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Diary of a Mad Renovator: A Standstill

Written by Jaqui Lividini

It’s rare in a house renovation that there’s literally nothing to report. This week, unfortunately, that rare fact rings true. Everything is at a standstill! We’re still waiting for the town to approve raising the house, and I can’t express how disappointed I am. I figured when we came back from vacation, when I was still recovering from my bracelet loss, I’d at least come home to a lifted house. In my state of deflation I was so looking forward to seeing the house elevated. But we came back to see that the raising still hasn't been approved.

We’ve been at this since April—I guess that’s what happens when you renovate. The best-laid plans go awry: I thought I’d be enjoying the house this summer and it’s not even halfway done.  Design Development is at a halt, everyone is on hold, and it’s a frustrating standstill. Looks like by the time I move into my house the Christmas tree will have to be in tow…if I’m lucky.

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