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10 Seaside Getaways That Will Make You Feel Like You’re on Vacation

Cure your wanderlust by touring these stunning wave-adjacent homes

Written by Karla Walsh

While travel is an excellent investment, it’s not always possible to schedule a lavish vacation every season. So for times like that when we’re craving a getaway—minus the passport and the hefty price tag—we turn to tours of our favorite waterfront homes.

Touring them will make you feel instantly transported (Waves crashing! Rays of sunshine radiating!), even if you’re hundreds of miles from the beach.

Location: Juno Beach, Florida

Why we love it: The owners of this airy home named it “Beauty and the Beach,” and utilized a calm palette that echoed the blues of the ocean. Paired with several outdoor spaces to host and kick feet up, it’s relaxing and inviting all at once.

Tour the home here.


Location: East Hampton, New York

Why we love it: Not only is it loaded with dynamic colors that give each room a fresh summer glow, but this family home is also uber-functional and fun with and an indoor-outdoor entertaining setup and an expansive “secret garden” out back.

Tour the home here.


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Location: Palm Beach, Florida

Why we love it: The oceanfront location. The old school Mediterranean-meets-modern day spirit (just look at those molding and curtains!). A touch of palatial inspiration. This estate exudes luxury in just the right ways.

Tour the home here.


Location: Sea Island, Georgia

Why we love it: For a taste of history and a waterfront escape within the same walls, tour this home that’s all about making the most of the views. Symmetry and simplicity reign in the clean ivory and aqua-hued living spaces and patterned tiles add subtle pops of color and a little European flair.

Tour the home here.


Location: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Why we love it: “Designing a beach house that doesn’t look like a beach house” was the goal with this Gulf property, and it succeeds with an elegant interior that doesn’t overshine the views. Classic and understated with a few pops of color, everything inside plays a supporting role to the awe-inspiring views.

Tour the home here.


Location: Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Why we love it: A large, vivid painting of villagers fishing is the motivation for the color palette and the “communing, connecting, and gathering” spirit of this family home. While its scope could feel cavernous, the design includes elements like a breakfast nook with a built-in banquette and personality-filled family heirlooms to make it feel cozier and more casual that you might expect at first glance.

Tour the home here.


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Location: WaterColor, Florida

Why we love it: This Texas-farmhouse-with-a-twist has three stories full of natural textures, such as wood and rope, plus plenty of ocean influence. Don’t scroll past the bathroom without taking in the amazing oyster shell wall!

Tour the home here.


Location: Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina

Why we love it: As a mom of three and interior designer, Lisa Furey built this “beautiful yet super hard wearing” to make the most of every inch. Tall ceilings, multipurpose furniture, and other savvy details help the inside feel as open, calm, and gently-windblown as the natural environment that surrounds it.

Tour the home here.


Location: Hutchinson Island, Florida

Why we love it: The homeowners and their style team have brought the outside in (“The whole house has a blue, green, yellow, and turquoise theme,” says designer Gary McBournie)—and many spaces that are normally inside out (a covered porch with lounging and dining spaces)—at this dockside dwelling.

Tour the home here.


Location: WaterSound, Florida

Why we love it: The aim with this Gulf escape? “To not look like any other house.” Belgian inspiration, custom millwork, and other creative details (see the kitchen backsplash) more than succeed at the task.

Tour the home here.