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Diary of a Mad Renovator: White Floors

Written by Jaqui Lividini

Who likes white floors?  I do! I am a big fan of white floors. We had them in our Litchfield County house and our Manhattan apartment. I love them so much that I’ve decided to take the plunge again and have them in our beach cottage. The problem, however, is that much like childbirth, selective memory kicks in and it’s easy to forget the pain. 

Hallway in our former Manhattan apartment

White floors are the perfect backdrop for color

I love white floors because they are clean and crisp, reflect the light and provide the perfect backdrop for color, but let’s face facts: They are also torture. Every spec of dust and lint shows up on the floor, and then there's the dreaded scuff marks!!!!! I am not the type that wants to ask people to remove their shoes before entering the house. I hate it when friends do that. But now I’m wondering, “Am I also going to have to do that? Are white floors worth the pain?” The answer: YES. At the end of the day, you just can’t achieve the feeling of living in a cloud any other way. Here’s to cashmere socks and perfect pedicures! 

White floors have a clean and fresh appeal

The reflective light of white floors is so beautiful

Upstairs hallway


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