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Diary of Mad Renovator: Moving Up and Making Space

Written by Jaqui Lividini

This week’s adventure in home renovation involves temperature regulation systems, aka, “when the HVAC goes in, you know you’re making progress!” The old furnace was located in the middle of the house amidst a row of walk-in closets. We decided the best place for the new HVAC system would be upstairs in the attic to create some extra room downstairs. 

The new HVAC replaces the old furnace

HVAC and air ducts in attic

How right we were! Moving the system upstairs opened up a plethora of unplanned space, and we were able to turn the row of closets into a super spacious pantry for the kitchen. Who doesn’t love a giant pantry!?

Air ducts on first floor

Gutted hallway to kitchen

New pantry

Of course, it wasn’t exactly easy—it took 6 months or so to figure out how to relocate the HVAC following the proper code and, as usual, all the stars had to align in order to make that happen. But once they did, it was a real defining moment in our renovation project. This decision resulted in an extra 50 square feet of storage space for the kitchen—which is major. I, for one, am majorly happy about it!

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