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Diary of a Mad Renovator: Living in Fear of Frozen Pipes from Afar

Written by Jaqui Lividini

Well, here we are in week 172(!) of our beach house renovation, with our brand-new, no-contractor status, in the dead of winter. But things could be worse, right? I know—I really shouldn’t tempt fate. 

Cold winter days at Haycock

The biggest issue we are facing right now is keeping the house warm over the winter in its unfinished state. Although everything has been done that can be done to prepare for winter, we still live in fear of frozen pipes and unforeseen disasters.

Our Garage

Light switches in the garage

Because the main water pipes that connect to the city water are under the garage, those pipes are not an issue. The problem pipes are the ones that go through the garage and up into the house. Those have been wrapped in insulation and heating tape to protect them from the cold winter elements.

Insulated venting system 

Unfortunately, all we can do now wait it out in NYC, biting our fingernails, hoping that this system worked. We’ll keep you posted!

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