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Colorful & Stylish Family Home

A purposefully designed home with a bold personality

Written and produced by Sabine Rothman
  • Werner Straube

    It’s bath time at the Morfit house. But 2-year-old Bea and Harry, 4, have escaped—for the moment. Half-clothed, they’re engaged in a game of follow-the-leader—going round and round on the tufted velvet sociable that anchors the entrance hall of the San Francisco Edwardian they share with their parents, Anna and Mason Morfit, and Teddy, their baby brother. Their high jinks take the stately piece of furniture down a notch. Because that’s how it goes in this family home. Within a classic framework, everything’s fun and games. At least until their parents swoop up the laughing children to face the music.

    Bold color, cheerful patterns, and inventive details infuse this house with youthful vitality. “Everything was purposefully designed to suit our lifestyle, which is not always tidy,” Anna says. “The house is elegant but not precious.”

    Within the tree-lined streets of their Presidio Heights neighborhood, it’s rare to find a home that hasn’t been renovated within an inch of its life. But Anna and Mason wanted something in disrepair—a project they could make their own.

    “This house, built in 1900, was the dog of the neighborhood,” says Robert Stiles, the project architect. “Even though someone lived there, it looked totally abandoned.” Anna recalls trees growing in the kitchen and pigeons nesting in the roof.

    Anna brought in interior designer Melissa Warner of the firm Massucco Warner Miller, a triumvirate with offices in San Francisco, L.A., and Seattle. Warner had helped Anna and Mason before, so she understood their vision—and shared it. “Everyone wanted the best for Anna and Mason,” she says, “and it shows.”

    While keeping the footprint intact, the team reconfigured the interior, creating rooms with elegant proportions appropriate to the house’s scale and reinventing long-gone architectural details. They opened up the rear half of the main floor to create a casual space that includes a kitchen, breakfast nook, and cozy sitting area. Plus, they installed new windows and re-clad the exterior. Amazingly, it’s so much in keeping with the neighborhood that it looks as though they did nothing at all.

    Anna was on site almost every day, answering questions.  “We didn’t want to get held up for 12 weeks at a time waiting for a specific tile,” she explains. Her decisiveness helped move the project along quickly. And as an avid reader of design books and magazines, she always had a few visual references to help explain what she was after. “I’m a little spoiled,” Stiles says. “She’s very good at communicating what she wants.”

    And what is that?  “I started out wanting everything,” Anna laughs. “But we scaled back—eventually.” High ceilings on the main floor give way to lower ones upstairs. Correspondingly, crown moldings and baseboards get smaller and less elaborate, as would have been the case when the house was built.

    Warner’s lighting, hardware, and fabric choices are not quite as fancy elsewhere as on the main floor. Cabinet- and curtain-makers with more basic skills—and lower fees—were assigned to less complicated tasks. This is not to say the Morfits didn’t splurge or that the project wasn’t ambitious, only that quality was maintained while keeping the budget in check. For instance, the couple decided to forgo the luxury of central air, an eco-sound decision many residents make in San Francisco, where summers are mild.

    Painting the entry and hallways a continuous tone was also a way to contain costs. More important, the neutral core allowed the team to indulge in the saturated palettes that bring this house to life. Creating restrained transitions meant they could go for intense color in individual rooms.

    “Anna has great style, and she’s not afraid to commit to bold color,” Warner says. “The overall aesthetic is traditional, but that doesn’t have to mean formal if you use a youthful palette.” The pair already had a vivid base in place for the living room. Anna still loved her fuchsia velvet armchairs and chocolate sofa. But she was ready for a more sophisticated backdrop than the bright yellow painted walls they used last time. Choosing a rich yellow-orange for the walls felt more grown-up—but still spirited—as did long caramel silk curtains.

    They proceeded through the house methodically—room by room. The process, while efficient, contained a healthy dose of playfulness. Anna usually had one element her heart was set on. And her designer would build around it. “Melissa would drop packages in my mailbox with schemes for each room,” Anna says. “I really looked forward to getting those goodie bags.”

    For the dining room, an emerald green wall covering from de Gournay held Anna in thrall. Its mouthwatering hues gave Warner license to make unpredictable choices, such as tangerine velvet on the vintage chairs.

    Painting the moldings high-gloss gray—anything but neutral—grounds the room with refinement, repeated in gunmetal taffeta curtains and a leather-clad door studded with nails. The space glows with invitation and personality. “A formal dining room might be intimidating, but this one doesn’t take itself too seriously,” Warner explains. “The orange really helps.”

    The saturated color up front is balanced in the back half of the house with a light and airy space devoted to practical matters. “I love things to look nice, but with the family, we need function,” Anna says. “Otherwise, you just can’t be comfortable.”  While she does find velvet upholstery and Oriental rugs surprisingly durable, the kitchen and casual living area are heavy duty. The day the family moved in there was a big spill. (“Big!” recalls Anna.) Fortunately, the banquette’s faux-ostrich textured vinyl wiped clean like a dream.  And above the banquette hangs a new piece by a young artist Warner found on the street. “Oil paintings are surprisingly resistant to sticky fingers,” she laughs. “Much better for a kitchen than works on paper!”

    Bea and Harry’s bedrooms are equally inviting—and adorable. “They’re such little people, they don’t need that much space,” says Anna. Bea’s built-in bed and shelves are shipshape. The turquoise, white, and watermelon scheme suits her now, but can grow with her. Navy-and-white stripes plus pumpkin-colored headboards give Harry’s room its boyish punch.

    The master suite is on the same floor, but feels like a world away. Here, the wallpaper’s golden floral pattern sparkles like a new romance. Warner decided to marry its warmth with coral and cream for a scheme that’s feminine but not girlish. And the designer complemented the wallpaper her client loved so much with two subtle tone-on-tone prints—an abstract wave-like pattern on the walls of the sitting area and a damask on the dressing room ceiling that echoes the fretwork on sliding pocket doors. That kind of attention to detail helps a project sing—and inspires client-designer rhapsodies of praise. “Melissa always adds an extra level of refinement and sophistication,” says Anna. In turn, Warner maintains she’s never had a client who loved to talk about trim so much. “Her interest allowed us to have fun with the details that give this house its special flair.”

    To top off the project—literally—Anna and Mason placed solar panels on their roof. (They do live in San Francisco, where composting is mandated by law.) Although the initial investment was hefty, the city, state, and energy company all offered tax credits and refunds. Not only have their energy bills dropped dramatically, but the Morfits are contributing to their children’s future in a meaningful way. And isn’t that what a family home is supposed to do?

    Photography: Werner Straube

    Architect: Rob Stiles and Charlie Barnett, Charlie Barnett Associates, 626 Hampshire St., San Francisco, CA 94110; 415/824-0478,; Robert Stiles Architecture, 2934 Ford St., Studio 4A, Oakland, CA 94601; 510/536-3504,

    Interior design: Melissa Warner, Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design and Decoration, Los Angeles/San Francisco/Seattle, 3253 Steiner St., San Francisco, CA 94123, 415/409-1997; in Los Angeles, 310/570-0084; in Seattle, 206/455-3078,

    Wall paint (“Orangery” #70): Farrow & Ball, 888/511-1121,
    Ceiling and trim paint (“Monterey White’’): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Sofa: owner’s collection.
    Sofa fabric (“Gilles Linen Velvet’’/Brown #403007, by Travers): Zimmer + Rohde, 866/627-6899,
    Pink pillows on sofa (“Donuts’’/Pink): Galbraith & Paul, 215/508-0800, Available through Room and Board, 800/301-9720,
    Pillow trim (“Sargent Silk Taffeta’’/Goldenrod): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Red trim (“Effile Coupe’’/Rose #FM25/25): Scalamandré, 800/932-4361,
    Round end tables; table lamp on round end table; end table to right of sofa: owner’s collection.
    Table lamp on end table (“12 Stick Table Lamp’’): Mattaliano,
    Art of tree: by Meghan Gerety,
    Carpet (“Natura’’): Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000,

  • Werner Straube

    Living Room

    Harry Morfit peeks from behind one of the pink velvet chairs that liven up the living room. Finely detailed curtains provide an extra level of polish.

    See more of this room on the following slides.

    Zebra-patterned rug; fauteuil to right of sofa; upholstered pink chairs; round table between pink chairs: owner’s collection.
    Coffee tables in front of sofa (“Three-Piece Coffee table’’): Horchow,
    Plaid fauteuil fabric (“Lisette Plaid’’/Crocus); pink fabric on upholstered chairs (“Ne Plus Ultra’’/Plum, by Decorators Walk): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Floral pillows on chairs (“Kashmir’’/India #152B26): Raoul Textiles, 805/965-1694,
    Drapery (“Sargent Silk Taffeta’’/Sepia): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Drapery trim (“Ribbon Candy’’/Shrimp #9127-05): Pollack, 212/627-7766,
    Drapery design and fabricationdrapery hardware: Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997,

  • Werner Straube

    Living Room

    Slipper chairs and a tray table make a pretty spot for a nip.

    Yellow slipper chairs: owner’s collection.
    Chair fabric (“Terazza’’ #1910): Bergamo Fabrics, 914/665-0800,
    Red trim (“Masquerade’’/Bougainvillea #3903-01, by Great Plains, discontinued): Holly Hunt, 312/661-1900,
    Tray table between chairs; mantelsconce over mantel; Picasso lithographs: owner’s collection.
    Flooring: white oak select with ebony stain.
    Wall paint (“Orangery”#70): Farrow & Ball, 888/511-1121.
    Ceiling and trim paint (“Monterey White’’): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Carpet (“Natura’’): Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000,

  • Werner Straube

    Entry Hall

    An antique Turkish Oushak rug in the entry ties together hues from adjoining rooms and grounds the tufted sociable.

    Pouf (custom): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997.
    Pouf fabric (“Gainsborough Velvet’’/Pecan): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Pouf trim (“Venus Gimp’’/Medium Gold): Samuel & Sons, 212/704-8000,
    Paint (“Monterey White’’): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Sconces (“Single Curved-Arm Oval Wall Sconce’’): Charles Edwards, 011 44 207 736 8490,
    Area rug (antique, Turkish Oushak): Ed Hardy San Francisco, 415/626-6300,

  • Werner Straube


    The Morfits — Anna and Mason with Harry and Bea.

  • Werner Straube


    The house, once described as “the dog of the neighborhood” with dilapidated structure, has been restored and updated with solar panels by architect Robert Stiles.

  • Werner Straube

    Front Door

    A white marble entrance at the front of the home leads to a rich navy door with silver hardware. Details such as the oversized lantern hanging above and elegant molding brighten up the entryway and give it a clean, interior feel.

    Door and hardware; flooring: custom.
    Door paint (“Black Beauty’’ #2128-10); interior wall paint (“Monterey White’’ #HC-27): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Hanging lantern (“Blake Lantern’’ #236): Charles Edwards, 011 44 207 736 8490,

  • Werner Straube

    Dining Room

    In the dining room, daring orange, drawn from the hand-painted de Gournay wallpaper, and the high-gloss gray moldings and taffeta curtains that temper the vivid emerald silk background showcase the flair for color demonstrated by designer Melissa Warner.

    Details on the following slide.

    Tableside and host chairs: owner’s collection.
    Chair fabric (“Versailles Velvet,’’ discontinued): Kravet, 888/457-2838,
    Jug on table (Massucco Warner Miller collection); upholstering on chairs, drapery (custom): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997.
    Chargers: Richard Ginori 1735 Inc., 212/213-6884.
    Glassware: Lenox, 800/223-4311,
    Chandelier: vintage.
    Wallpaper (“Earlham’’ silk panels, Chinoiserie Collection): De Gournay, 212/564-9750,
    Trim paint (“Grange Hall’’ #NA71): Ralph Lauren Paint, 800/379-7656,
    Drapery and trim (“Pirouette’’/Viceroy #92905-05): Rogers & Goffigon, 203/532-8068.
    Roman shades (“Conrad Original Sunshades’’/Marsh #1822): Conrad, 866/426-6723,
    Area rug (“Mamba’’): Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000,

  • Werner Straube

    Dining Room Details

    “For a formal room, this doesn’t take itself too seriously,” says designer Melissa Warner. Chairs covered in tangerine “Versailles Velvet” from Kravet make a stylish statement.

  • Werner Straube


    Designer Melissa Warner.

  • Werner Straube


    Architect Robert Stiles had steel beams installed to create this open area that includes Anna’s dream kitchen and a breakfast banquette, as well as bookshelves with a built-in desk and a sitting area. Its airy atmosphere contrasts with the saturated palette in the rest of the house.

    See more of this room on the following slides.

    Cabinetry: Dana Rath Fine Woodworking and Custom Cabinets, 415/453-2552,
    Cabinetry paint (“Simply White’’#OC-117): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Countertops: Calcutta marble.
    Pendant lights over island (“Yoke Pendants,’’ customized); bar stools: owner’s collection.
    Stove (“Dual Fuel Range” #DF606CG); warming drawer (#WWD30): Wolf Appliance Inc., 800/332-9513,
    Oven hood (“Viking Wall Hood”): Viking, 888/845-4641,
    Refrigerator (“Side-By-Side Refrigerator/Freezer”/Stainless Steel #632/S): Sub-Zero Inc., 800/222-7820,
    Flooring: white oak select with ebony stain.

  • Werner Straube


    The kitchen’s openness is extended to the cabinetry, where built-in glass-fronted cabinets make it easy to see what’s inside. Stainless steel appliances and ebony-stained wood floors lend crisp contrast to the clean palette.

  • Werner Straube

    Breakfast Area

    Family-friendly materials include faux-ostrich vinyl on the banquette and a custom-laminated linen seat on the rattan chair. Nicholas Coley’s school-bus oil painting appeals to kids and grown-ups alike, thanks to subject and technique.

    Banquette (custom); table (custom): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997.
    Banquette fabric (“Senna’’ #101): Kravet, 888/457-2838,
    Ikat bolster pillow (“Blu,’’ Ikat Collection): Madeline Weinrib Atelier, 212/473-3000 X 3780,
    Bolster pillow; bowls: owner’s collection.
    Rattan chair (“Hampton Occasional Chair’’#7410): Palecek, 800/274-7730,
    Seat-cushion fabric on “Hampton’’ chair (“White Dove’’): Victoria Hagan Home, 212/888-3241,
    Art (YMCA Short Bus, by Nicholas Coley): Nicholas Coley, 415/269-6202,
    Wall paint (“Glacier White’’ #OC-37); trim paint (“Simply White’’ #OC-117): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667.

  • Werner Straube

    Kitchen Sitting Area

    This cozy corner adopts yellow hues from the school-bus oil painting nearby and creates a relaxed, beachy mood. A sofa with soft blue and yellow stripes complements the upholstered ottoman, which doubles as a table.

    Blue-striped sectional (custom); coffee table (custom): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997,
    Sectional fabric (“Edgartown,” discontinued): Ralph Lauren Home, 888/475-7674,
    Coffee table fabric (“Rambouillet’’/Ceres #880003-09): Rogers & Goffigon, 203/532-8068, trade only.
    Spindle-leg chair: EJ Victor, 828/437-5101,
    Chair fabric (“Madura Lapis” #JRCL 20-03): John Robshaw Textiles, 212/594-6006,, trade only.
    Floor lamp: owner’s collection.
    Wall paint (“Glacier White’’ #OC-37); ceiling and trim paint (“Simply White’’ #OC-117): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Art behind sectional (by Marshall Crossman): Dolby Chadwick Gallery, 415/956-3560,
    Beige pillow on sectional (“Camel Isabelle,’’ Organic Blockprint Collection): Madeline Weinrib Atelier, 212/473-3000 X 3780,
    Tray on coffee table: West Elm, 888/922-4119,

  • Werner Straube

    Powder Room

    Wallpaper with leaping zebras and shimmering golden accents—mirror, fixtures, and lighting—jazz up the powder room.

    Wallpaper (“Zebras”/Safari Brown #WP81388M-3): Scalamandré, 800/932-4361,
    Vanity sink (“Savoy Vitreous China Oval Undermount Lavatory’’/White); faucets (“Boulevard’’/Lumen): Waterworks,  800/899-6757,
    Mirror: vintage.
    Sconces (“Ginger Single-Arm Sconce’’ #AH2010, Alexa Hampton Collection): Visual Comfort & Co., 713/686-5999.
    Toilet (“Lloyd’’/White): Toto,
    Trim paint (“Monterey White’’): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,

  • Werner Straube

    Master Bedroom

    Thoughtful details make the master suite special. “It’s my sanctuary,” Anna says. Designer Melissa Warner upholstered the tufted headboard in a warm beige to let the room’s smaller pops of color stand out. “If you start with a crazy couch,” she asks, “where do you go from there?”

    See more of this room on the following slides.

    Bed (custom); bedside table (custom); drapery design and fabrication; drapery hardware (custom): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997.
    Headboard fabric (“Dundee’’/Cashew #34218-08); drapery fabric (“Taffeta Soie’’/Coral #33979-013): Clarence House, 800/803-2850,
    Bed cover with monogram; pink quilted pillow shams: Matouk,
    Bolster-style pillow (“Pina’’/Tomato #302132F): Quadrille Wallpapers and Fabrics Inc., 212/753-2995,
    Wallpaper (“Asuka’’ #W5220-04): Osborne & Little, 877/322-7420,

  • Werner Straube

    Master Bedroom Details

    Sweet details on the bedside table accentuate the room’s feminine palette. A white lamp features gold stripes, echoing the shimmery wallpaper behind; a small box from Wynne Alex mimics the paper’s dainty lines.

    Ginger table lamp: owner’s collection.
    Box on bedside table: Wynne Alex, 415/922-1600.

  • Werner Straube

    Master Bedroom Sitting Area

    The bedroom’s palette—gold, coral, and creamy white—creates a warm glow that is echoed in the sitting area, which has a different balance of the same hues, featuring more neutrals. Its tone-on-tone wallpaper complements the floral pattern.

    Upholstered white chairs (custom); ottoman (custom); ottoman trim (custom): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997.
    Fabric on upholstered chairs (“Bryton Linen Herringbone’’/Ivory #54925): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Red trim on chairs (“Lustre’’/Geranium #4115-17): Pollack, 212/627-7766,
    Pillow fabric (“Gorrivan Fretwork Embroidery’’/Salmon Taupe #6300EM-20, by China Seas): Quadrille Wallpapers and Fabrics Inc., 212/753-2995,
    Ottoman fabric (“Lainage’’/Ivory #8948-81): Nobilis, 800/464-6670,
    Area rug (Samarkand antique area rug): through Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000,
    Table between chairs (“Jonathan Table’’): Oly, 775/336-2100,
    Roman shades (“Florea’’/Muslin #9257-16): Kravet, 888/457-2838,
    Wallpaper (“Deauville’’ #NCW3711, by Nina Campbell): Osborne & Little, 877/322-7420,
    Ceiling and trim paint (“Atrium White’’): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,

  • Werner Straube

    Dressing Room

    Anna’s dressing room offers the soft geometry of custom fretwork on pocket doors, a wallpapered ceiling, and a Soumak carpet.

    Details on the following slide.

    Cabinetry Dana Rath Fine Woodworking and Custom Cabinets, 415/453-2552.
    Cabinetry paint (“Atrium White’’): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667.
    Cabinetry hardware; crystal door knob: Decorlux, 866/240-4145,
    Cabinetry hardware: Restoration Hardware, 800/910-9836,
    Chandelier: Dispela Antiques, 323/934-9939,
    Area rug (custom linen Soumak): Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000,
    Grilles on door (The Lightsmith Collection): Lightsmith Grilles/Shutters ’n Shades, 952/931-0410,
    Door fabric (“Gloss’’/Dew #9101-02): Pollack, 212/627-7766,

  • Werner Straube

    Dressing Room Details

    Crystal doorknobs from Decorlux add glamour to the space.

  • Werner Straube


    An attic office with flair—thanks to fretwork fabric shades and the dormer’s architecture.

    Desks (custom for Massucco Warner Miller): by Go Build Studio, 415/412-6457,
    Desk chairs: owner’s collection.
    Wall lights over desks (“Library Wall Lamp’’ #BB2602, Bill Blass Collection):  Visual Comfort & Co., 713/686-5999.
    Shade fabric (“Imperial Trellis’’/Treillage, Ivory #2643763): Schumacher, 800/523-1200,
    Shades (custom design): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997.
    Carpet (“Natura’’): Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000,
    Table lamps: custom.
    Wall paint (“Monterey White’’): Benjamin Moore, 888/236-6667.

  • Werner Straube

    Girl’s Bedroom

    It couldn’t get much cuter—but Bea’s room is also designed for efficiency, with a built-in bed and shelves. Turquoise walls will be easy to change if she ever wants to, but she’ll be keeping the custom-made pillows, which sport appliqués of her silhouette.

    Built-in daybed and bookshelves (custom design); silhouette pillows (custom design): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997.
    Fabrication: Go Build Studio, 415/412-6457,
    Headboard fabric (“Paradise Background’’/Raspberry on Tint #301982F): Quadrille Wallpapers and Fabrics Inc., 212/753-2995,
    Turquoise pillows (“Flanders’’/Turquoise #4030-10): Summer Hill Ltd., 650/462-9600,
    Pillow trim: The Ribbonerie, 415/626-6184.
    Silhouette pillow background fabric; trim on bolster pillow (Union Linen’’/Vanilla #2097): Pindler & Pindler, 805/531-9090,
    Pink silhouette (felt): Mood Designer Fabrics, 323/653-6663,
    Bolster pillows: Duralee Fabrics, 800/275-3872,
    Sconces (“Wall-Mounted Cone Single Oval Sconce’’ #JMLT32): Waterworks, 800/899-6757,
    Chandelier: vintage.
    Wall paint (“Gulf Stream’’ #670); ceiling and trim paint (“Linen White’’): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Area rug (“Argento’’/Off-White): Stark Carpet Corp., 212/752-9000,

  • Werner Straube

    Boy’s Bedroom

    Strong color reigns in Harry’s room, where twin orange headboards measure up to horizontal stripes.

    Twin beds (custom): Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design & Decoration, 415/409-1997.
    Bed fabric (“Mulberry’’/Cantaloupe #1212-4): Lulu DK,
    Patterned pillows (“River’’/Ocean): Lulu DK Matouk,
    White coverlet with blue stripe: owner’s collection.
    Blue coverlet: Pottery Barn Kids, 800/430-7373,
    Wall paint (“Old Navy’’ #2063-10 and “Linen White’’): Benjamin Moore & Co., 888/236-6667,
    Lucite table: CB2, 800/606-6252,
    Giraffe table lamp: Jonathan Adler, 800/963-0891,
    Navy shade fabric (“Union Linen’’/Nile #2097): Pindler & Pindler, 805/531-9090,
    White trim (“White Grosgrain Ribbon): The Ribbonerie, 415/626-6184.
    Wooden airplane: owner’s collection.