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2017 New Trad Lauren Liess

Get to know our New Trad Class of '17

Produced by Jenny Bradley Pfeffer

Lauren Liess

Which “traditional” design rule(s) do you swear by? Every room needs at least one major focal point, and I prefer having a secondary one as well.

Which design rule(s) do you break? I’m sure I’ve broken my fair share, but I like using pieces of mismatched scale together—a tiny piece of art over a larger bed, for example

Do you have favorite “traditional” design elements? I love incorporating traditional antiques in modern-feeling spaces.

Which iconic interior designer(s) do you admire and feel are still relevant today? Furniture and/or product designer(s)? Albert Hadley/ Borge Morgensen

What design eras inspire you? The '60s, '70s, and the '40s

Which antiques or vintage designs do you think have held up over time and play well with today’s updated traditional interiors? Vintage '60s and '70s sofas (as seen in the photo below), low antique Spanish chairs, antique Chinese tables used as cocktail tables

Give us a couple of examples of modern and traditional design elements that work well together.  Sleek concrete or raw wood pieces mixed with gilded antiques. Aged leathers and Lucite.   

What is a classic color combination that still feels fresh? Blue and white

Do you have a favorite go-to palette at the moment? I always love black and white paired with warm browns and a touch of green from plants.

How would you define today’s “new traditional” design? To me, today’s “new traditional” design juxtaposes traditional elements with modern ones.  Each element is set apart and made more interesting because of the contrast.  

How would you describe your personal design style? My personal design style is natural, relaxed, collected. I like it when things are a bit “off” and tell a story.