The floor of the screened porch is covered with an indoor-outdoor rug inscribed in French with a story about an ant and a grasshopper. "We keep trying to translate it," Jane smiles. The airy screened room is conveniently accessed from the kitchen.

"This is where everyone hangs out," says Jane Forman of the family room, where furniture is clad in fabrics that can stand up to kids coming straight from the beach. The room is also a stylish repository for Jane's collection of folk art, including a carved man holding a sextant in one corner, and a wooden bell atop the stair's newel.

The fieldstone fireplace extends floor to ceiling. "I wanted a fireplace that exudes warmth even when it's not lit," Jane explains. "We designed the mantel to accommodate the TV and to signal that this room is informal."

Painted in white, the kitchen reads clean but not sterile, with folk art finds peeking from every corner.

A painted hutch houses Jane's mochaware.

The neutral dining room is interrupted with pleasing accents of teal on the chair seat fabric and old shutters hung on either side of the opening to the kitchen.

Adjacent to the family room,the library is a private refuge that's primarily used by Charles. Chocolate-colored sisal carpet, warm beige walls, natural matchstick blinds, and furniture upholstered in neutral tones make this a quiet, reflective room. Bookshelves provide space for Jane's collection of Central American folk art statues.

More formal than the first-floor family room, the "map room" gets its name from a map discovered by Jane and Charles at a local library. It was then reproduced as a painting on the wall by artist Brian Nelson.

A mahogany bed with barley-twist posts anchors the master bedroom, made dramatic by black-and-white toile.

Starfish and a botanical print are the only ornamentation in the adjoining white bath.

The guest cottage echoes the main house's vernacular charm.

With gardens, lawn, and flags that make classic accessories, the backyard salutes the nearby ocean.

The Formans--Jane and husband Charles--enjoy the island environment from the comfortable wicker furniture cushioned in striped sailcloth on the breezy but sheltered porch.

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Nantucket Summer Home

Encircled by porches, a handsome seaside home is perfectly sophisticated

Written by Krissa Rossbund
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