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Diary of a Mad Renovator: The Maine Event, Part 2

Written by Jaqui Lividini

So continues our gorgeous trip through Coastal Maine. I’m hoping it’s coming off as the sequel you’ve all been anxiously awaiting!

As we continued east, our next stop was Tenants Harbor. We popped into Stonefish, a store that mixes antiques with modern designs. I, of course, pillaged everything immediately on arrival. I found a temple bell to add to my bell collection (great for clearing space), and gorgeous papier-mâché bowls and vases.


Temple bell



Papier-måché vases

After that, we journeyed to Camden where we visited Sugar Tools. Not only did I spot a vintage quilt to add to my quilt collection, but also a variety of beautiful textiles for pillows and curtains. I was a bit of a material girl on this trip—fabrics are my weakness! The ironic thing about this shop is it used to be a vintage bookstore—ABCD—that was a favorite of ours. We were devastated when it wasn’t there anymore, but that was before this eclectic new shop with a mix of housewares, clothing, and toys replaced it.  

Sugar Tools





After Sugar Tools, we went to perhaps my favorite store in Mid-coast Maine—Jo Ellen Designs. It’s a magical shop that’s a mix of practical and whimsical items. Any store where you can suddenly be surrounded by gnomes and fairies is a must-visit for any Mom. There we found exotic sea shells, sea-themed papier-mâché Christmas ornaments, and fantastic framed butterflies. We also found an enormous beautiful stuffed-animal pig to add to Calliope’s already overflowing collection.




Our last stop was Castine, my personal favorite town in Maine, and the home of my favorite Maine artist, Gregory Dunham. In Castine, his work is shown at the Tarratine Gallery on Main Street. John and I are big collectors of Gregory's work and will no doubt fill our beach house with his exquisite interpretations of Maine architecture. We have Dunham’s art all over the apartment—we’ve been collecting it for 20 years.



So there you have it. This is what happens when a Manhattan girl goes to Coastal Maine. If you do end up visiting there, I apologize in advance for any lack of stock I most likely caused…

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