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Diary of a Mad Renovator: Creative Repurposing

Written by Jaqui Lividini

Last week we began moving furniture in to our Haycock Point beach cottage, including rediscovering and utilizing some great pieces of furniture that have been sitting in our nearby storage space. Coincidentally, my parents also happen to be in the process of moving, and downsizing considerably in the process, so there is no shortage of extra furniture around. My objective now is to use as much of what we already have as possible, so as not to add expenses to our already way over budget renovation—creative repurposing, if you will.

Milk glass lamp, testing a lamp shade from storage that doesn't work.

For instance, my parents have a pair of vintage milk glass lamps that they aren’t taking with them because they are too nautical for their new house.  But they are perfect for the guest room at our beach cottage! 

This mirror was in one of the bathrooms in our cottage at Lake Waramaug. 

The key to creative repurposing is to approach every item with a fresh eye. A change in setting can often breathe new life into even the most unexpected pieces. And you get the extra satisfaction of not having to throw anything away. It’s a true win-win situation!

Leftover fabric from our old apartment on 52nd street. We're using the remnant role (which has been in storage for 12 years!) for the window seat in the living room. 

Our "new" porch furniture is yet another hand-me-down from my parents' move. 

An antique Swedish table, in the house for a try-out, clearly dsen't work—back to storage.  


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