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Diary of A Mad Renovator: Sitting in Limbo

Written by Jaqui Lividini

As I explained last week, the exterior of the house is almost complete, but we are engaged in a serious waiting game as the winter weather has pulled the plug on almost all productivity.  This has provided me with time for reflection on how far we’ve come as well as the idea of expectation versus reality.

What I mean by that is—there have been a lot of surprises! Architectural plans can end up looking quite different as they blossom into real life building. I have found myself on occasion asking the question, “Did we really make that decision?” That said, our designer Charles Riley assures me that once the rails, lighting, trim, landscape, etc. are complete, the house will change shape yet again.

I hope so because right now it feels as if our house is in its awkward teenage phase—like it started out cute and now it’s a bit funny looking and waiting to blossom! Fingers crossed that when all is said and done this limbo will give way to the house I envisioned when this project began!

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