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Diary of a Mad Renovator: Form over Function

Written by Jaqui Lividini

Given the choice, I’ll always choose form over function. When it came time to choose a kitchen sink, I polled the hive mind of Facebook to get some help finding the best kitchen sink for our beach cottage. Everybody liked the farmhouse sink I presented best, but I just couldn’t shake the Kohler Gilford utility sink. It was love at first sight—like with that nerdy, spectacled science lab partner you fell for in high school—an unconventional choice for sure.

Farm Style Sink

Of course, this sink with all it’s utilitarian beauty, presented a major functional problem.

The challenge—fitting this large sink onto my Caesarstone countertop without water leakage from around the sides. Fortunately, our project manager, Jeffrey Thomas, had the idea to put a layer of Caesarstone underneath the sink so that the cabinets underneath wouldn’t warp from moisture—brilliant, except not an aesthetic choice I was particularly fond of. Luckily, our designer Charles Riley was quick with a fix, extending the wood cabinet underneath to cover that small piece of Caesarstone.

My team seems to be happy with this potential fix for now. I guess time will tell if this solves the problem!

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