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Glamour Style in a Comfortable And Inviting Tulsa Home

Comfort and glamour go hand in hand in this timeless home

Written and produced by Jenny Bradley
  • Werner Straube

    It was a match made in tear-sheet heaven. Searching for a decorator for the Tulsa home she shares with her husband, Bret, Rocci Chandler had been tirelessly rummaging through magazines, on the prowl for images of inspiring rooms. After sifting through the pile of glossy photos she had collected, she realized that not only had she narrowed down the design “look” she was going for, she had zeroed in on a designer.

    “When I sat down and went through all the photos of rooms I loved,” recalls Rocci, “I realized that half of them had been designed by Jan [Showers]. I called her right away. I went to our first meeting and within 10 minutes, Jan and her team pulled out a piece of fabric that I just fell in love with. From then on, I let them do whatever they wanted.”

    Showers, the Dallas-based designer known for creating interiors that are as effortlessly elegant as they are inviting, remembers it similarly. “As I recall,” says Showers, “Rocci met with us [Zara Taitt was the senior designer on the project], and as we walked through the samples, she kept saying, ‘Love it, love it, love it!’ It was so easy. It was one of Zara’s first jobs, and I remember telling her, ‘They’re not all going to be this easy.’”

    Easy, however, is a relative term. Daunting to some would be the fact that Rocci and Bret were starting from scratch. Moving from a home just a few blocks away, they had decided to begin anew. “When we moved, I said, ‘Out with the old, in with the new,’” says Rocci. “I didn’t keep anything. I wanted a brand-new look, so I told Jan to do anything she wanted to do—down to the plumbing fixtures.”

    Equally daunting could have been the fact that, while Rocci’s priority was to create a polished home, it also had to accommodate considerable wear and tear. Between the Chandlers’ two college-aged sons, three dogs, a cat, and frequent gatherings of die-hard University of Oklahoma football fans on game days, the interiors had to be tough enough to take abuse—and then some.

    “I wanted that glamorous look, but it had to be comfortable and hard-wearing, too,” says Rocci. “We have tons of kids over here—not to mention the pets. It’s a very well-lived-in house. As beautiful as Jan’s things are, they are also comfortable. They’ve worn like a dream.”

    Furnishings ideal for a stream of college kids or a barrage of energetic hounds weren’t the only requirement: The flow of the house was equally important. Happily, each room opens generously off another—a progression of spaces that seamlessly play together.

    At the heart of the home, an inviting French door-lined space serves as both living and dining room. Its neutral palette is the ideal foundation for an elegant layering of pieces. Perhaps senior designer Taitt describes it best. “It’s casual glamour,” she notes. “Rocci wanted something glam but still welcoming.”

    In the living area, a pair of armchairs covered in a refined patterned silk—the fabric that had Rocci at hello—act as an endnote to a conversation area. The grouping includes a streamlined sofa and a button-tufted chair, both from Showers’s furniture collection. Murano glass pieces in luscious blues and greens perch on the white lacquer coffee table, adding eye-catching splashes of color.

    Unobstructed, the easy elegance continues into the adjoining dining space, where each element exudes a graceful charm: the polished French walnut dining table with its scalloped apron; a vintage credenza with white parchment inserts lining the carved recesses; an array of candescent Empoli glass on the oval table.

    “It’s sophisticated, yet understated,” says Showers. “I often look to the Hepburns—Audrey and Katharine. I love the fact that they could wear a classic outfit with a cashmere scarf thrown over a shoulder and be completely glamorous. They were elegant but never over the top.”

    Separated from the dining room by pocket doors adorned with antiqued mirrors, the kitchen is a favorite—if not all that frequently used—space. “I love to cook, but I don’t do it all that often anymore,” laughs Rocci. “I love these doors, though. I close them when I have a dinner party, and the mirrors create a beautiful backdrop.”

    On the other side of the house, the library is the home’s cozy rendezvous spot—a room in which the only requirement for Showers was that the sofa be deep enough to allow 6-foot-2 Bret to hunker down and put his feet up. A monochromatic scheme—Showers saturated the space in chic, welcoming chocolate brown—not only encourages hunkering but is also the perfect complement to the snug space.

    “In a small room like this, especially in a study or library, I love enveloping the space in a deep, dark color,” says Showers. “It gives a room a very inviting feel but also causes the corners and walls to recede, making the space seem larger. But you’ve got to really go for it and use the color everywhere—walls, ceiling, curtains.”

    Down a short hallway, an airy palette in the master bedroom stubbornly deviates from the library’s dark scheme. Pale blue-green walls and ceiling set a soothing tone for the glam textures and shapes that punctuate the room. Silk curtains gently skim the luminous silk-and-wool rug. A vintage Italian glass chandelier floats overhead, while a gold soleil mirror perches above the shapely satin headboard. A tufted bench with Lucite legs makes an elegant perch at the foot of the bed.

    “Rocci wanted glam, so we gave her glam,” says Showers. “But to me, glamour and comfort should never be mutually exclusive.”

    Rocci obviously agrees. “I can’t tell you how much I love what Jan and Zara did,” says Rocci. “It’s refined but relaxing, too. If Cary Grant or Rita Hayworth were alive today, I think they’d live in a house like this. It’s old Hollywood glam, but it’s timeless.”

    Photography: Werner Straube

    Architect: Jack Arnold, Jack Arnold’s Homes of Elegance, 7310 S. Yale, Tulsa, OK 74136; 800/824-3565,
    Interior design: Jan Showers and Zara Taitt, Jan Showers & Assoc., 1308 Slocum St., Dallas, TX 75207; 214/747-5252,

    Paint (“Lenox Tan” #HC-144): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Sofa (“Villa” #203, Jan Showers Collection); club chairs (“Rothschild” #102, Jan Showers Collection); coffee table (white lacquer, c. 1960); ivory barrel chair (c. 1960); drapery (Jan Showers Private Label); aqua blue and gold Murano glass lamps (c. 1950): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Sofa fabric (“Tizian” #16142176): Jab USA, 212/486-1500.
    Club-chair fabric (“Byzance”/Turquoise India #4571-03, by Manuel Canovas): Cowtan & Tout, 212/647-6900,
    Barrel-chair fabric (“Jefferson”/Champagne #8946): Pindler & Pindler, 805/531-9090.
    Sisal carpet (“Big Boucle Classics”): Crucial Trading, Available through Concepts Intl’, 516/767-1110,
    Zebra rug: Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,

  • Werner Straube

    Dining Room

    The walnut dining table is from the Jan Showers Collection. Striped fabric on the dining chairs is from Création Baumann.

    Paint (“Lenox Tan” #HC-144): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Chandelier (“Fume Venini,” 8 arms, c. 1930); table (custom, “Lombard Dining Table,” Jan Showers Collection); side chairs (“Antibes Dining Chairs” #117); side-chair fabric (custom, platinum leather); host and hostess dining chairs (“Antibes Host and Hostess Dining Chairs” #117A, Jan Showers Collection); buffet (Dolt design, with parchment insets and acrylic pulls, c. 1930); blue lamp (Mercury glass, c. 1950); drapery (Jan Showers Private Label): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Host and hostess chair fabric (“Pablo” color 345): Création Baumann USA, 516/764-7431,
    Sisal carpet (“Big Boucle Classics”): Crucial Trading, Available through Concepts Int’l, 516/767-1110,

  • Werner Straube

    Dining Room Details

    “Glamour and elegance should never be mutually exclusive,” says designer Jan Showers. A vignette of candescent Emploi glass sits on the French walnut dining table, exhibiting style and function.

  • Werner Straube


    Designer Jan Showers scooped up the vintage credenza in Paris.

    Banquette (“Palm Beach Banquette” #205, Jan Showers Collection); decorative pillows (custom); bronze coffee table (faux bamboo with antique mirror top, c. 1930); metal side tables (nickel, c. 1960); lamps on side tables (“Simone” #801, Jan Showers Collection); mirror (“Helen” #602); drapery (Jan Showers Private Label): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Chair by banquette (Louis XVI-style armchair, c. 1950); chair fabric (leather, color, “Peanut Brittle”): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,

  • Werner Straube


    Homeowner Rocci Chandler with Shooter, a black Lab.


  • Werner Straube

    Living Room Details

    A stately mirror with a Greek key design over classic antiqued glass commands the living room. Natural light from the many tall windows is maximized in the mirror’s substantial reflection.


  • Werner Straube


    This spacious area can be closed off from the dining room with pocket doors embellished by antiqued mirrors. A Murano glass chandelier with a bronze base illuminates the space. Bar stools are from the Jan Showers Collection.

    Paint (“Lancaster Whitewash” #HC-174): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Countertops: Cambrian black antiqued granite.
    Bar stools (“Cole” #121, Jan Showers Collection); chandelier (Murano clear glass chandelier with bronze base, c. 1940): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Bar-stool fabric (“Izit”/Oyster): Willow Tex, 800/221-1537,
    Pot-filler faucet: Kohler, 800/456-4537,
    Server: owner’s collection.
    Lamp (antique ivory drip glaze ceramic lamp, c. 1960): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Art: owner’s collection.

  • Werner Straube

    Powder Room

    Rich sapphire walls inject unexpected glamour into the powder room. Fuchsia blooms while a vintage lamp and Murano glass bowl keep the space feminine.

    Paint (“Gentleman’s Gray” #2062-20): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Purple opalescent lamp (c. 1950); vanity (custom, with mirrored detail); purple bowl (Murano glass, c. 1950): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Sink: Kohler, 800/456-4537,
    Faucets (“Astor Widespread Lavatory Faucet” #920): Newport Brass, 949/417-5207,
    Countertop: Calacatta marble.

  • Werner Straube


    A pergola serves as the main entrance to the home, letting light flow through open rafters above.

  • Werner Straube


    Rocci and Bret Chandler worked with Tulsa architect Jack Arnold.

  • Werner Straube


    A French country-style guesthouse sits at one end of the Chandlers’ pool.

  • Werner Straube


    The covered outdoor living space is a Rocci favorite. Outdoor seating is from Murray’s Iron Works.

    Sofa, end table, coffee table, console table, and lounge chairs  (“Concord”): Murray’s Iron Works, 323/521-1140,
    Sofa fabric (“Canvas Weave”/Poolside” #600-09); lounge-chair fabric (“Row Stripe”/Moss, Pistachio #100-01): Perennials, 888/322-4773,
    Pillows on sofa  (custom); iron chandelier (in the stye of G. Poillerat, c. 1940); iron convex mirror (custom): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,

  • Werner Straube


    Showers enveloped the room in chocolate brown to create a cocoon-like space. The iron and bronze parchment chandelier is a vintage piece from the 1930s.

    Paint (“Mink” #2112-10): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Sofa (“Palm Beach Sofa” #206, Jan Showers Collection); decorative pillows (custom); coffee table (nickel and bronze, c. 1960); chandelier (iron and bronze parchment chandelier, c. 1930); armchair (“Villa Chair” #112, Jan Showers Collection); nest of tables by armchair (with antiqued mirror top, c. 1950); side tables (“Manhattan” #301); table lamps (#2 lamp/Rouge, Venetian Series, Jan Showers Collection); drapery (Jan Showers Private Label): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Sofa fabric (“Sensuede”/Chamois #9068): Ashley Studio, 607/746-7678.
    Chair fabric (“Honey” #5500-170): Joseph Noble, 214/741-8100,
    Side-table fabric (“Natural Weave” #W420-10): Donghia, 800/366-4442,
    Wool rug (“Benson”/Goldenrod #213): Interior Resources, 214/744-5740,

  • Werner Straube


    An ebonized wooden console and marbleized mirror are handsome in the home’s entryway. The shapely blue lamp from Jan Showers softens the rich features.

    Paint (“Lenox Tan” #HC-144): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667.
    Birch armchair (c. 1920); console (Louis XVI-style, ebonized wood with opaline glass top, c. 1940); chandelier (white opaline, with Greek key border, c. 1880); large mirror (marbleized, c. 1940); azure lamp (#811, Jan Showers Collection); bowl (Murano glass, amber-and-green, c. 1950): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,

  • Werner Straube

    Master Bedroom

    A serene blue-green saturates the room, creating an ethereal ambience accented by champagne hues. The bench, with Lucite legs, is from the Jan Showers Collection. The graphic cowhide pillow on the bed was designed by Showers for Kyle Bunting.

    Paint (“October Mist” #1495): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Ribbon Murano chandelier (c. 1950); bedside tables (“Bellaire”/Ivory Lacquer #318, Jan Showers Collection); table lamps (“Serena,” Jan Showers Collection); bench (“Mercer” #407, Jan Showers collection); bed skirt (custom); duvet (custom); two pillows (custom); headboard (custom); mirror (bronze soleil mirror, c. 1940); drapery (Jan Showers private label): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Bench fabric (“Suedissimo”/Acorn #1041): Ashley Studio, 607/746-7678.
    Bed-skirt fabric (Wilshire” #8854): Pindler & Pindler, 805/531-9090,
    Duvet fabric (“palio” #SLK 01020): Zoffany, 800/395-8760,
    Duvet fabric (“Saffle”/Sage #4300/26): Bart Halpern Inc., 212/414-2727,
    Fabric on pillow shams (“Beechwood”/Seafoam #NC0306/078): Nancy Corzine, 212/223-8340,
    Cowhide pillow: Jan Showers for Kyle Bunting, 512/264-1148,
    Headboard fabric (“Holbrook Satin”/Cream #105051, by Travers): Zimmer + Rohde, 212/758-7925,
    Wool and silk rug (“Woodash”/Pistachio #146): Interior Resources, 214/744-5740,
    Art: owner’s collection.

  • Werner Straube

    Master Bedroom Details

    A ribbon-like vintage Murano glass chandelier is the bedroom’s dreamy crowning feature.

  • Werner Straube

    Dressing Room

    A sleek, shapely chair, also with Lucite legs, takes center stage in Rocci’s dressing area.

    Paint (“Harbor Gray” #AC-25): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Flooring: white Carrara marble. 
    Pearlescent lamp (c. 1960); chair (“Daphne” #118, Jan Showers Collection): Jan Showers & Assoc., 214/747-5252,
    Chair fabric (“Suedissimo”/Snow #3105-2568): Ashley Studio, 607/746-7678.
    Bench: Williams-Sonoma, 800/541-2233, 
    Bench fabric: faux zebra. 
    Art: owner’s collection.