On the porch, Jane Shelton pillows and wicker chairs add a little romance to a seating area overlooking Lake Michigan.

Designer Tom Stringer likens the living room's color palette to "a Midwestern garden in June." The periwinkle rug is from his collection for Texstyle. Armchair fabric is Victoria Hagan. Drapery fabric is Kathryn M. Ireland.

For consistency, Stringer used the Victoria Hagan fabric from the living room on the Hickory Chair dining chairs.

The large, cheerful kitchen with an adjoining office for Sheila is truly the heart of the house. A mahogany-topped center island is identical to one in Stringer's own home. Cabinetry is all custom-designed by Stringer. Pendant lights are from Vaughan.

Not an inch of wasted space! Drawers under the back stairway add storage.

In the family room, colorful framed travel posters hang above a "double-wide" sofa--custom made for family movie nights.

Stair rails with quirky positive-negative, tulip-shaped cutouts are "a traditional cottage detail, reinterpreted," says Stringer.

In the blue-and-white master bedroom, "We minimized the use of other colors to make it soothing and restful," says Stringer. Shade fabric is Classic Cloth through Dessin Fournir with Samuel & Sons trim.

Cabinets in the master bathroom were custom-designed by Stringer. Fixtures are Waterworks.

In a cozy corner of Caroline's room, a petite bergère upholstered in green and pink becomes the touchstone for the room's pink and green palette.

The summer camp-themed boys' bedroom has oversized bunk beds fitted below with drawers for storage. The rug is from Watson Smith. Shade fabric is Classic Cloth. The drum table is from Richard Mulligan.

Stringer paired periwinkle and polka dots (not to mention that view of Lake Michigan) to create a charming guest bedroom.

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Lakeside Cottage

Designer Tom Stringer creates a fantasy cottage for a young family in need of a little room to grow

Written by Jenny Bradley
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Werner Straube

In the blue-and-white master bedroom, "We minimized the use of other colors to make it soothing and restful," says Stringer. Shade fabric is Classic Cloth through Dessin Fournir with Samuel & Sons trim.

Wall paint ("Bone White"); ceiling and trim paint ("White Dove" #OC-17): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667, benjaminmoore.com.
Window-treatment fabric ("Seaton Stripe"/Cornflower #1161/04): Classic Cloth, 785/434-7200, dessinfournir.com.
Window-treatment trim ("3/4-inch Domus Dotted Braid"/Blue #977-16454): Samuel & Sons, 212/704-8000, samuelandsons.com.
Club chair (custom): Tom Stringer Design Partners, 312/664-0644, tomstringer.com.
Chair fabric ("Chancellor Strié"/Canton Blue #89730-221): Brunschwig & Fils, 800/538-1880, brunschwig.com.
Chair-and- bed-pillow fabric ("Madame Butterfly"/Blue on Linen/Cotton #301340F): Quadrille Wallpapers & Fabrics, 212/753-2995, quadrillefabrics.com.
Pillow tassel trim ("La Petite Silk Tassel Fringe"/Sky Blue, Tourmaline #985-36715-67): Samuel & Sons, 212/704-8000, samuelandsons.com.
End table ("Round Oak Table" in custom paint finish #2845.29): Minton-Spidell, 310/836-0403, minton-spidell.com. Floor lamp ("Adjustable Reeded Club Floor Lamp" #CHA9128ABV): Visual Comfort & Co., 713/686-5999, visualcomfort.com.
TV pop-up unit (custom): Tom Stringer Design Partners, 312/664-0644, tomstringer.com.
Ottoman ("New Port Ottoman" #OT172, by Edward Ferrell): Edward Ferrell-Lewis Mittman, 336/841-3028, ef-lm.com.
Bed ("Quincy," in custom size and paint finish): Summer Hill, 312/467-6860, summerhill.com.
Headboard and bedskirt fabric ("Charron"/Canton Blue #26665-010): Scalamandré, 800/932-4361, scalamandre.com.
Bedside-table lamp ("Cameron Lamp"/Warm Beige): Christopher Spitzmiller, 212/563-1144, christopherspitzmiller.com.
Bedding; painting; wicker rocker (antique): owner's collection.
Cushion on wicker rocker ("Kasumi"/Bright Blue on Oyster): Bennison, 212/223-0373, bennisonfabrics.com.
Area rug ("Hayfield Manor"/custom color): Watson Smith Carpet & Rugs, 312/644-4725.



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