintage): Emerson Troop, 323/653-9763,
    Glass jars (vintage): Big Daddy's Antiques, 310/769-6600,
    Wood block mortar side table: Mecox Gardens, 310/358-9272,

  • Emily Minton Redfield
  • Emily Minton Redfield

    Table ("Ocampo"): Berman Rosetti, 310/476-6242,, available through Mimi London Inc., 310/855-2567.
    Chairs ("Siena," Studio H, Holly Hunt Collection): Holly Hunt, 312/661-1900,
    Chair fabric ("Rigoletto"/Carbone #2315-6): Rose Tarlow-Melrose House, 323/651-2202,
    Chandelier ("Charlotte" with linen shades): Paul Ferrante Inc., 323/653-4142,
    Photograph (Walton's Lake, by Jim McHugh): Jim McHugh Photography, 323/466-2890,
    Dinnerware (by artist Jody Guralick): Dish Studio, 970/925-4326,

  • Emily Minton Redfield

    Pedestal table (custom, "Aspen," Studio H, Holly Hunt Collection): Holly Hunt, 312/661-1900.
    Chandelier (custom, "Little Crescent Heights"): Paul Ferrante Inc., 323/653-4142,
    Elevator (custom): John Olson Builder Inc., 970/923-4233, 
    Clock (antique): owner's collection.
    Hooked area rug (custom): Elizabeth Eakins, 212/628-1950,

  • Emily Minton Redfield

    Cabinets ("Vanguard Flat Panel"/Black Forest): Wood-Mode Inc., 877/635-7500,
    Kitchen design: Cooper-Pacific Kitchens, 310/659-6147,
    Window treatment ("Cyclades"/Milos #910042-5): Rogers & Goffigon, 203/532-8068. 
    Fabrication: Sumida Drapery, 818/785-6487.
    Zinc-top table; wicker chairs; lighting fixture (vintage, chrome): Brenda Antin, 323/934-8451.
    Wicker-chair fabric ("Pembroke"/Sandalwood #92522-06): Rogers & Goffigon, 203/532-8068.
    Refrigerator; wine cooler: Sub-Zero Inc., 800/222-7820,
    Range and hood: Thermador: 800/656-9226,
    Faucet; pot-filler faucet: Franke Kitchen Systems Division 800/626-5771,

  • Emily Minton Redfield
  • Emily Minton Redfield
  • Emily Minton Redfield
  • Emily Minton Redfield

    Rattan chairs and ottoman: ("Barcelona"/Bronze); Janus et Cie, 312/822-0460, 
    Fabric ("Very Terry"/Sand #980-23): Perennials, 888/322-4773,
    Chaise ("Beaufort Sun Chaise"): McKinnon and Harris, 804/358-2385,
    Flooring ("Summit Flooring, Flamed" #AS8391): Ann Sacks, 800/278-8453,
    Red pillows: Crate & Barrel, 800/996-9960,
    Throw pillow: Ralph Lauren Home, 888/475-7674,
    Large urn: Binbilla Landscaping, 970/927-2435,

  • Emily Minton Redfield
  • Emily Minton Redfield
  • Emily Minton Redfield
  • Emily Minton Redfield
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