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Diary of a Mad Renovator: Mirrored Views and Pop-Up Ventilation

Written by Jaqui Lividini

The best part about having a beach cottage is­—no surprise here—the stunning ocean view. Throughout every step of our renovation project, we have consistently looked for the best possible ways to maximize that breathtaking view. When it came to the kitchen, and specifically the layout of the range, we realized that instead of a traditional backsplash we could use a mirror and—voila!—beautiful blue ocean as far as the eye can see!

Ocean View

There were a few obstacles, however, as per usual in our renovation process. First, the range itself presented a problem. We learned that due to Branford town code (“code” truly a 4 letter word to all renovators!), we were required to have ventilation for the range.  We were against a hood because we felt it would feel too cumbersome in the space. Electrolux to the rescue! As it turns out, Electrolux makes a vent that sits flush to the counter and pops up only when needed. Amazing!  However it could not be used with the range that we had selected. As luck would have it Electrolux offers a cooktop and separate wall oven that would work with the new venting system, and graciously made the change for us.

Electrolux pop-up vent

With that solved, we moved on to issue number two. In order to fit this new combo of appliances we needed a bit more counter depth. As usual, our Design Development Project Manager, Jeff, figured out how to make it all work. He borrowed a few inches from the office (which sits behind the kitchen wall) and increased the depth of the countertop by 2 inches. It’s not as easy as it sounds, but thankfully it all worked. As with everything on this project, we adjust as we go to make it all work and that is what we have done with our kitchen renovation. Between the mirrored backsplash and the Electrolux pop-up vent, cooktop, and wall oven, beautiful solutions abound!

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