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The Rise of the Snore Room

What is the snore room and why is it trending?

By Tobi Fairley

Couples who have been together for a certain amount of time will recognize this issue: One of them snores and the other can’t sleep. It’s such a common problem that doctors say 70 percent or more of couples spend at least one night a month sleeping in separate rooms. That’s probably been an issue since sleep was invented, but what’s new about this is that the banished half of the couple is getting tired of having to sleep in a guest room or on the sofa.

Today, architects and designers are being asked to create second master bedrooms—not for guests, but so each half of the couple has an equally lovely and personal room to sleep in. In fact, says requests for some form of a second “master sleeping room” in its house plans has gone up more than 35 percent. Wow! It’s becoming much more acceptable as people realize the importance of sleep for health, and that sleeping alone doesn’t mean intimacy has to suffer.

What do these new home designs look like? They could be a sitting area off the master (above) that can also be used for reading and relaxing, or can include a daybed or another full bed. My friend Alex Papachristidis says he’s been asked for these rooms so often that he’s come up with his own term for them: The Snoratorium. I love that!

Another design that I’m seeing in architectural plans is a master suite that includes two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. This allows the couple to have a private space just for the two of them and still be able to separate the snorer from the snoree when it’s time for sleep. The one above also has a sitting area where the couple can enjoy quiet time together with wine or coffee or watching TV.

And then there’s the dual master suite, as in the home above. You can find thousands of house plans online with this set-up. It’s requested for guests and visiting family, or even for in-law spaces. But I suspect quite a few of these homes are also being used as snore rooms, don’t you?

So what do you think of the snore room trend? Do you have an issue with sleeping because of a snorer in your house? This could be your solution, too!