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Country Music Star Luke Bryan's Florida Retreat

Country music star Luke Bryan and his family build a four-story Florida beach house lovingly dubbed “snowman”

Written and produced by Jenny Bradley Pfeffer
  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Snowmen may be an anomaly on the beaches of Florida, but we know of at least one. Perched on a powdery stretch of sand in Santa Rosa stands country music superstar Luke Bryan and wife Caroline’s four-story beachfront home, which they named “Snowman” in honor of Luke’s late brother, Chris. The moniker references a sport Chris loved—golf—and a funny bit of slang golfers use for scoring an eight on a single hole. 

    “Evidently, Chris wasn’t a great golfer,” Caroline says. “Snowman became his nickname. We named our farm Red Bird Farm after Luke’s sister and wanted to honor Chris as well.”

    Architect Geoff Chick added a fourth story to the beachfront home.

    Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck

    Architect: Geoff Chick, Geoff Chick & Assoc., 790 Hwy 393 N., Suite E-2, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459; 850/622-0210,
    Interior designer: Chad James, Chad James Group, 1200 Villa Pl., Suite 411, Nashville, TN 37212; 615/818-0099,  

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Gracious Living Room

    The house’s nickname isn’t the only family-centric element at play. As a vacation home for the couple, their young sons Bo and Tate, and their nephew, Til (whom they took in after the deaths of his parents, Luke’s sister and her husband), Snowman specializes in family downtime—a rare commodity for this busy crew.

    “Luke, Caroline, and the boys are constantly on the go,” says their longtime designer Chad James. “This is really a space where they can check out and be reclusive. They can just shut off from the outside world for a bit.”

    As a restorative getaway for the family and their friends, the home was designed to be as serene as it is welcoming. Large, open spaces encourage together time while also taking full advantage of the area’s singular draw—breathtaking ocean views. 

    Cozy, large-scale slipcovered furnishings transform what might have ordinarily been a formal living room into a beacon of casual gathering. The neutral palette is again punctuated by the blue of the horizon and unified in the room’s touchstone—a pale blue and yellow rug.

    Sheer drapery (“Nice” #70301-1011); drapery (“Delos” #72204-3001); velvet pillows on sofa (“Isnik”/Tan Velvet #72413-3002): Sette7,
    Chandelier (custom, “Single Tier Eternity Chandelier” #2099CUSTOM): Paul Ferrante,
    Area rug: owner’s collection.
    Sofa in foreground (“Thibaut Sofa”); sofa fabric (“Casual Linen”/Flax); sofa at window (“Oliver Sofa”); fabric (“Casual Linen”/Dark Flax); peach rectangular pillow on Oliver sofa (“Flannel Suede”/Fawn): Verellen,
    Blue pillows on Oliver sofa (“Gallagher”/Neptune” #3656): Pindler,
    Blue-and-beige patterned pillows (“Lille”/Powder Blue #5627/02, by Rose Cumming); tan-and-white patterned pillow on Thibaut sofa (“Elora”/Rattan #5643/04, by Rose Cumming): Dessin Fournir,
    Floor lamp at left of Oliver sofa by window (“MacDougal Floor Lamp,” by Thomas O’Brien for Visual Comfort, discontinued:): Circa Lighting,
    Floor lamp at right of Oliver sofa (“Writer’s Task Floor Lamp” #68010015BRZ); floor lamp by Thibaut sofa (“Library Task Floor Lamp”): Restoration Hardware,
    Side table (“Geometry Side Table/Stool” #AR-233): Noir,
    Coffee table (“Dovetail Elm Coffee Table”/Chocolate #F2-FNG0078TL-CO): Clubcu,
    White bowl holding plants: antique find.
    White urns on coffee table (“Natalie Vessel” #AM-31B and “Adela Vessel” #AM-33B): Noir,  

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Living Room Lounges

    “I love walking into an art gallery and spotting a piece of art across the room that draws you over,” James says. “That’s the sort of feeling we wanted this house to have—it’s all about being drawn to that ocean view.”

    Highlighting those views, however, meant a major overhaul of the structure. Built in 1988, the house had what James refers to as a “Miami Vice meets Dynasty ” vibe. To give it an updated beachfront-with-Southern-style appeal, architect Geoff Chick was brought onboard to add a fourth story and reimagine the dated layout.

    The ocean view now beckons from entrance to exit—visible from the moment guests step in the door until they kick off their shoes poolside. 

    A roomy slipcovered sofa from Verellen, chaises from Lee Industries, and a crisp neutral palette injected with blues make for an inviting, entertaining-friendly space. 

    Sheer drapery (“Nice” #70301-1011); drapery (“Delos” #72204-3001): Sette7,
    Chaise lounges (“TV Loungers” #8801-21); chaise body fabric (“Colony Natural”); back cushion (“Hunter Natural”): Lee Industries,
    Throws (“Utility Canvas Throw Blanket”): Utility Canvas,
    Pillows (“Westley”/Metal #1672): Pindler,
    Pillow trim (“Leather Applique on Wool Border”/Slate #977-56705-13): Samuel & Sons,
    Table between lounges: antique.
    Floor lamp between chaise lounges (“Writer’s Task Floor Lamp”/Bronze): Restoration Hardware,
    Coffee table (“Dovetail Elm Coffee Table”/Chocolate #F2-FNG0078TL-CO): Clubcu,
    White bowl holding plants: antique find.
    White urns on coffee table (“Natalie Vessel” #AM-31B and “Adela Vessel” #AM-33B): Noir,
    Floor lamp at left of sofa by window (“MacDougal Floor Lamp,” by Thomas O’Brien for Visual Comfort, discontinued:): Circa Lighting,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck


    The palette is a nuanced blend of neutrals, yielding to the surrounding sea and sand. “We wanted to tap into the exterior elements,” James notes. “I have a favorite moment—right where the water meets the sky. It’s always such a beautiful dark blue. I used that for an accent color, and everything else pulls from the palette of sand and sea grass—neutral, natural colors.”

    That organic scheme wends its way through the house, bolstered by natural materials. In the kitchen, milk glass-hued cabinets (chosen to balance the beach’s intense sunshine) partner with a mosaic marble backsplash and Alabama White marble countertops. Heart pine floors that Luke salvaged from a factory in Georgia add weight and patina.

    A mosaic marble backsplash and Alabama White marble countertop add sparkle and polish—playing off the casual appeal of slipcovered stools from Lee Industries and rough-hewn heart pine floors. 

    Lights over island (“Billiard Pendant”): Revival,
    Bar stools (“Slipcovered Campaign Counter Stool” #C5203-51); fabric (“Colony Natural”): Lee Industries,
    Flooring: heart pine.

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Great Room

    The kitchen and adjoining keeping room were designed with beach-friendly informality in mind. Slipcovered bar stools nose up to the island while a painted table with rolling chairs accommodates low-key dinners or midday snacks. At one end of the keeping room a painting by artist Megan Lightell commands attention, part of a cozy corner crowned by a three-tier beaded chandelier.

    To accommodate large gatherings as well as tête-à-têtes, James opted for several intimate eating areas instead of one large dining table. 

    Pair of chairs (“Slipcovered Low Back Campaign Chair” #C5203-01C); chair fabric (“Colony Natural”): Lee Industries,
    Ottoman (“Serge Ottoman” #9502-29); leather (“Caprone”/Bone): Hickory Chair,
    Dining table (antique): Smith’s Antiques Mall,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Keeping Room

    “I love unexpected moments and the mystique of hanging art in unusual places,” James says. “So much of this house is about the view, but we didn’t feel like we had to leave every window in plain sight. I love that you can see through the sheer behind the painting. It creates a veil so that we have a place to hang this incredible piece.”

    A beaded chandelier from Revival adds casual grace to this corner. “Scale is important,” designer Chad James says. “I like light fixtures to feel  a little more grand.”


    Wall paint (“Ceiling Bright White” #SW-7007): Sherwin-Williams,
    Drapery (“Nice” #70301-1011): Sette7,
    Chandelier (“Patrick”): Revival,
    Settee (“Gotteborg White Weathered Settee” #SOF174WW, discontinued); cushion and bolster pillow fabric (Olive Cotton #FRF012): Noir,
    White pillow on settee (“Numa”/White #0036605-0062): Création Baumann,
    Pillow trim (“1/8-inch Strata Cord w/Tape”/Bisque #981-56409-03): Samuel & Sons,
    Charcoal-colored pillow on settee (“Fairhaven”/Pumice #972-208): Perennials,
    Art behind settee: by Megan Lightell,
    Pedestal table (“French Acanthus Table”): Restoration Hardware,
    Red container on table (antique lighthouse diffuser): antique find.
    Bench by table (“Serge Ottoman” #9502-29); bench fabric (“Caprone”/Bone): Hickory Chair,
    Hide rug: owner’s collection.
    Green ladder (vintage): Nicholson Gallery,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck


    A large window and Sherwin-Williams' "Ceiling Bright White" illuminate the simple stairwell. Artwork punctuates the space.

    Wall paint (“Ceiling Bright White” #SW-7007): Sherwin-Williams,
    Stairs: heart pine.
    Art at top of stairs”): by Eduardo Dalen.  

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Master Bedroom

    “This is where Luke and I can actually relax and not run 100 miles per hour,” Caroline says. “Typically, all five kids are here with us. There is nothing better. And Luke can fish all day, which makes him the happiest man on the Gulf.”

    Designer James painted the shiplap walls a soft, ethereal gray. The cerused oak four-poster is from Bungalow Classic. 

    Wall paint (“Magnetic Gray” #SW-7058); trim paint (“Ceiling Bright White” #SW-7007): Sherwin-Williams,
    Area rug (custom): Myers Carpet,
    Bed (“Courtney Bed”): Bungalow Classic,
    Duvet (“Mandalay Linen Duvet Cover” ); Euro shams (“Francesca”): Peacock Alley,
    Bedside table (“Louis XVI 30-Inch Closed  Nightstand”): Restoration Hardware,
    Lamp on bedside table (“Geometric Tall Table Lamp” #CHA8651): Circa Lighting,
    Photos above bedside table (family photos): owner’s collection.

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Master Bath

    “I like things to be unisex,” James says. “The graceful curve of this tub balances the home’s more masculine straight lines.” 

    Wall paint (“Silver Strand” #SW-7056); trim paint (“Ceiling Bright White” #SW-7007): Sherwin-Williams,
    Drapery (“Infinity”/China #1091-01, by ClassicCloth): Dessin Fournir,
    Upholstered chair: owner’s collection.
    Table beside chair (“Fluted French Wax Column”): Revival,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck


    Vintage markers from a tennis court offer a nod to Caroline’s love of tennis. 

    Art (salvaged number placards from tennis court): ScreenDoor,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Sitting Area

    On the newly added fourth floor, a bunk room and entertainment area ensure that this vacation home can handle overnight guests. Bistro chairs are from Williams-Sonoma.

    Wall, ceiling and trim paint (“Ceilig Bright White” #SW-7007): Sherwin-Williams,
    Sofa (“Lennox Sofa” #7564-31); fabric: Flexsteel,
    Blue pillow on sofa (“Gilles”/Marina #4578): Pindler,
    Striped pillow (“Sienna”/Glacier #3563/02); blue striped pillow (“Sienna”/Sapphire #3563/03): Jim Thompson Fabrics,
    Art behind sofa: owner’s collection.
    Sofa end table (discontinued): Restoration Hardware,
    Lamp (“Hexagon Concrete Lamp”): discontinued.
    Area rug (“Mulberry”/Ash #PT18/0003, by Couristan): Myers Carpet,
    Wooden armchair (“Sebago Chair” #249744); cushion fabric (“Dove Denim,” discontinued); dining table (“Scholar Round Dining Table” #664457, discontinued): Crate & Barrel,
    Ottoman (“Blue Dhurrie Ottoman,” discontinued); pouf (“Moroccan Pouf,” discontinued): Wisteria,
    Chandelier (“Riveted Mesh Round Chandelier”): Restoration Hardware,
    Dining chairs (“Parisian Bistro Woven Side Chair”/Blue, White #39-1429943): Williams Sonoma,
    Table in adjoining room (“Reclaimed Lumber Ayer Console” #OW236): CFC,
    Lamp on table (“Snail Shell Lamp” #DD17003-821): Arteriors,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Bunk Room

    Nautical-chic bunks and a fourth-floor family room let guests get away from it all in style. 

    Wall paint (“White Duck” #SW-7010); trim paint (“Ceiling Bright White” SW-7007): Sherwin-Williams,
    Area rug (“Malia”/Driftwood #CB12/0001, by Couristan): Myers Carpet,
    Drapery around beds (“Ceylon Double Width”/Natural #W1027-0AA): Donghia,
    Blue bed quilt (“Washed Diamond-Stitched Quilt”/Navy #102682); blue-and-beige checked duvet and pillow shams (“Windsor Plaid Duvet Cover”/Navy #102567): RH Baby & Child,
    Striped pillows (“Danbury”/Marine #4336): Pindler,
    Wall sconces (“Yoke Suspended Sconce”/Antique Nickel #SL2975): Circa Lighting,
    Art by cabinet (Agate Abstract II, #26551552419A, by Megan Meagher):

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Nautical Bathroom

    Porthole mirrors partner with a Thomas O'Brien pendant light for a perfectly nautical bathroom.

    Wall paint (“White Duck” #SW-7010): Sherwin-Williams,
    Pendant light (“Hicks Large Pendant”Bronze and Hand-Rubbed Antique Brass TOB5063, by Thomas O’Brien for Visual Comfort): Circa Lighting,
    Wall sconces (“Vintage Barn Sconce”): Restoration Hardware,
    Vanity hardware (“Belcastel Pull/Gun Metal #HR-101515 and “Bordeaux Knob”/Gun Metal #HR-100627, by Jeffrey Alexander): Hardware Resources,
    Mirrors (“Porthole Mirror, Small”/Vintage Gray #GMIR128SVGR): Noir,
    Art: owner’s collection.
    Nautical hand towel (“Anchor Hand Towel,” discontinued): West Elm,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Guest Bedroom

    While the colors of the sea still dominate here, the design takes a turn toward the nautical—with navy and white stripes dressing bunks and furnishings. The overlying theme, though, is family and true-blue hospitality.

    Blue wall paint (“Georgian Bay” #SW-6509, alternating flat and semi gloss finishes for stripes); ceiling and trim paint (“Ceiling Bright White” #SW-7007): Sherwin-Williams,
    Area rug
    (“Cotton Handwoven Rug”/Navy, Chambray, discontinued): Serena & Lily,
    Drapery (“Chatham”/Indigo #2359, discontinued): Pindler,
    Ceiling fan (“Irene -3”): Matthew’s Fan Co.,
    Dresser (“Staggered Chest, Oak” #FF103): CFC,
    Chair (“Empire”/Portobello finish, discontinued): Bernhardt,
    Pillow on chair (“Dermond Peterson Octopus Pillow” #DPW1044): The Modern Rom,
    Bedside tables (“Burlap Cube” #GTAB272): Noir,
    Table lamps (“Nina Tapered Table Lamp” #TOB3026, by Thomas O’Brien for Visual Comfort): Circa Lighting,
    Bunk bed (“Fort Duo Bunk Bed” #369604): Room &Board,
    Sheets (“Vintage Sailboat Blueprint Sheet Set”); duvet and shams (“Grommet Twill Tape Duvet Cover”/Navy, and “Grommet Twill Tape Sham”/Navy): RH Baby & Child,
    Striped pillows (“Addison Cotton Stripe”/Indigo #66002): Schumacher,
    White blanket (“Vintage Washed Diamond Matelasse Coverlet”): Restoration Hardware,
    Chairs on balcony (“Dynasty Dining Armchair #22462): Skyline Design,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Guest Bedroom

    A striped accent pillow complements the color of the blue bed with tufted headboard from MGBW Home in the guest room.

    Wall paint (“White Duck”): Sherwin-Williams,
    Drapery (“Hutton”/Cafe #2594, discontinued): Pindler,
    Flooring: heart pine.
    Area rug (“Mugal” #IN-8253): Surya,
    Chair: owner’s collection. Chair fabric (“Galion”/Mushroom #1990): Pindler,
    Pillow on chair  (“Peony”/Blue Bell #30-02): Katie Ridder,
    Dresser (“Auberge Dresser” #351-044A): Bernhardt,
    Bed (“Theodore Tall Floating Rail Bed”); bed fabric (“Keswick”/Navy); long striped bed pillow (“Runway”/Teal and Navy #103324V): Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams,
    Duvet (“Italian Hotel Satin Stitch White Duvet Cover”/Navy); shams (Italian Hotel White Satin Stitch White Sham”/Navy): Restoration Hardware,
    Chair on balcony (“Dynasty Dining Armchair” #22462): Skyline Design,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Guest Bath

    Family photographs in black frames are the finishing touch to this well appointed guest bathroom.

    Wall and vanity paint  (“Magnetic Gray” #SW-7058): Sherwin-Williams,
    Vanity hardware (“Europa Tab Pull 8 inch” #TK504BLK): Top Knobs,
    Mirror: custom.
    Wall sconce (“Valentin Sconce” #0304-06, by Christian Liaigre): David Sutherland,
    Photographs: owner’s collection.

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Dreamy Porch

    A hanging daybed with a nautical scheme takes in one of the home’s many splendid views.

    Sofa (“North Sectional” #22317, #22318, #22319); fabric: Skyline Design,
    Hanging seat (“Hanging Bed Swing”): Bay Breeze Patio,
    Coffee table (“North Coffee Table with Glass” #22314): Skyline Design,  

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Outdoor Dining

    A terrace off the living room acts as the home’s “formal” dining room. White wicker chairs from Skyline Design gather around a waxed and naturally weathered oak-top antique table. 

    Dining table (local find): Antiques on Holiday,
    Dining chairs (discontinued): Skyline Design,
    Wooden trays (“Reclaimed Wood Trays”): West Elm,
    Candles: Bed Bath & Beyond,
    Large clam shell (#AR-15FC, discontinued): Noir,

  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Outdoor Showers

    Colorful vintage surfboards make the ideal backdrop for outdoor showers. 

    Surfboards (vintage): Chubby Surf,

  • Mandy Johnson

    Family Portrait

    “This is a family house where they can create moments and make memories,” James says. “That was the goal.”

    Luke and Caroline Bryan with nieces Kris and Jordan, nephew Til, and sons Tate and Bo. 

  • Colleen Duffley