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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Chefs

From the Editors of Traditional Home
  • With all the baking, mixing, slicing, and pouring for friends and family, the holidays are an exciting time of year for chefs. Make their holiday by giving gifts that will excite any culinarian all year round!

    By the Editors of Traditional Home
    Produced by Lucy Fitzgerald and Julianne Hilmes

    Does it get any more fun, flirty, and retro than a vintage apron from Layla Grayce? The Bombshell, $34, features polka dots and ric-rac; the Strapless Black Satin, $56, serves up glam. 

    All photography courtesy of retailer unless otherwise noted.

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    All photos courtesy of the retailer unless otherwise noted.

  • Personalized Cutting Board

    The Personalized Cutting Board from Red Envelope, $59.95, is made of durable solid maple and has a deep moat for juices that prevent spills when carrying. Personalize it with a special message for a loved one and they’ll keep it forever.

  • Quality Chef Knife

    A first-time collaboration between two of Japan’s best knife makers resulted in the Togiharu Pro Chef Knife. The steel blade features a highly refined finish and can be covered with a wooden sheath when not in use. $259 from Korin.

  • For Bird Loving Chefs

    Birds alight on this pretty oven mitt and potholder, adapted from John James Audobon’s “Painted Bunting,” $29.95 from The Metropolitan Museum of Art Store.

  • Vanilla Extract Kit

    The baking enthusiast will love this vanilla extract kit from Cherry Moon Farms. With exotic vanilla beans from around the world (including Madagascar and Uganda), the kit contains everything you need to create you own signature extract. $39.99.

  • Food Prep Cutting Board

    The serious cook will appreciate this chef-worthy Mocubo chopping board, $39.99, with food containers built in to help organize food prep.

  • Hi-Tech Pressure Cooker

    Silent and steam-free, the Vitaquick Pressure Cooker has a sleek modern design and is easy to use and clean. (Plus it’s dishwasher safe and stackable). $280 from Fissler.

  • Uncommon Pie Recipes

    Pies are in! (Were they ever really out?) Here’s Four and Twenty Blackbirds, a baking book for a new generation of pie-bakers, with recipes from the famed Brooklyn Pie Shop. $14.99 from Hachette Book Group.

  • Citrus Sprayer

    Here’s a great stocking stuffer for serious cooks. Stick this clever little Stem into fruit and spray juice right from the fruit itself without chopping, squeezing, and picking out seeds. $4.99 from Quirky.

  • Floral Oven Mitt

    Bring color to the kitchen with the charismatic Mini-Unikko Oven Mitt. Its modern design in red, pink, and violet will put the chef in a festive mood. $26 from Marimekko.

  • Three-Piece Porcelain Teapot

    You just can’t beat the classics! The three-piece Oiva Teapot is perfect for a quick cup, complete with a porcelain tea strainer and natural wooden handle. $98 from Marimekko.

  • Floursack Tea Towels

    Wine lovers will adore this super-absorbent floursack tea towel, featuring an illustration of a classic butterfly-style corkscrew in blue. $14 from Susabelle Boutique.

  • Colorful Parrot Corkscrew

    The Parrot Sommelier Corkscrew brings a little humor into the kitchen with vivid colors and a charming design. Available in four colors, $63 from Alessi.

  • Quick and Easy Soda Maker

    Carbonate any beverage in just a few shakes with the PureFizz Soda Maker. The simple and lightweight design makes it easy to take with you to picnics and parties for fizzy drinks on the go! $79.99 from Mastrad.

  • Revolutionary Baking Pan

    Ever been eager to taste a cake you’ve baked but hesitant to sneak a nibble that might mar its shape? The Nibble, $21.99 from Quirky, has an additional small cake holder for just a taste. 

  • Genius Juicer

    Health-conscious cooks will appreciate the Hurom Slow Juicer, which extracts nutrients from fresh fruit and veggies via a slow speed mechanism. $399.95 from Hurom.

  • Graphic Serving Boards

    These serving boards by Teroforma combine elegance with design. Based on a graphic Japanese pattern, the boards made of laminated Swedish birch wood are double-sided for an extra dose of color. Starting at $38.

  • Strain and Serve Salad Bowl

    Whether you’re serving salad, fruit, or pasta, the Ventu Strain and Serve, $54.99, lets you prep, strain, serve, and store from the same bowl, which has a removable base with a silicone seal that turns a colander into a watertight serving bowl.

  • The Sidecar, price available upon request from Moore & Giles [1-800-737-0169]

    This beautifully crafted bar cart, The Sidecar by Moore and Giles, is a great way to store liquor, glassware, bar tools, and anything else needed to complete your own miniature bar. The cart, made of Virginia black walnut, birch, leather, aluminum, and brass, is wheeled to make sure the party can travel with you. Perfect for drink-lovers without the space for a full bar.