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The Joys (and Pains) of Kitchen Renovation

Written by Jaqui Lividini

After what seems like never-ending delays, we are finally all the way in on our kitchen renovation. 

The cabinets are actually already installed and they look fantastic! Unfortunately, there is a bit of a problem with their functionality: the corner cabinet drawers can only be opened when the oven door is open. This obviously won’t fly, so it’s on to troubleshooting, which is one of the most important skills one can possess as renovator. My skill set in this arena has definitely improved throughout the course of this project!

Before cabinets were rebuilt

Unfortunately, the solution in this case lies in redoing the entire set of cabinets, which creates a minimum four-week delay. Adding insult to injury, the kitchen countertop can’t be ordered or installed until the cabinets are completely finished. 

After cabinets were redone

The lesson here—again—is in the details. You must be constantly asking, “What goes where and are we absolutely sure of all the measurements?” Precision is key and even more so when you are dealing with a small space (which we are.). The importance of measurements cannot be overstated when an eighth of an inch can be enough to make or break your renovation. Another week, another lesson learned!

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