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12 Rooms Dripping in Jewel Tones

Every room should be the crowning jewel of your home

Written by Anna Logan
  • Peter Rymwid

    When the deep autumn sun glints off an emerald or orange sapphire, something magical happens. The gem suddenly becomes mystical, almost magical. The same can be said for these 12 rooms that share that deeply unique gemstone shade. 

    This emerald room commits to the beautiful shade in velvet paneling and couch. Touches of gold bring out the luxe factor. 

    Designer: Patrick Hamilton


  • John Merkl

    Ocean Blues

    Blue décor is a staple in any desinger’s handbook, but this deep blue wall is the perfect unexpected pop of a tried and true shade. Metallic hints modernize the room, while the antique Louis Vuitton trunk adds a flair of traditional elegance. 

    Design: Jean Liu

  • Gordon Beall

    Cozy Citrine

    One of the most underutilized jewel tones, a citrine color, is stunning when deployed in expert hands. This room goes all in for the color and even adds in bits of bright orange to bring the room together.

    Designer: Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey

  • John Merkl

    Gilded Amethyst

    Purple and gold aren’t reserved for New Orleans homes or Mardi Gras celebrations. This purple wallpaper glows with gold accents creating an inviting powder room for a lady of leisure to enjoy.

    Designer: Kendall Wilkinson

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  • Sarah Dorio

    Pretty Pops

    Decorating with jewel tones doesn’t have to result in a space overloaded with rich colors. This white room is the perfect backsplash for pops of sapphire, topaz, emerald, and amythest.

    Designer: Kerry Howard

  • Emily Jenkins Followill

    True Jewel 

    This space encapsulates what it means to decorate with jewel tones. Blue walls, green ceiling, ruby pillows, and that distinctive shade of citrine tie the room together. It's almost like sitting in a jewelry box!

    Designers: Lance Jackson and Davud Ecton

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  • John Merkl

    Amethyst Allusion 

    Even just a tiny splash of a deep amethyst can add a new layer of richness to a room. This space in the Napa Valley Showhouse is pulled together by accents of purple in the folded blanket, window treatments, and carpet. 

    Design: Casey Howard

  • Werner Straube

    Emerald Elegance

    This emerald foyer accents the bright, light room just beyond. Jewel tone accent rooms bring a dash of excitement to any space.

    Designer: Corey Damen Jenkins

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  • Georges Fessy

    Totally Topaz

    The glow of the sun enhances this golden room. The ameythst bed and ruby red headboard add a touch of deep color to the bright space, balancing it all out.

    Designer: Annabel Karim Kassar

  • Werner Straube

    Sapphire Splash

    Sapphire and salmon may sound like the name for a bad singing duo, but these colors truly complement each other in this colorful Chicago home.

    Designer: Summer Thornton

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  • John Bessler

    Glorious Garnet

    Blue lacquer has been all the rage lately, but this garnet wall with strong purple undertones might just take the cake for best use of lacquer. 

    Designer: Christina Murphy

  • Werner Straube

    Continental Combos

    Just because tigers live in Asia and most emeralds are mined in Africa doesn’t mean they don’t work well together. Just ask Elle Cole, who used this combination in our 2016 Hampton showhouse.

    Designer: Elle Cole

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  • Nathan Schroder