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Diary of a Mad Renovator: The Many Decisions of Bathroom Renovation

Written by Jaqui Lividini

I will start this week off by admitting that practicality is not always my first area of concern in a renovation project. And in the specific case of renovating bathrooms, this has proved especially problematic. We found many beautiful fixtures, sinks and commodes from Kohler, but the hard part was finding the proper placement for each component.

My a-ha moment of clarity came after a conversation with our design development project manager, Jeff, when I realized that everything couldn’t go exactly where I pictured it—for a myriad of reasons. For instance: no, the sink can’t go there because there is no drainage; no, the commode can’t face that direction because of code. And which way should the tiles face? Do they have a bull nose edge? Should they be ceramic or can I use Caesarstone? 

I soon realized that there are approximately one billion decisions to make when renovating bathrooms and the functional decisions were much harder to make than the decorative ones. Should the shower have a door or curtain? Do we need a light in the shower? What about a lip on the tub? And most importantly, how will we find the proper aesthetic place for everything with all these new restrictions?

Well, this week’s story has a happy ending! I am happy to report that we worked it all out. All of the bathroom and plumbing decisions have indeed been made. Now let’s just hope that we made the right ones! 

The Kohler sink selected for the upstairs bathroom

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