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Diary of a Mad Renovator: The Handyman Can

Written by Jaqui Lividini

Now that we are actually residing in our beach house a good portion of the time—and enjoying the heck out of it I might add—we are able to clearly see the many things that either still need fixing or adding. Thus, our handyman has become a somewhat permanent fixture in our lives.

For instance, John and I found a long, thin driftwood log in Maine this summer. It's beautiful and obviously perfect for the handrail of our bannister, so the handyman had to come out and make our vision a reality. And that he did!

Driftwood banister, found on the beach in Maine 

Next, we called him to put these wonderful hooks that look like boat cleats in the office. That was a great success, but it also led to a new need—a shelf nearby, of course.

Ship cleats from Frontgate, a great find. Paired with my vintage wire baskets original.

After the shelf, we had to call Alan The Handyman back because the door in our bedroom was scraping the floor. He showed up and deftly shaved down the bottom of the door to alleviate this unforeseen issue—and voila—no more issue!

Marks from door scraping on painted floors

It's only been two weeks but it seems like the list of things we want the handyman to address keeps growing despite the fact that he is constantly here working on something. We'll get to it all eventually, right? In the meantime, I've got him on speed dial.


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