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Sweet Dreams

Designer Tobi Fairley turns her bedroom into a serene getaway

By Tobi Fairley

A house has no better retreat than the bedroom. It’s one of my favorite rooms to design because it can be so pretty. It’s also one of my clients’ most-requested renovations. My master suite is truly my personal getaway, where I rest, read, work, recharge, and relax with my family. In fact, I probably spend more time in my bedroom than I do in most other rooms in the house.

I knew that it needed to be an oasis, a place that would be calming and would provide a variety of seating and lighting for all the ways we use this room. To create that perfect space, we needed to do a little construction, mostly to add storage in the bedroom and to expand the closet space that is off the adjacent bathroom. Nothing stresses me out like clutter—well, that and the fact that there was so little room in the original closets that most of my clothes were upstairs—not efficient, to say the least. Now there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, which allows me to relax.

I also love using a desk as my bedside table. Although some say it’s not a good practice, my bedroom is one of my favorite places to work, pay bills, and use my laptop.

Check out my surefire tips to create your own perfect master bedroom retreat, plus tips for your guest room, so visitors are comfy too.

Next month I’ll talk about entertaining at home and how to create welcoming spaces for friends and family.