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Diary of Mad Renovator: Lift-Off

Written by Jaqui Lividini

The lifting saga has finally come to a close, with the house finally being lifted Thursday. I'll be going up over the weekend to see how that goes. This is so exciting to me—the lifting process has taken so long to actually come to fruition that I can barely believe it's happening!

Next week, though, we have the always stressful big budget meeting. When it comes to renovations, whatever the budget is supposed to be; it never actually is. That's a lesson I've learned the hard way. Every problem has a price tag attached, and as you well know, this house had a lot of problems...and a lot of price tags. When we first started, we weren't lifting the house so that added a big element to the price. We're really trying to figure out how we can actually afford the renovation. We're tempering our plans, because when you do a renovation like this, it's not like moving into a house and renovating just one room. You're doing everything at once! It's a big chunk of change to chew off at once.. Even a creative dreamer like myself simply cannot get carried away when renovating.   The budget must always be top of mind. I'm constantly toeing that line between being a passionate renovator and a calculated businesswoman...let's just hope the balance works out.





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