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Fabulous Multitasking Nurseries

Smart spaces for the smallest members of the family

Written by Julianne Hilmes
  • Michael Garland

    Little ones don’t take up much physical space, which can make their bedrooms/playrooms/nurseries excellent multitasking areas. Whether you're short on space or have room to grow, you can definitely get crafty with stylish storage and maximize a room's potential with smart pieces. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a nursery, just invest in a few key items that can evolve as the room’s purpose does. 

    In this lovely blue-hued nursery, a crib and changing table in the same finish coordinate with the armchair and two poufs—both of which provide additional seating in the room. A sofa fits easily into the space and provides a plush spot for guests to sit when they come to visit baby (or a great napping spot for mom or dad!). See more of this nursery on the next slide.

  • Michael Garland

    Cute Cubbies

    A shelving unit holds storage cubes, which are an attractive way to conceal just about anything—extra diapers, toys, books, shoes, etc. Fill each cubby with a stylish basket as makeshift drawers or use cubbies to display special items and photos.

    Interior designer: Lonni Paul

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  • Patrick Cline

    City Nursery

    Vertical stripes on the wall of this New York City nuersery emphasize the room’s height to create the illusion of more space. A rocking chair fits perfectly into the window niche making the most of every inch of the room.

    Interior designer: Sara Gilbane

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  • Teri Lyn Fisher

    Unique Space

    A crib fits just perfectly against one wall of this octagonal room. A lovely handmade light fixture overhead makes the most of this unique space. Soft baskets store toys and books and are easy to move around the room.

    Interior designer: Frances Merrill

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  • Erica Dines

    Spacious Nursery

    There’s plenty of room to grow in this spacious Atlanta nursery. Art on the walls helps designate different zones and enliven the room. If space allows, designate a special play area to help keep toys contained. 

    Interior designer: Barbara Westbrook

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  • Matthew Millman

    Bold Space

    In this spacious nursery, there’s ample room for a bold red window treatment. The bookshelf, stacking side tables, and armchair, in a classic paisley print, can all easily transition beyond baby’s room. See more of this room on the next slide.


  • Matthew Millman

    Whoo’s There?

    In lieu of hanging art (this family lives in earthquake territory) wall decals were placed on the wall above the crib. No matter where you live, wall decals are a great, inexpensive option for livening up a room, plus they can easily be removed. 

    Interior designer: Palmer Weiss

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  • Emily Jenkins Followill

    Pretty in Pink

    Floral drapery panels pair with pretty pink wallpaper to create a lovely, feminine space that doesn’t scream “baby,” so the bedroom can can grow as its occupant does.

    Interior designer: Carolyn Griffith

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  • Marco Ricca

    Lovely Little Room

    A somewhat neutral palette allows pretty textiles to take the spotlight in this Manhattan nursery. A Roman shade adds a delicate note to the room, but replace the crib with a desk or a big-kid bed and you have a completely different, equally functional space. See more of this room on the next slide.

  • Marco Ricca

    Sweet Thing

    In the cutest little closet you ever did see, fabric-lined baskets provide stylish storage options. Bonus: As they outgrow their current function, the baskets could be repurposed in storage cubes or on bookshelves to contain any number of knickknacks.

    Interior design: Elle Clymer and Stephanie Woodmansee

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  • Amy Bartlam and Ryann Ford

    Cool and Collected

    White walls and draperies work with existing white shutters to create a cool, calm mood in this room. The neutral palette allows this space to easily transition to life beyond a nursery.

    Interior designer: Meredith Ellis

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  • Edmund Barr

    Nice and Easy

    Clean and simple is always a win. Wood floors and furnishings make a great backdrop that can easily accommodate various styles as the tastes of mom, dad, and child evolve. 

    Interior desgin: Laura Forbes Carlin and Alison Forbes

  • Werner Straube

    Flying High

    The bookcase in this room is a staple furniture piece the purpose (and contents!) of which can transition over time. Custom wallpaper can be a commitment, but choosing a pattern that’s fairly neutral and not too cutesy gives it staying power.

    Interior designer: Lonni Paul

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  • Emily Gilbert

    Sophisticated Space

    This gender-neutral bedroom in a Connecticut vacation home is the ultimate multitasking space. Shared by all four of the owners’ children, this sophisticated room will grow with all of its occupants. 

    Interior designer: Robin Henry

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  • Julie Soefer

    Room to Grow

    A warmly muted color palette lets artwork and the playful ceiling shine in this nursery. When space is not an issue, full-size furnishings—like the armchair and sofa seen here—can serve double duty over time. See more of this room on the next slide.

  • Julie Soefer

    Transitional Pieces

    A midcentury-style chest of drawers doubles (for now) as a diaper-changing station. On the wall, framed art depicts city skylines. 

    Interior designer: Marie Flanigan

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