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2017 New Trad Regan Baker

Get to know our New Trad Class of '17

Produced by Jenny Bradley Pfeffer

Regan Baker

Which “traditional” design rule(s) do you swear by? Less is more.

Which design rule(s) do you break? Matching finishes. Use of vintage pieces with new pieces can create a more inviting atmosphere and make it look like you’re not trying so hard. Even metal finishes—having your metals be mismatched. I’m totally fine with that as well.

Do you have a favorite “traditional” design elements? I love plaids. I love chinoiserie sometimes—it just depends if it’s done in a modern way. And I think murals are always fun. Large, life-size paintings. Wallpaper, too.

Which iconic interior designer(s) do you admire and feel are still relevant today? Furniture and/or product designers? Eames, I’ve always loved the Eames lounge chair.

What design eras inspire you? Midcentury, but also the Art Deco era. Sometimes Bauhaus because of the contained sections and blocking of colors.

Which antiques or vintage designs do you think have held up over time and play well with today’s updated traditional interiors? Lighting. For example, the Serge Mouille double-arm lamps always look great. We just used those in a project!

Give us a couple of examples of modern and traditional design elements that work well together. Stan Smiths with… anything! OK, Stan Smith with a Tory Burch jacket. Design-wise, I love the modern simple trim detail, which is like the three-quarter-inch thick. So a modern, thin door profile with a detailed baseboard. A fancier baseboard. And then adding paneling.

What is a classic color combination that still feels fresh? Greens and blush or blue and blush.

Do you have a favorite go-to palette at the moment? Actually, the blushes and the green!

How would you define today’s “new traditional” design? It’s a simplification of the details while paying homage to them.

How would you describe your personal design style? Modern, Classic, Casual, and Organic