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Diary of a Mad Renovator: The Garage Door Saga

Written by Jaqui Lividini

If you’ve been keeping score at home, you might remember that it was the authentic pair of antique carriage doors that I found in Maine that inspired the design of our house. You might also remember that when I went to purchase said doors only one pair remained—leaving us with the conundrum of finding replacement doors to match our already-in-progress design.

Awaiting the real carriage doors

Well, the good news is that we finally found them at Real Carriage Doors! Real Carriage Doors saved this project more then once—the first time being able to make custom doors that fit the design of the house, and the second time when we realized we only ordered 1 set of doors. UGH! Of course, we needed 2 sets. This is a lesson to the homeowner that you must be clear about what you need. Real Carriage Doors couldn’t have been more gracious about our rookie mistake. They quickly custom made another set of doors for us and all is well that ends well! The doors will be installed next week (hopefully) as our project manager Jeff is feverishly working to complete the exterior of the house before the cold weather becomes a factor. We’ll keep you posted! 

Shop drawings of custom doors

Close resemblance of our custom carriage doors

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