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2018 New Trad Clary Bosbyshell

Get to know our New Trad Class of 2018

Produced by Jenny Bradley Pfeffer

Clary Bosbyshell

Photo: Cat Max Photography

Which “traditional” design rule(s) do you swear by? Proportion and Scale.

Which design rule(s) do you break? I love to mix metals, especially in kitchens; polished nickel with unlacquered brass is a beautiful look.

Do you have favorite “traditional” design elements? (A classic furniture design, pattern, style etc?) I am very traditional when it comes to upholstery, I love to play around with fabrics, but a Charles of London sofa is always timeless.

Which iconic interior designer(s) do you admire and feel are still relevant today? Furniture and/or product designer(s)?  So many it’s hard to chose! Sister Parish, Billy Baldwin, Dorothy Draper, Albert Hadley, I mean ALL of them! Their interiors are increibly iconic and timeless  I love to get lost in their books at night and always look to them for inspiration.

French furniture design is always relevant in my interiors; I especially love everything from Jansen.

What design eras inspire you?  There are so many good ones! I really love the '30s, '60s, and '80s and there are some present day designers that I find very inspiring such as Bunny Williams.

Which antiques or vintage designs do you think have held up over time and play well with today’s updated traditional interiors? French Antiques from the Louis XVI period, their clean lines play with today’s updated interiors.

How do you keep your traditional interiors fresh and current? By using more contemporary lighting. I love a modern light fixture over a traditional table.

Give us a couple of examples of modern and traditional design elements that work well together. (For example, Chinoiserie paired with a Parsons table or Converse worn with a Prada suit.) Contemporary art over classic sofa, a plaster side table between traditional chairs, a bold fabric on an antique chair, Lucite. It’s all about the mix!

What is a classic color combination that still feels fresh? Blue and white, and Layered Neutrals.

Do you have a favorite go-to palette at the moment? While I always come back to blue, I am loving touches of corals and canary yellow right now.

How would you define today’s “new traditional” design? Tradional is always timeless! I think todays “new traditional” is maybe less fussy, still incorporating thoughtful details such as bullion to a sofa or a tassel tie back on curtain but not all in the same room.

How would you describe your personal design style? Classic, collected, and American! I love traditional upholstery mixed with comtempoary art, antiques, and special pieces that I have picked up on my travel and of course blue and white!