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Diary of a Mad Renovator: Keeping an Open Mind

Written by Jaqui Lividini

Keeping an Open Mind: Finding the Right Home Within A Home

This week I want to talk about locating the perfect places in your home for those special pieces or accessories that are sentimental to you and speak to the heart of your project. The key to your success is keeping an open mind.

Powder room wallpaper

For our beach cottage, one of these items from the very start was an antique shell mirror that I bought years ago in Litchfield County. I knew exactly where it should go. I was certain. I was totally sure. And that spot was definitely in our powder room over the small peg leg sink.

Mirror in powder room

Except…I was wrong! Expectations are fine, but facts are indisputable, and when we brought the mirror to the house and John held it up in my “perfect spot,” I knew instantly just how wrong I was. It was too much for the room. All of my dreams were effectively shattered and I was heartbroken. 

laundry room

The takeaway? No matter how perfectly you envision the décor of your home, you won’t really know for sure what works and what doesn’t until you see for yourself in the stark light of day.  In our case, it turned out that the right home for the antique shell mirror was in our laundry room.  The reason being that the laundry room is a simple room with a Caesarstone counter, white wood floors, and bead board.  The simplicity of the room is what allows the mirror to really shine and be the focal point, which wasn’t possible in the powder room.

Mirror in laundry room

Another day in the life of the mad renovator—another lesson learned! 

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