Quiñones stripped paint from the banister to reveal a beautiful mix of textures and materials. The red runner introduces drama in the entry.

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Refined Refuge

Taking style cues from the owner, this home has a calm, collected feel

Written by Candace Ord Manroe
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Emily Minton-Redfield

Sofa (English Chippendale): owner’s collection.
Sofa fabric: F. Schumacher & Co., fschumacher.com, trade only.
Pillows on sofa (antique Japanese silk): Nick Brock Antiques, 214/828-0624.
Coffee table: East & Orient Co., 214/741-1191, trade only.
Custom tooled leather on coffee table: Larru Leathers Inc., 214/760-7003, larruleathers.com, trade only.
Sculpture on coffee table (Old Man, by Alex Wheeler); painting behind piano (Le Jardin, by Robert Antoine Pinchon): owner’s collection.
Side tables flanking sofa: Brendan Bass, 214/747-3386, trade only.
Lamps on side tables: Vaughan Designs, 212/319-7070, vaughandesigns.com, trade only.
Drapery fabric: Calvin Fabrics, 888/732-1996, henrycalvin.com, trade only.
Drapery tiebacks (antique): Nick Brock Antiques, 214/828-0624.
Rug (wool): Karastan, Karastan, 800/234-1120, karastan.com.
Red armchair (“Elizabeth Loose-Back Chair’’ #1113-36, Dapha Collection): Baker, 800/592-2537, kohlerinteriors.com.
Armchair fabric: Rogers & Goffigon, 203/532-8068, trade only.



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