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2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

From the Editors of Traditional Home
  • Tackle even the toughest people to shop for with our Gift Guide for Him. He will love the vintage looks, masculine details, and practicality of these guys-only gifts.

    By the Editors of Traditional Home
    Produced by Julianne Hilmes and Lucy Fitzgerald

    With all the special celebrations surrounding the holidays, why not add a dapper touch with a bowtie from The Tie Bar? With peppermint-like stripes or candy apple polka dots, they’re perfectly festive.

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    All photos courtesy of the retailer unless otherwise noted.

  • Digital Meat Smoker

    Take your barbecue to the next level with digital controls for temperature, time, and smoke. The 6-Rack Digital Smoker is perfect for someone who loves that smoky flavor. $649 from Bradley Smoker.

  • Luxurious House Slippers

    Feet take a beating, so they need attention too. Pamper those puppies with cozy slippers from Prince of Scots, $149, made from beautiful Italian leather.

  • Flash Drive Cufflinks

    Because a man never knows when he will need 2GB of storage! He will feel like James Bond with these monogrammed cufflinks that double as a data storage device, with one cufflink per set opening to reveal a USB flash drive. $99.95 from RedEnvelope.

  • Helicopter with Camera

    With a built-in camera to record its flight, the JXD 355 3.5ch remote-controlled helicopter is designed for indoor and outdoor recreation. Its double rotor design and gyroscope keep the helicopter steady for optimum stunt control. $69.95 from ThinkRC.

  • Classic Leather Recliner

    Guys will love the Buddy Italian Leather Recliner from Safavieh. Its tailored design hides a motion mechanism behind its rugged brown leather upholstery and brass nailhead trim. $1,695 from Safavieh.  

  • iPhone 5 Dock

    Made of beautiful Redwood and coated with natural beeswax, this iPhone 5 dock is both stylish and functional. $99.95 from Red Envelope.

  • Earthy Cologne

    A bewitching blend of spruce and tobacco, and only $4.00, the Men’s Wild Spruce Cologne from Pirouette is a delightful, all natural scent.

  • BBQ Lover’s Gift Basket

    For the man who loves to barbecue, the Bourbon Barrel BBQ gift basket is the perfect present. Let the bourbon-smoked flavors kick your next barbecue up a notch. $59.99 from Cherry Moon Farms.

  • Classic Turntable with Modern Perks

    Ease those vinyl records into the 21st century with a portable turntable from Crosley. With stereo speakers and a headphone jack, the Cruiser can make a party for one or 100. $99.95 from Crosley.

  • Workout Saver

    Don’t let your workout groove skip a beat with this handy headphone keeper. Earbuds stay around your neck without falling, perfect for runners and weight-lifters. $5.99 from Quirky.

  • Whiskey Stones

    Made in Vermont, Whiskey Stones from Teroforma, $20, chill your drink without diluting it, and can be used for more than just a wee dram. 

  • Travel Shaver

    Complete with a USB port, this portable men’s shaver can be charged anywhere. Its small size, no bigger than a smart phone, makes it a great accessory for grooming on the go. $29.99 from ShaveTech.

  • Bendable Work Light

    Let the Snakelight Rechargeable Flashlight shed light on the tricky nooks and crannies in your house. The flexible L.E.D. from Black and Decker adjusts to your needs. $41.25 from

  • Ingenious Grilling Tool

    The Grill Wrangler is three barbecue tools in one: tongs, spatula, and fork. No job is too difficult for this all-in-one tool! $37.99 from Quirky.

  • Cozy Lambs Wool Scarf

    Made from chunky lambs wool, The Scarf is an attractive way to keep out the winter chill. Available in navy and gray, $46.40 from Boden.

  • Homemade Gin Kit

    Leave home-brewed beer to the neighbor. Enliven your next gin and tonic with homemade hooch. The Homemade Gin Kit, available from Red Envelope, is $49.95.

  • Catch-All iPad Cover

    Help your techie keep all his belongings together with the Web iPad catch-all cover, made from durable and dense elastic webbing. $44.99 from Quirky.